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2. 1 X1 X11 backend, X window no. Hi, Can someone tell me how to change DPMS mode for Wayland based display system ? I have a iMX. The open source stack uses the drm Wayland extension, which lets the client discover the drm device to use and authenticate and then share drm (GEM) buffers with the compositor. [Siren Publlishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, HEA] With soul-sucking demons on the rise, Wayland and his brethren have their hands full. 34, I hope that’s no longer true so Xwayland can crash without bringing down gnome-shell. Wayland with Proprietary Nvidia drivers works fine on Ubuntu Gnome 17. One night while on patrol, Wayland comes across another victim and rescues the human from having his soul sucked right out of him. Wayland/Weston (User space): The Wayland libraries implementing the Wayland display server protocol and the Weston libraries using this Wayland protocol for implementing the display server running on the Linux Kernel Mode Setting (KMS), the composition based on OpenGLES and Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) and the management of Linux input devices. To enable this feature, add the nvidia-drm. modeset=1 kernel parameter, and add nvidia, nvidia_modeset, nvidia_uvm and nvidia_drm to the initramfs according to Mkinitcpio#MODULES. However, the availability of these plugins depend on how Qt is configured. RaspberryPi3: GLMark2 using weston with DRM backend 7 minute read How to use weston with DRM backend in Raspbian, and gets benchmark score by GLMark2. Weston. Welcome to NetPartner, your gateway to Wayland Baptist University's Student Financial Aid. was running on top of DRM/KMS Linux framework (like Wayland Weston). If none is specified it will use the DRM backend. QtWayland is a Qt 5 module that wraps the functionality of Wayland. Mar 10, 2012 In the end they use the kernel DRM services, like kernel mode setting (KMS). The drm EGL backend is available for a long time now and other distributions include it (like  path: root/recipes-graphics/wayland/weston_4. Weston shows up as a single desktop window on the Programs & Majors Wayland Baptist University offers a wide variety of outstanding degree programs. 689] fatal: failed to create compositor backend systemd-logind is running though. For example is not present in the mali gbm/wayland/drm driver. . ok mostly i understand it and also the problem with the resolution switching cause of wayland and how it works. Mir 1. ko, which has been designed from the offset by Nvidia to be registered as a DRM driver, including support for both DRM KMS and Wayland Toolkit Support in EFL and Elementary General Wayland protocol support started by Chris around 2011 EFL/Elementary Wayland apps running in weston and Enlightenment Subsurface protocol But this talk is about a standalone wayland compositor :-) 6. List the platforms (window systems) to support. Current support work is being done to enable client-side applications and a wayland compositor. I tried to find DRM on Ubuntu pre-installed on Jetson-TX1, but DRM did not exist. Perhaps  Apr 1, 2019 from Android to PulseAudio. Driver. The buffer is then made available to GPU. 10 (and heavily patched with DRM mainline kernel) and debian platform running. [10:24:41. Weston is the reference implementation of a Wayland compositor, and a useful compositor in its own right. 0. modeset=1 to your boot command in grub and it boots fine and the performance is great. Structure. Wayland has no drawing APIs. □. Wayland is a protocol for a compositing window manager to talk to its clients, as well as a library implementing the protocol. Qt Wayland provides a wayland platform plugin that allows Qt applications to connect to a  Try this (highly experimental according to nVIDIA, but actually worked in my case) sudo modprobe -r nvidia-drm sudo modprobe nvidia-drm  Jan 11, 2019 too), and make sure you have nvidia-drm. so The DRM backend uses Linux KMS for output and evdev devices for input. ) [10:24:41. Instead of rendering to an overlay window the compositor can directly interact with the hardware through e. libgbm/ libdrm compositor- core pixman- renderer libpximan. 6 (arm 32) board with custom Linux Kernel 3. QtWayland is separated into a client and server side. No, not digital rights management, but rather Direct Rendering Manager. 3. All programs are taught in small classes by faithful faculty who are experts in their disciplines. Components. Wayland/Weston The supported Wayland/Weston version brings in the multiple display support in extended desktop mode and the ability to drag-and-drop windows from one display to the other. Currently EFL applications that use the lower-level Ecore-Evas and higher level Elementary API's will work and display correctly in a Wayland compositor, handle input, resizing and moving. 689] fatal: drm backend should be run using weston-launch binary, or your system should provide the logind D-Bus API. Written by Michael Larabel in Google on 21 September 2016 at 09:10 AM EDT. Is possible to have any alternative to fix this issue. Wayland Client Wayland Client Stub Weston (Wayland Server) Wayland Server Stub OpenGL/ES gl-renderer compositor-drm KMS BO User Space Kernel Space Wayland GPU Driver KMS Driver OpenGL/ES Wayland GPU Driver WSEGL gets details of the buffer from wayland-kms, and asks to import the given DMABUF. The remaining bits on the X side of things are used just to interface with the X server and aren't needed by Wayland. On Embedded Linux systems, there are multiple platform plugins that you can use: EGLFS, LinuxFB, DirectFB, or Wayland. kmscon is a virtual console implementation that  Wayland Architecture; Wayland Rendering; Hardware Enabling for Wayland . It does simplify the API for programmers heavily, though, and allows building new technology like wayland without requiring separate mesa builds. Actually, it isn’t even necessary to be running any window system at all. 17 at 10:02 Nice! Note: there is no code in wip/wayland to handle DRM master, but if you are running mutter this way Xorg will fail to set master if you attempt to switch VT, which will crash it and tear down your entire session. 1. Tizen graphics stack with Wayland Wayland. 2019/08/06 Re: bo flags isn't passed through wayland-drm protocl, how weston respect these flags? Pekka Paalanen; 2019/08/05 Re: bo flags isn't passed through wayland-drm protocl, how weston respect these flags? Scott Anderson; 2019/08/05 bo flags isn't passed through wayland-drm protocl, how weston respect these flags? HalleyZhao Aside from handling details on how the actual drawing happens, Wayland compositors also dictate how window management is done. 13. 1 WL1 Wayland backend, Wayland window no. In X terms this means that all applications get direct rendering - drawing requests don't need to go through the server. My attempt at learning Wayland by writing simple and minimal programs. 1 VGA1 DRM backend, VGA connector no. From the README: Warning! The goal is to share the protocol file across Mesa and other low-level components graphics stack such as libva and Xwayland. Anyways, KMS/DRM is a much more featureful interface, and gives you a lot more options (which means it's also a lot more complicated). I’ve modified waypipe to filter out the compositor messages advertising the availability of zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1 and wl_drm; see the protocol-aware branch. The client side is the wayland platform plugin, and provides a way to run Qt applications as Wayland clients. Thanxs to your fast answer. Jan 2, 2019 wayland - weston - xorg-server-xwayland - chromium and tweaked /boot/config. (Weston can also use X11 or another wayland compositor as a backend). Origins – DRM/KMS 2000 D R M , L i n u x 2 . Campuses Our home campus in Plainview is a traditional college campus, serving more than 1,000 students. Install plasma-phone-components, plasma-phone-settings, plasma-settings, kwin-wayland, simplelogin and dbus-x11 by running sudo apt-get install plasma-phone-components plasma-phone-settings plasma-settings kwin-wayland simplelogin dbus-x11; Also install qtvirtualkeyboard if you want an on-screen keyboard. Practically Wayland does not care how the client draws to that buffer, it only copies the client's buffers on the screen. But qt is expecting to have pBuffers. I understand the limited use it currently has, but I also understand the chicken-and-egg problem Wayland has: without a functional Wayland, why should anything be modified to use something that hasn't been shown to work? Just imagine: XBMC running on Wayland. Mar 8, 2018 This prevents me from running gnome 2. The DRM based Full Screen window systems are no longer supported: gstreamer(Compositor) e17 (Compositor) Native Apps Web Apps Native UI FW Web UI FW Cairo Freetypeecore & Fontsconfig Wayland protocols Open GL ES pixman Linux Kernel DRM GPU Driver G2D Driver HW elementary edje eet eina evas …. Using drm driver not able to coexist with display driver,due to utilize display relate BSP section; Drm driver able to integrate with sunxi_arm_video apply gem during cache and cache refresh,open cache able to increase performance; Drm driver utilize sunxi_tr BSP rotate section,not able to public sharing with sunxi_tr; Known issue: The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a subsystem of the Linux kernel responsible for Nowadays DRM is also used by several Wayland compositors including Weston reference compositor. KMS DRM. Synopsis. I installed the wayland mutter in my fedora rawhide with kernenl-4. Flip framebuffer on output. A Wayland client gets a DRM buffer handle, which is basically a pointer to some graphics memory; Wayland doesn't know or care how the client draws to that buffer. Fixed a bug that caused some DRM PRIME configurations to fail when DRM KMS was enabled (i. The following tutorial provides step by step instructions how to build Wayland and Weston on a Tizen profile based on Tizen:Common for device with Freescale i. Weston is configured on a local level with the ~/. 1. Under the KMS/DRM/GEM architecture, that's where most of the real functionality is, such as modesetting, memory management, and graphics rendering. Does this mean we have Wayland support yet? I'd check myself but I don't have the right hardware on hand at the moment. KMS/DRM has certain obvious advantages, but that's no reason to throw away fbdev (fortunately, fbdev will still be around for a long time though). Window System Libraries. What is How Google's Android Runtime On Chrome OS Uses Wayland, DRM. One of the first components to In fact, the code that is built with this line is pretty short and only a glue layer. The glmark2-es2 source code can also build for x11, drm(gbm) and wayland. We are trying to develop wayland/weston applications on PSDKLA K4. A dream come true: Android is finally using DRM/KMS  This includes mplayer, wayland, plymouth, kmscon and others. A Wayland compositor also doesn't need a "2D driver" like Xorg does (DDX) at the moment since everything is done client-side and it only reuses the DRM/KMS drivers for displaying the result image. default Architecture summary KWin is a Wayland server For some reason my Fedora 25 FRESH install is not using wayland by default. 12 Hakoila) on my system with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Wayland 1. Each DRM device can contain multiple DRM connectors, and each connector can be configured to expose a predefined resolution and frame rate. The Wayland Display Server Kristian Hgsberg krh@bitplanet. the fact is that X is a mature system, it simply works and is expected to be found on Linux/unix systems, so, even when Wayland become the main windowing system for unices they should have X as legacy option. The supported Wayland/Weston version brings in the multiple display support in . With regards to hardware acceleration, We can enable VC4 driver through raspi-config. we want to use drm dumb buffer to share memory between client and weston, but wl_drm protocol only support wl_drm version 1st; Any way to get support if want Virtual DRM is a driver framework that can create multiple DRM devices capable of modesetting and expose them to user space. DRM exposes an API that user space programs can use to send commands and data to the GPU, and perform operations such as configuring the mode setting of the display. The Weston reference implementation of a Wayland compositor. My personal reason for using Wayland (sometimes) till now was the lower latency. static. Following our reporting of Mir picking up initial support for Wayland clients, Mir developer Alan Griffiths at Canonical has further clarified the Wayland client support. EME just provides unified way to communicate with native DRM browser component (called Content Decryption module - aka CDM). There is also the possibility to use the DRM backend instead of Wayland, which might be a better fit depending on your use case. See weston-drm(7), if installed. It is designed to support the needs of complex graphics  . mode=mode sets the output mode (string). velikov@collabora. Its argument is a comma separated string such as -D platforms=x11,drm. Students think of the community as their “Wayland family. That being said, this is also untrue of the implementations. Wayland also offers programs through 12 external campuses – across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii – that cater to the specific needs of working adults and military students. The Wayland reference implementation has been designed as a two-layer protocol: DRM-INPUT-WAYLAND. Building Wayland-Weston for i. This Presentation runs on the DRM platform! Welcome to Wayland | Martin Gr aˇlin. 16 adds support for DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) kernel mode setting. It also appears they are still planning to get Mir 1. As an alternative one can also specify which backend to use. 4 it is possible to start a KWin instance on the DRM interface. The SGX driver has been enhanced to support DRM/WAYLAND based  This article gives information about the Linux® DRM/KMS display, graphic and . It supports multiple monitors in a unified desktop with DPMS. From: Emil Velikov <emil. wayland is an implementation 1. Since 5. Additionally the rpi backend for weston is now being removed since it has been obsoleted by the improved drm layer. 01. All major GNU/Linux desktop systems like GNOME, KDE do support Wayland, and there is also a reference implementation for a compositor called "Weston". The System startup and most of the Graphics applications are backward-compatible except with the following changes. Some of the comments there and elsewhere betray a misunderstanding about what Wayland is (and is not), and this still occasionally comes up in #wayland, so I’ll dust off an old blog post, polish up the rusty bits, and see if I can make this clear Certainly when we did use Wayland, the main crasher of gnome-shell was Xwayland because they are codependent processes. run wayland with drm and gpu renderer export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp weston --backend=drm-backend. 1 8 2009 K M S , T T M 2008 G E M P l a n e Wayland has no drawing APIs. Display. Examples of usage: LVDS1 DRM backend, Laptop internal panel no. MX6 ARM SoC. ui/views/ −Ozone project (original) Abstraction layer for the construction of accelerated surfaces underlying the Aura toolkit, as well as input devices assignment and event handling. But when we have OpenGl and Wayland. This allows to for example take the buffer provided by VLC and pass it directly to DRM and bypass the compositing all together. com> Date: Sat Mar 4 21:42:18 2017 +0000 automake The SGX driver has been enhanced to support DRM/WAYLAND based Multi-Window Display in processor SDK 2. Fixed several EGL driver interaction problems with resizing windows in Wayland. Currently, the Wayland backend does not use any additional commandline options or environment variables. DRM/KMS. From the quick search I've done, punkmikey seems to be correct. X Clients under Wayland (XWayland) Wayland is a complete window system in itself, but even so, if we're migrating away from X, it makes sense to have a good backwards compatibility story. wayland-backend. ini file (cf. With Wayland we only need the kernel drivers. GPU Kernel. com/glmark2/glmark2. Enlightenment: X vs Wayland Wayland and Weston. Wayland is a display server protocol that is intended to replace the X Window System. The compositor can be a standalone display server running on Linux kernel modesetting and evdev input devices, an X application, or a way Let's start from the beginning, because even though Wayland has been in development for over five years there is still a lot of misunderstanding of what it is. DRM/KMS EVDEV. pycairo >= 1. Using GTK+ with Wayland. What is QtWayland is a Qt 5 module that wraps the functionality of Wayland. Does anyone have Wayland or KMS working on Nvidia proprietary drivers? Before 378. I’ve tested the following programs (with ssh compression enabled, and the appropriate environment variables set to use wayland instead of X11): • “What are the platform requirements for Wayland & Weston?” – Mainly buffer sharing so clients can render and pass a handle to the resulting buffer to the server – Short story: if you have a KMS and DRI driver you probably don’t need to do much – Weston back ends available for DRM, OpenWF, X, and Wayland, others definitely possible The DRM/GBM platform implements it and uses GbmPixmap. bb "--enable-drm- compositor,--disable-drm-compositor,drm udev virtual/mesa mtdev" # Weston on   For example, setting it to eglfs_kms uses the KMS/DRM backend. The Weston compositor is a minimal and fast compositor and is suitable for many embedded and mobile use cases. MX6 Document created by Prabhu Sundararaj on Aug 12, 2013 • Last modified by ebiz_ws_prod on Dec 13, 2017 Version 4 Show Document Hide Document On Wayland the situation looks better. The first listed platform is also used by the main library to decide the native platform. Wayland技术实现及工作重点. 2 . The results are not a big surprise, but nevertheless it is great to see the continued interest in Wayland and the ongoing work by many different parties in ensuring that Wayland will eventually be able to dominate the Linux desktop. h API is to abstract that away and just let the client create an EGLSurface for a Wayland surface and start rendering. On a tty both --drm and --framebuffer are supported, though only --drm provides OpenGL acceleration. imx. Origins. Gnome wayland isn't working, we have to Wayland DirectFB Raw API. I know this because of $: loginctl show-session 3 -p Type Type=x11 If I was using Wayland by default that should say wa jones_supa writes: Software developer Pavlo Rudyi has written a blog post about his experiences with the various desktop environments currently supporting Wayland. It is supported on some desktop environments like GNOME and KDE. 0 released in time for Ubuntu 17. Kernel libdrm. Wayland protocol follows a client–server model in which clients are the graphical applications requesting the display of pixel buffers on the screen, and the server (compositor) is the service provider controlling the display of these buffers. Obviosly, there is a lot of room for different designs in that space. You'll just have to wait until the VirtualBox developers add Wayland support or use something else like KVM. 13 stable driver was released with a new nvidia-modeset kernel module for DRM support. 10. The server side is the Qt Wayland Compositor API, and allows users to write their own Wayland compositors. The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a subsystem of the Linux kernel responsible for interfacing with GPUs of modern video cards. The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) is a framework to manage Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The open source stack uses the drm Wayland extension, which lets the client  Aug 9, 2019 The rub of this idea is that the Wayland compositor, the DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) master, can “lease” some of its resources to a client  Mesa 3D graphics library (mirror; pull requests are ignored) - mesa3d/mesa. Should be fixed with commit eaf4a106bdcf476078ef4f84c81329034a226650 Author: Emil Velikov <emil. Please keep the suggested order "x11,drm" instead of "drm,x11" to not break existing binaries. The mode parameter is handled differently depending on the backend. so --idle-time=100 Introduction Background Wayland Full-Screen Shell Jason Ekstrand Intel Corporation Open-Source 3D Driver Team October 6, 2014 Jason Ekstrand Wayland Full-Screen Shell diff --git a/src/egl/drivers/dri2/platform_wayland. "Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its clients as well as a C library implementation of that protocol. For this go to a tty: kwin_wayland --xwayland. DRM. Wayland has calls to talk to EGL, and  Framebuffer via DRM/KMS. You can do the following: * Follow your application status * View the documents we have received from you * View the documents that we still need from you * Review and accept your financial aid awards Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its clients, as well as a library implementing this protocol. Drm is used to implement OpenGL and Vulkan on Linux for most drivers (basically all except Nvdia's official drivers although they've added some drm support). See weston-drm(7) for more details I'm sorry, I misunderstood the question. 1 Replacing X11 Over time, a lot of functionality have slowly moved out of the X server and into client-side libraries or kernel drivers. weston is the reference implementation of a Wayland server. note: requires the DRM atomic commit feature, no support for the legacy interface drm-backend. This can work well in plain linux kernel where there is No Window management. g. Wayland is intended to be a simpler replacement for X display server. The point of the wayland-egl. 1 See weston-drm(7) for more details. To run your application in this way, select the Wayland backend by setting GDK_BACKEND=wayland. ” Students and faculty members come to trust and care about one another since they interact in the classroom, in the residence hall, in athletics, and in student organizations. Mesa software implementation of EGL and GLES2: Compile options: --disable-gallium- egl  Oct 12, 2017 glmark2-es2 can get from https://github. Kernel driver drives display. Wayland doesn't require drm, weston works, on fbdev, drm, headless, and rdp (raspberry pi I think is being removed). EGLFS is the default plugin on many boards. Wayland的核心协议已经实现的差不多了,它充分利用了Linux内核的KMS、GEM、DRM等技术,另外,它默认是支持3D加速的,也就是通过OpenGL ES进行图形的合成----光是这一点,X Window又要泪奔了。 使用OpenGL ES这个子集而非OpenGL,这意味着什么? RaspberryPi3: GLMark2 using weston with DRM backend 7 minute read How to use weston with DRM backend in Raspbian, and gets benchmark score by GLMark2. weston — the reference Wayland server. so interaction problems with buffer management Wayland protocols. We support Wayland. Starting in GNOME 3. (Mir is more or less the same than Wayland, except with some internal differences (API vs protocol) and for now Ubuntu/Unity 8 specific. 28 (mutter) on Wayland. run wayland with drm and gpu renderer Fixed several libnvidia-egl-wayland. events. c b/src/egl/drivers/dri2/platform_wayland. nvidia 364. But no matter if I choose free or nonfree drivers during install, the system will a&hellip; Progress in the VC4 graphics camp and the Wayland camp now enables us to run Weston on top of the drm backend for VC4 platforms. I thought you were trying to run Virtualbox on a Wayland system and Virtualbox was giving you those errors. All Wayland output names start with the letters WL. The GDK Wayland backend provides support for running GTK+ applications under the Wayland display server. Reference compositor for Wayland (mirror). Wayland. 04. The instances of GLSurface returned by CreateViewGLSurface for the Wayland and DRM/GBM platforms are respectively GLSurfaceWayland and GbmSurface. To execute the demos, the graphics driver must be initialized by running start weston, if this has not been done earlier. rc2, nv 384. said: Today the 358. Application. And yes, you do have to start a Wayland compositor first. Previously software acceleration using pixman was needed, but this is no longer the case. Weston has several backends as loadable modules: it can run on Linux KMS ( kernel modesetting via DRM), as an X client, or inside another Wayland server  Feb 27, 2011 In --with-egl-platforms=wayland,drm wayland must be first, or the environment variable EGL_PLATFORM=wayland must be set. The available platforms are x11, drm, wayland, surfaceless, android, and haiku. Hi, is there any news about future wayland driver build for mali-t62x (I use Odroid XU4)? For ODROID-XU3 and XU4, the meta-mali recipes have been updated to support Wayland/DRM based on r10p0 driver (they use the user-space binaries and a kernel branch with r10p0 from the same location as the r12p0 drivers and the Firefly kernel): would like to know how buffer sharing can happen in Video Capture use case. Enables a graphics bridge from Android to Wayland. com> Import latest version (v2) of the protocol from Mesa. so The Wayland backend runs on another Wayland server, a different Weston instance, for example. e. DRM kernel mode setting. 0 Still Planned For Ubuntu 17. Composite client surfaces. But it doesn’t work to start wayland by mutter –display-server –wayland, Iinux only got frozen #10 enaut on 08. Instead, a Wayland client gets a DRM buffer handle, which is practically just a pointer to a graphics memory. Qt, EFL, etc. org) − Aura toolkit: Basic windows, events. Clients will use wl_drm for DRM authentication, getting the right DRM device node, and sharing graphics buffers with the server without copying pixels. Smell the awesomeness. The available output names for DRM backend are listed in the weston-launch(1) output. Hello, I am doing AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) porting on Jetson-TX1. Just need to install gnome-wayland-session and add nvidia-(your driver version number here)-drm. 47, and set nvidia-drm modeset=1 as per readme of drivers. net July 26, 2010 1 Wayland Overview wayland is a protocol for a new display server. ini). A Wayland server is a display server, a window manager, and a compositor all in one. We've had X for 27 years, and computing has changed a wee bit in that time. txt, such that it drm_panel_orientation_quirks 16384 1 drm Mar 26, 2018 And what's this I read: Raspbian is moving away from Wayland! . ko's modeset kernel module parameter was set to "1"). config/weston. Wayland client A Wayland client, naturally, connects to a Wayland server, and gets the main Wayland protocol object wl_display. Wayland is a welcoming, safe community where students can truly be themselves. If one goes down then both go down. weston man page. linuxfound. Clutter - Cogl Weston 1. Enable the examples USE flag for building example applications like weston-image or weston-view. default Architecture summary KWin is a Wayland server Ozone/Wayland (by Intel / 01. Wayland is still in development and will not replace X as the main windowing system anytime soon. org drm imx-drm etnaviv wayland imx6 processor. c index 14db55c. 13 i got the same nvidia_drm errors. , nvidia-drm. And yes I know XBMC can't currently run on Wayland. However, the DRM module could not be found. modeset=1 on your booting parameters disable Wayland when using the proprietary nvidia driver 运用Wayland提升在Tizen平台的表现 on Wayland. I understand V4L2 and DRM can share DMABUF allocated by libdrm. d3df141 100644--- a/src/egl/drivers/dri2/platform Ok, now we are ready to move to the first example in this series: the simplest way to embed and run an OpenGL-ES compute shader in your C program on Linux, without the need of any GUI window or connection to the X (or Wayland) server. Moreover, there's now a new Linux kernel module called nvidia-drm. 10, Wayland Support Focus. If I am developing Video Capture application Wayland は最小限のディスプレイサーバーを実現するために、Linuxカーネルに組み込まれているDirect Rendering Manager (DRM), カーネルモードセッティング (KMS) や Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) バッチバッファといった既存技術を活用している。 It seems mesa egl doesn't support "PbufferSurface" for both wayland and drm platform. 14 Comments. 4 based linux on J6, but have some Graphics issues need supported by TI: 1. wlroots, which contains the most popular Wayland rendering backend, implements KMS+DRM+GBM, which is supported by all open source graphics drivers, and uses GLESv2, which is the most broadly supported graphics implementation, including on embedded (which is what the “E” stands for Tried to run Gnome with Wayland… So I installed the latest Manjaro Gnome (17. Yay! That brought a bunch of publicity, including on LWN. Graphics with Wayland. Backends: DRI -> DRM GBM ChromeOS wayland (off trunk) Linux 6 Comments on Qt from git on the Tinkerboard (with Wayland) Posted in Dev Loop , Embedded , Graphics , OpenGL , QPA , Qt Quick The Asus Tinkerboard is a nice little board for Embedded Linux (or Android, for that matter), based on the Rockchip RK3288 SoC including a quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 CPU and a Mali-T760 MP4 (T764) GPU. For now, such pixmap objects are not needed by the Wayland platform so the SurfaceFactoryOzone function members are not implemented. man 5 weston. It decides the platforms a driver may support. Contribute to wayland-project/weston development by creating an account on GitHub. All this in the diagram is just for comparison with a Wayland stack. weston Description. The Wayland route is: an application uses EGL to write content to a framebuffer, and the framebuffer is managed by DRM. Problem - API DRM FBDEV V4L2. drm wayland

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