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The rallies were organised over the weekend in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Here's a quick overview of Green Card Process steps and Stages with estimated Processing Time. The backlogs are particularly acute for those born in India and China. First, India and China have already used up about one half of ALL immigrant visas for the EB1 category already. As you can see the concern is with China and India. It's now as worse as what EB2 used to be few years ago. EB-5 Updates, Retrogression In India And Backlog Visas In Mumbai India Eb-5 Visas will get backlogged sometime in 2019 or very early 2020 in the US. My interview was over on Jan 31st but because the EB1 is in retrogression and has in fact gone back to Jan 1 2012 in the latest bulletin I am wondering how long it will take to get approved. The word “ Current”in the Visa Bulletin indicates that no backlog presently exists in a particular . The visa prorating provisions of Section 202(e) apply to allocations for a foreign state or dependent area when visa demand exceeds the per-country limit. An interactive chart also displays the progress USCIS has made on processing I-485 applications. is expected to continue to advance Due to an influx of EB-1 applicants, a backlog has built up across all categories as of February, 2019. Directly with the Service Center having jurisdiction over the area where the applicant will work. There are two reasons for that: EB-1 Green Card does not require PERM certification, resulting in a significant reduction in EB1 processing time. All of the chargeability countries have current priority dates. We are pleased to announce that North America Immigration Law Group has so far received over 14,000 EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW approval notices. Indian IT Professionals Ask US Govt to End Green Card Backlog. I find this porting this prejudice because if EB3 is given opportunity to port then why not eb2 to Eb1? India Business News / Wait for green card for Indians may now be as long as 151 years: Report. EB-2 India and EB-3 India: EB-2 India advances to March 26, 2009 in October, with EB-3 India trailing behind by less than three months at January 1, 2009. We are also including updates from Charlie Oppenheim from the Department of State on projected future movements for the various immigrant The August 2016 Visa Bulletin has a historic cutoff date for worldwide, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the Philippines. 29 Nov 2018 2018 (for all countries except China and India) within the next eight to The main culprit for such a lengthy backlog in the EB-1 category  3 days ago June 2019 Visa Bulletin: EB1 India Retrogresses, EB5 India Retrogression May 2019 Visa Bulletin: More Bad News for EB1 India and China. Consult with an experienced U. EB2 India advances to April 24, 2009. The visa bulletin database is searchable by country and preference, for both employment-based and family-sponsored categories, from January 2002 to Present. See Tweets about #eb1 on Twitter. The priority dates for EB1 remain current for most part . Therefore, porting your EB-two to an EB-1 would in fact be a disadvantage, as your priority date ready time will most likely improve significantly (except you are a citizen of India or China). Plus, the Department of State should also publishes the total number of Green Cards issued to EB1, EB2 and EB3 India for FY 2018 and ROW. EB-1 processing times vary depending on the applicant's eligibility and USCIS backlog. A sought-after visa that offers a speedy path to US citizenship is temporarily closed to Chinese and Indian nationals. Help us gauge the mood of Indian community by filling up this short survey. The final action date for EB-1 worldwide (except for India and China) is expected to be cut off at or before September 30, 2018, and stay there through at least December. In general, the EB-1 green card processing time is much faster than EB-2 wait time for most applicants. The August 2019 Visa Bulletin was just released, and with it came unprecedented retrogression in almost all employment-based categories. This is the immigrant visa category for individuals of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers and executives. What are the changes to the EB2 category in July 2019? With the exception of China and India, the EB2 category remains current. Why? While backlogs in the EB-1 category for those born in China or India have occurred frequently in recent years, one has to go back more than a decade to August 2007 to find a backlog in the EB-1 EB1. For example, if the number of Indian petitions for the EB-1 is lower than the annual  1 day ago There are five chargeability areas for this category: China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and all other countries (the general category). I do see higher number for EB1 China though. The backlog got so long that it started going past the six-year duration of H-1B. The Visa Bulletin of the US State Department shows backlogs in getting green cards in both the family and the employment-based categories. NIW, NIW Application, Immigrant Visa Number, India citizen, H-1B visa, EB2 NIW do I need to wait for immigrant visa number? and am I subject to backlog in  Similar to those clients born in China, immigrant visas are not currently available for individuals born in India and petitioning for an NIW. From its creation in 1990 till last summer, this category never experienced waiting periods (with the recent exception of some individuals born in India and mainland China). If they can qualify for EB1 that has been kind of saving grace. For EB1 based green cards they both have green card processing dates going back to 2012. EB3 To EB2 Porting With A Different Employer. EB1 Extraordinary Ability green card application is in the employment-based immigration visa first preference (EB1) category known as EB1A or EB1EA. By David Yanofsky July 14, 2016. In the EB-1 category, Oppenheim expects eventual retrogression, possibly in August, except for China and India, whose dates he predicts will remain the same for the rest of fiscal year 2019 (until the end of September). immigration attorney for more detailed information about EB-3 visa processing times and the current backlog and for help with navigating this complicated EB1 processing timelines for Indians on L1A? Recently discovered that the current wait times for EB1 have shot up to 6 years for Indians (showing I140 processing date of 2012). The EB-1 category remains current for applicants born in all countries, except for China and India which retrogressed 6 years, 2 months, and 2 weeks from a current priority date in the Visa Bulletin for the month of March. In fact, current backlogs  EB1, 2018-04-22, 2018-04-22, 2016-07-01 *, 2016-07-20 India estimated. But here is the interesting part, they got 2k green cards extra. For instance, although  Known as the Kazarian Memo (Kazarian was the EB1 foreign applicant), it created an EB1 because of EB2 visa backlogs – which affect individuals from India,  31 Jan 2019 Here is some basic background about why the government sets visa backlogs for some nationals of some countries, the expected India EB-5  ~270,000 in Employment Based Green Card Backlog . Yes, thats true and the sole reason behind this is because lot of folks have moved from EB3 to EB2 (thanks to something called porting). What this means is that until the October 1 st 2017, new allotment of green cards are released; no further green cards can be issued to citizens of China and Indian applying under the EB1 Green Card Program. See what people EB-1 has retrogression for Chinese & Indian applicants, as more people rush to EB-1. eb1-india eb2-india eb3-india eb-sched-a-india eb3-other-india eb4-india eb4-religious-india eb4-iraq-afghan-trans-india eb5-india eb5-targeted-india A good example is EB2 India. Department of State (“DOS”), recently noted that the Final Action Date (“FAD”) for China employment-based first-preference (“EB-1”) will become current again at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2019, on October 1, 2018. Application Final Action Dates August 2019. employer to act as the sponsor 5) Since October 2005, I have kept EB1 and EB2 at their historical levels, but changed the EB3 levels to 50%, 75% and 100% - giving us three scenarios. The U. Hi, I am an EB1 b applicant from India. EB1: India and China Backlogged to January 1, 2012. Second, there has been high usage in EB-4 and EB-5 categories. Let us hope that the EB-1 for India and China reverts to current and stays current from October 1, 2016 onwards. a. EB2 is the most preferred category for Indian H1B workers to file Green Card. The final action dates for EB2 China is moved by 3 months and the current final action date is 01JAN16. S. 8 Jun 2018 The absurd wait times for Indian immigrants highlights the importance The biggest backlog is for EB-2 workers who have advanced degrees. Currently working for a Company A under business unit A(1) Recently there was a round of reorganization and now the companys unit A(1) is closed and there is a new H1 filed under business unit A(2). EB4 and EB5 gets about 10,000 visas per year. In our continuing series of reports, Charles (“Charlie”) Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division, U. The headline in the upcoming month’s Visa Bulletin is major retrogression and the introduction of a cutoff date for EB-1 India and China. We will eliminate the backlog and, at the same time, enhance national security. At current rates of visa issuances, they The EB-1 visa backlog remains unprecedented in scope. 6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required for fourth and fifth preferences. The situation. This is even more likely, since EB1 China and India were retrogressed for the final 2 months of FY2016 - therefore up to 14 months of demand will be available in FY2017 for these Countries. 6% each, or about 40,000 visas. The DOS also warned that utilization of EB2 India numbers by the USCIS as they approve long-pending I-485 cases will require a return to retrogressed dates for India EB2 at any time and without advance warning. Looking at the table above (I also looked at all the available data for last 6-8 months, and the number of EB1 India visa is under 50 every month), EB1 India would consume at most 1000 per year (which is well within its own quota of 2700/year). Priority date is a United States immigration concept – it is the date when a principal applicant first reveals his or her intent of immigration to the US government. State Department has just released the April 2018 Visa Bulletin which is the seventh Visa Bulletin for the FY2018 fiscal year. . For fiscal year 2008, a total of 35,590 employment-based first preference visas were issued. Department of State, shares his most recent analysis of current trends and future projections for the various immigrant preference categories with AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association). The US has cut off the path to citizenship for India and China’s most exceptionally talented people. In reality, EB3 India should have gotten 8600 green cards last year. However, USCIS is now creating demand for visas by prioritizing EB-1 green cards for in-person interviews, and the backlog is not expected to clear for several months. It has now got a foot in the door in October GC bulletin. Due to increased demand, Oppenheim predicts that the EB-2 will not remain current in the August Visa Bulletin. Your priority date should be before this date. EB1 All Countries retrogressed nearly two years, to a final action date of July 1, 2016. However, making sure to do a careful job at filling out the various applications and submitting the required documents and fees can help the process along. The date is moved backward to show a more accurate picture of the visa backlog. Unlike many other countries, India has the highest backlog in the entire waiting time. In-depth coverage of the world’s largest democracy for India and its far-flung diaspora Arbitrary limits on the number of available green cards have created a massive backlog The U. EB1-C India is being abused by Indian IT companies of CTS/TCS/WIPRO for the past 3+ years. I have a valid H1, I94 and stamping till 2020. Among them, the top three (EB1, EB2, and EB3) gets 28. by 2020 Clearing backlog from 2010 will take another 6 years i. As a result the EB1 category is rarely subject to the backlog which is why the immigrant petition alien worker can be filed together with the green card application. Green Card Application. The backlog shows that visa petitions filed in January 2010 are being processed for Final Action, with Further, close to two-thirds of the backlog is in the EB-2 category; this is to some extent a self-inflicted wound, as virtually all of those qualified for EB-2 could fit into the EB-3 class as well; but EB-2 is a rank above EB-3. India has more than twice as many as China, with slightly more than 39,000 cases pending. Thus far, the number of green cards allotted by the U. EB1 is highest preferred, then EB2, and then EB3 etc. What does this imply? The new fiscal  13 Jun 2019 EB-5 India, which has been current for filing, will retrogress to May 1, for EB-1 Worldwide, More Backlogs Projected in Worldwide Categories  times vary depending on the applicant's eligibility and USCIS backlog. EB1 Petition vs. I am sure a lot of people on here can relate to this dilemma. Department of State, shares his most recent analysis of current trends and future projections for the various immigrant preference categories with AILA (the American Immigration Lawyers' Association). Employment Based Green Card Prcoess include EB1, EB2 and EB3 category. People from China and India, when dealing with employment-based immigration, EB1 has been their one place that they can go to get a green card quickly. Green Card, Visa Backlog, uscis case status, immigration Reform EB2 and EB3 Wait. Most employees waiting on their As expected, the high volume of EB-1 filings for India and China has created a priority date backlog for those preferences. 4. EB-3 immigrants—those with bachelor’s degrees—will have to wait about 17 years. Had the idea that it would take 1-2 years for the whole process, but it doesn't seem so. What is a backlog? Each country is given a quota of green cards and with India, being one of the countries with highest population, also happens to be one of the countries with highest young population, which means, it is one of the countries with highest working population. This cutoff date is February 1, 2014. My country files is of course behind and its currently stuck 2008. If the per-country cap of 7% annually from 40,000 total visas for EB2 category is removed, the backlog can be cleared in no less than 2 to 3 years. You can use GC calculator to estimate when your priority date may become current. Based on the dates for filing and depending on the level of demand in each of these categories, it is possible that EB-3 India may surpass EB-2 India at some point this fiscal year. WORK-SPONSORED PREFERENCE DEFINITIONS First: (EB1) Priority Workers: 28. The small EB-4 category, for reasons explained in the note under the table, is not included in our recommendations. Thousands of people from India are awaiting for their permanent residence based on employment categories 2 (EB 2) and (EB3). EB-1 China and India Retrogression in April: Consider Filing for Adjustment of Status Before the End of March. As a result, there's a huge backlog of Indian-born people in line, given India’s 1 This year, the EB-1 backlog for China and India began in April and will most likely not return to current during this fiscal year. The new PERM system is intended to help streamline the permanent labor certification system and thus combat the current labor certification backlog. I know India EB2 has just moved past 2008 since Jan 2015 In the last couple of years, starting Jan 2015, the EB2 Final action queue has been hovering 2008. Any questions regarding a cut-off date for a specific month can often be confirmed by consulting an official copy of the Visa Bulletin, available upon request from the Visa Office. It is very difficult and not very workable. The US State Department announced it would stop processing EB-1 applications from Indian and Chinese nationals until later in October. EB2 India Predictions Green card is 20 to 70 years. "Final Action Date" is the date when when USCIS/DOS may render their final decision on submitted applications. This has led to long backlogs in the EB categories for persons born in India and China. Now based on 2804+2804 for EB2+EB3 INDIA minimum annual allocation, Clearing backlog from 2009 will take 2 years i. China (mainland-born only) Employment Preference Final Action Dates from FY1992-2018 · India Employment Preference Final Action Dates from FY1992-  30 Jan 2019 First, in April 2018, the EB-1 category retrogressed for Indian and Chinese At a minimum, the unprecedented backlog in the EB-1 category  19 Jul 2018 There are 70k people in India eb1 queue including dependents. However, the biggest backlog is for EB-2 workers, who have advanced degrees. Department of State (DOS) has released the April 2018 Visa Bulletin. Persons born in a particular country cannot use more than 7% of the quota in each of the 5 employment-based (EB) categories. The reason for this backlog are several fold. Given this, I think EB2 India will move only at the same pace -- couple of weeks to a month per bulletin -- depending on spill over and porting. . by 2032 Clearing backlog from 2012 will take another 6 years i. I-485 Inventory Data would show pending I-485 until Oct 2009 for EB3 India. Because the processing time depends on so many different factors, it is important to know what may cause delays for your EB-1. This is the first time in recent memory that the EB-1 backlog Recent EB1A/EB1B/NIW (National Interest Waiver) Approved Cases. Seen through the lens of folks who have applied in years later than 2011, the US visa bulletin is an unbearably slow animal but the mood is upbeat for those who filed for Green Cards in the years just before or around the time of the Great Crash of 2008. Hi All- Asking folks who have recently filed their GC in EB1 C category (Country of chargeability = India). Your feedback is highly appreciated. Among all three categories under EB-1, only EB-1A allows self petition—meaning, an individual can petition an EB-1A case for himself/herself without any U. e. According to the State Department’s April Visa Bulletin, cutoff dates for issuance of an immigrant visa will advance as follows:. High demand for visa numbers in this category led to the need to establish a cutoff date. b. This includes the employee and his/her immediate family members (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21). to people from any one country has been capped at 7%. The latest Department of State Visa Bulletin for August 2016 shows a new backlog of visas in the EB-1 category for applicants born in Mainland China and India. The June, 2017 Visa Bulletin was released and the biggest change is that both India and China are now backlogged in EB-1 category. by 2038 EB1 India got more than 13k green cards. While eligibility requirements for the third preference classification are less stringent, you should be aware that a long backlog exists for visas in the “other workers” category. The Immigration and Nationality Act limits the number of immigrant visas (“green cards”) that may be issued each Fiscal Year (October 1 through September 30) in all visa categories. The first thing I would stressed as much as possible, please ignore the 2012 date. Despite previous expectations, it appears that the backlog is here to stay. The reason behind this optimism is that there is already so much pressure on the Department of labo Backlog Elimination By working smarter and eliminating redundancies, USCIS is bringing a business model to government. The reasons this time should be reduced are: 1. Owing to an inflow of EB-one applicants, a backlog has crafted up throughout all classes as of February, 2019. Can people who have In our continuing series of reports, Charles (Charlie) Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division, U. The most notable changes are that cutoff dates have been imposed in the employment-based, first preference (EB1) category for India and China, and that there is considerable movement in the employment-based, third preference (EB3) category for India. Now those trying to escape the EB-2 backlog by transitioning into an EB-1 have also created retrogression for EB-1. These provisions apply at present to the following oversubscribed chargeability areas: CHINA-mainland born, EL SALVADOR, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, INDIA, MEXICO, and PHILIPPINES. by 2026 Clearing backlog from 2011 will take another 6 years i. If I were to speculate, the numbers posted likely represent only India and China cases that were pending and subject to a priority backlog on March 6, 2017, when USCIS started sending new cases to 30 Jun 2019 For EB-5 Indian workers, there is now a line following several consecutive months of no cut-off. No spam. On the other hand, EB3 India might move little faster once it crosses 31 MAR 05. Yes india EB2 but i see the backlog for i485 for india and the world is only approx around 300 count for priority date year 2008 Anil Gupta 18 Feb, 19 at 11:22 am You should get your Green card as per the timeline mentioned on the i485 tracking page (check with service center) since your PD is current in Indian EB2 employment based Final action India: EB-1 remains stuck at January 1, 2012, EB-2 freezes at March 15, 2009, and EB-3 advances two months to January 1, 2009; Philippines: EB-1 retrogresses to May 1, 2016, EB-2 remains current, and EB-3 springs ahead six months to June 1, 2017; All Other Countries: EB-1 retrogresses to May 1, 2016, while EB-2 and EB-3 remain current The Worldwide allocation for EB2 is roughly 40,000 visas annually, plus all unused EB1 numbers. If you are India EB2 and your priority date will be current in August, we recommend that you be ready to file on the 1st day. There is a provision call spillover, which allows the unused visas from a top EB category to be used in a lower category, i. In order to port with a different employer, you have two options. EB2 data is already out there from earlier date movement for India in the past visa bulletin. If you have left or are going to leave your current employer, the new employer can file an EB2 petition utilizing the experience you have gained with your current employer. In this case the only way EB2 India dates will move forward is when it gets EB/FB spillovers. No email collected. Of these, most have priority dates that fall between 2005 and 2007. When the current pending cases for EB2 India are compared to the chart provided in our October 2009 article, there is a noticeable change. EB2 China advances to November 1, 2016. Eb1 india predictions 2020. You have to be a genius (EB1) to get a greencard 'now' without a  22 Sep 2017 This delay, caused by the immigrant visa quota backlog, is due to the is a great alternative for China- and India- born entrepreneurs who are  6 Feb 2018 This limit affects people from countries that send a lot of people to the U. You need google account to fill it. Mr. This has resulted in up to 150 years of wait times for ~270,000 India High skilled immigrants & families  One, there is a priority date for EB1 India, which is 01 JAN 12. Since last many year, every year EB1 India has been getting 11K - 13K . Total I-485 backlog for all countries, all categories is between 141K to 157K. For family-sponsored applicants, the priority date is the date an immigration petition, filed on behalf of him or her, is received by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Situation is , have been in USA for 10 years first as a student then h1b. 2) Indian Nationals can expand their existing business to the US using the L-1 card as an international manager or executive through EB1-C programme. Below are all the changes and further information about this new backlog. Quartz India. Participants argued that per country quota on issuing of Green Cards per annum was the main reason for the backlog. PERM is the Department of Labor (DOL)'s new electronic process for filing and processing labor certification applications for permanent employment-based immigration. Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division within the U. It used to be that individuals trying to move up from EB-3 to EB-2 created a backlog for EB-2. 6)Finally we get the estimates at the end of March 2006. Trackitt eb1 india. India Green Card backlog Survey. EB1 Green Card Processing Time. Eb-1 visas are limited to 40,135 for this fiscal year, and no more than 7% can go to immigrants from any one country. EB2 will remain Current for the world, except: China - will move forward, possibly become Current at some point India - future movement is uncertain; best case will reach Summer of 2009 EB3 - Worldwide should remain "near current" - within 3 or 4 months of "current" China - may reach early Spring, 2012 While the EB-1 backlog for Indian and Chinese nationals was already expected to last well beyond October, earlier comments from the DOS Visa Control and Reporting Division suggested that the EB-1 worldwide backlog was likely to clear in October with the arrival of the new fiscal year. Print Frequently Asked Questions: Green Card Quota Backlogs Q. The EB1 China category advances to May 8, 2017. Currently the people porting (upgrading) from EB3 India to EB2 India is using up all available quota for EB2 India (which is around 2802 per year). Please note the availability of EB2 India Green Card was 23,527 in FY 2014 and only 3,930 in FY 2016. State Department released the August 2019 Visa Bulletin that shows the visa bulletin cutoff dates for green card applicants from retrogressed countries. Based on official USCIS I-485 inventory, it automatically calculates the number of applicants who are ahead of you. Is it true that EB1 category for India is not curre EB1 Without any substantial change, EB1 is likely to use its full allocation again in FY2017. The EB1 India category remains the same at January 1, 2015. 6 Dec 2018 I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from India, my of Indian immigrants caught in the Green Card backlog (December 4, 2018). I-485 Employment-Based Inventory Statistics (PDF File - updated July 2018) (PDF, 250 KB) Note: This version of the I-485 pending inventory includes the pending I-485s from the service centers only. Now waiting for greencard EB2 while on h1b. Link for Detailed Analysts of The EB3 green card is intended for workers with the lowest qualification when compared to EB1 and EB2 category. There are five choices based on the Visa Bulletin: China (mainland), India, EB1 means employment-based first preference, EB2 second preference, etc. EB1 India got more than 13k green cards. EB2 and EB3 are backlogged from 2 to 15 years or more. EB-1: Due to very high demand, a cutoff date of January 1, 2012 will be imposed for EB-1 China and India. EB-1 will become  7 Jan 2019 movement continues in EB1/EB2/EB3 and Family Based Categories; Interestingly, for both EB-3 China and India, the Dates for Filing for  3 Jan 2019 Indians face the worst backlog when it comes to getting a green card, flow of high-skilled immigrants from countries such as India and China,  3 Jan 2019 The EB-1A Extraordinary Ability category typically has no backlog. Contact one of our EB-1 green card lawyers to optimize your timeline. EB4 Visa Bulletins for India EB1. May 1, 2018, 2:20 pm explore: India Archived Visa Bulletins: Online versions of the Visa Bulletin are for informational purposes only and every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy. The green card tracker is designed to show your place in line for a green card. A blog about EB1C abuse too many filing by companies, visa bulletin, Green Card, Visa Backlog, uscis case status, immigration Reform EB2 and EB3 Wait. A2A. China and India, whose workers are in high demand, have hit their limit. While eligibility requirements for the EB3 Professional Worker classification are less stringent than the EB1 and EB2 classifications, you should be aware that a long backlog exists for visas in the “other workers” category. Family-Based Green Card Backlogs. But due to the sudden last movements in VBs, EB1 I benefited due to the spill over. EB1 will remain Current. The biggest backlog is for EB-2 workers who have advanced degrees. The EB-2 and EB-3 for India and China in recent years have been hopelessly backlogged, and the EB-1 provided a pathway to quick lawful permanent residence, provided one qualified. process backlog would affect the allocation of 11k-13k visa to EB1. If you allow 80,000 H-1B workers (plus their dependents) from India to apply for 10,000 green cards each year, the entirely predictable result is a backlog. Increase in EB1 demand: EB2 India used to get a lot of spillover from EB1. Due to the failure of the CIS to adjudicate enough family based adjustment of status cases, about 25,000 visas from that quota fell over into the employment However, USCIS is now creating demand for visas by prioritizing EB-1 green cards for in-person interviews, and the backlog is not expected to clear for several months. , the unused visas from EB1 go to EB2 and the unused visas from EB2 to EB3. WHAT IS THE “QUOTA BACKLOG”? A. While it was supposed to get around 2800 green cards, in reality, including the EB1 spillover EB2 India ended up with As of May 11 th 2017, the quotas for China and India went into temporary retrogression. Note, this category includes EB-1A, Extraordinary Ability; EB-1B, Outstanding Professors and Researchers; and, EB-1C, Intracompany Transferees serving in a managerial or executive capacity. they suck up all the EB1 and there is nothing left-over for EB2 and THAT IS WHY EB2 India gets the bare minimum of 2800 something visas each year and has stopped moving! Please check this blog and update yours so more people are educated — What Should You Know About the EB-1 Green Card Backlog for Indian and Chinese Nationals? For the first time in many years, the EB-1 green category is no longer a fast track for all who qualify. Since USCIS updates data every few weeks, estimated date shown below  Both my wife and I were born in India and my priority date is not current. Our child was born in the United Kingdom and the priority date for that country is current  20 Jul 2018 when China and India become current again. They are just dealing with the backlog, high number of people that worldwide are filing for EB1  24 Feb 2018 If and when the EB2 and EB3 backlogs were cleared, I'd support: 1) . , such as China, India, and the Philippines. All other countries Current. a priority date of 2012 upgrading to eb1 and not actual 6 years of backlog. The Department of State's Charlie Oppenheim recently told the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) that the Final Action dates for the EB-1 category would reach June 1, 2018 (for all countries except China and India) within the next eight to twelve months. 2 days ago The Sept 2019 visa bulletin suggests that the Final Action Date is Unavailable for EB1 and EB4 India. EB1 Multinational Executive or Manager Petition (EB-1C) Petition, EB1 EB-1C Application, Detailed EB-1C green card process for EB1 executive or manager application, L1A visa to green card procedure, EB1C requirements, and how to get L1A green card At this rate, it’s going to take a long time to clear the 2009 EB2 India backlog unless until the HR1044 (Elimination of per country limits for GC) comes into existence. These are for India born citizens. The time that it will take you to get a green card depends on the category of your petition and your country of birth. eb1 india backlog

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