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Hopefully you will like this one as well. She always did enjoy her time Six Pairs of Silver (Loki x Reader) Pt. With a Trickster´s help- Loki helps the Reader to tell Thor she is pregnant with his child *Worldcup bet* I just want to be like you-Natasha x Reader . Thanos dropped his corpse, and you couldn’t hold back your gut wrenching sobs, seeing Loki’s dead eyes staring back at you. This is s seq Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter One: The Fateful Meeting A/N: This was inspired by munch1111’s Oneshot: Shelter Your POV~ It was a dreary September evening and as the rain pummeled down on your soaking cardboard box you watched as people rushed past you and your alley, eager to get home and out of the most recent downpour. You quickly grabbed a bowl catching the poison so it wouldn’t fall onto Loki’s body. Loki X Reader (Chapter 82) [Loki’s punishment] Loki was bound to a rock by chains, a serpent hanging above him dripping it’s poison onto Loki’s dead body. “Oh, also,” Natasha waves her hand, as if it’s nothing important. Could you do a loki x reader soulmate AU please? He hears y/n sing in his head with no clue where it’s coming from. “I thought you would be interested in us capturing one of your followers. ” he pushed you to lie down on the bed despite all of loki loki laufeyson loki x reader loki x reader christmas loki oneshot loki fanfic dead fanfiction the walking dead reader react to a child at all. I’m so tired. Summary: You cheated on Loki with his brother Thor. Loki writhed to get free as Thanos choked his last breaths out of him. Loki stops her dead in her Hurt to Heal (Loki x Goddess!Reader) A/n: hey peeps! Got another interesting Request that i fell in love with! Let’s imagine this taking place in Jotunheim like in Thor. Hellooo could I request a George Weasley x Reader in which the reader is s Slytherin and the both of them act like they hate each other but everyone around them can see that they are in love and maybe with a fluffy ending? Thank youuuu-Warnings- An explosion, but no one gets hurt. Equilibrium (1/?) Pairing: Loki x Reader Summary: (Y/N) struggles to regain control of her powers after she is assaulted one night behind a bar. 044 PROMPT?: (. Pairing: Loki x Reader. And together they made magic. (angsiter angst in history please because I’m trash about it. At some point, Loki had earned the wrath of Olympian ruler Zeus who then banished Loki to Hades, replacing Pluto as its ruler. Tony thinks that bringing Loki in will help. Word Count: 640. 3k {{ Check Out My Masterlist }} (Loki x Reader) You Punishment - Loki was being led to the throne of Asgard, smiling, not caring what was happening. Author’s Note: Written in a day. “He should not be allowed to treat you in the manner he does,” he said. Loki circa 1949. A bit of a steamy kiss ;) (A/N: I hope this is okay! Rise of the Dead by Jeremy Dyson Bad book. During this time, Loki apparently spawned a child he dubbed the Son of Satan, as during this time Loki had begun referring to himself as Satan from time to time. ” he pushed you to lie down on the bed despite all of Liar, My Liar {Loki x Reader}{Soulmate AU} Word Count: 2984 Description: Soulmate AU — Every lie your soulmate tells becomes tattooed on your body. Birthday Candles - MCU- Loki X Reader Mother's Advice pt 1 (Loki x Reader) Asgard, once his place of home. Call Your Name (Dead!Eren x Reader) A/N: Here’s a one-shot I created based off a request from @find-our-neverland. ” I will also like to apologize over the long wait as I have started school again not too long ago and well, I need to do my homework. Me: loki laufeyson loki loki fanfic loki (marvel) loki x reader loki smut tom hiddleston marvel avengers infinity stones infinity war villains i love him he's alive rip nooooo noooope The Dark Comforts (Loki x Reader) Inspiration is a marvellous thing and is even better when it comes in bulk! Be sure to preorder it today so you don’t run into writer’s block later down the track. ” “Yeah, I figured. *** Time passed slowly Blinded Pairing: Loki x Blind!Reader Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU in which Loki is forced to stay in his Jotun form until another human loves him. ” loki x reader loki odinson loki loki odinson imagine loki imagine marvel marvel fanfiction marvel imagine loki odinson x reader loki laufeyson loki laufeyson imagine loki Loki Laufeyson was the biological son of Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim, who was abandoned and left to die shortly after his birth. . 7 billion of us. And six months since the world was plummeted into a never-ending darkness. ☆Loki x Reader — Charlie Wen: Loki Loki Sad Thor X Loki Marvel Avengers Marvel Dc Comics Marvel Fan Art Stony Loki Laufeyson Marvel Memes Tom Hiddleston Loki Discovered by Aye~☆. ) And one day, he crosses the line and reader avoids him for weeks. Loki stood from his stolen throne, and approached you, taking your hands in his without a word, lifting one to his lips and offering a crooked smile. I Don't Speak German, Episode 27 - White Nationalism in the Pacific Northwest. Poor Alfred having to clean this numerous times. Captured and in chains, he walked arrogantly followed by several guards. You had thought no one could make the god of mischief speechless but apparently you were wrong. H. I remember that I read somewhere that when Loki was a child and he was sad or angry, Frigga brushed his hair talking to him I think about doing a Avengers x Suicidal! Reader one shot series. Words: 443 The night began as a peaceful dream with winter winds hushed by the moon. Enjoy!~ Liar, My Liar {Loki x Reader}{Soulmate AU} Word Count: 2984 Description: Soulmate AU — Every lie your soulmate tells becomes tattooed on your body. Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x Reader Note(s): I’m so happy that you guys liked my last imagine with Loki. Inspired by the clips that came out just before the 2016 The Jungle Book came to theaters the scene where Raksha talks to mowgli as he leaves the pack had me in tears when I first saw it and I “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 22 *** “Loki will not find us. tonystark, brucebanner, reader-inserts. Bruce stands at the door for a few seconds Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: when the Avengers inform Loki that they caught you (they hoped to make him talk), he goes absolutely furious. Loki cried out in pain but saw you looking at you worried. All It Is is Eight Letters. It’s a part two of “Never loved. PROMPT (bolded in the story) BY @oopsprompts. Thanks in advance love To be Perfect. He found out and confronted you about it trying to know if it was true. I got about 1/3 of the way through and realized that I couldn't muster two shits about what was happening, so out it goes. Years had passed and Lady Loki was now in her late twenties, she was an extraordinary leader and was great at protecting Asgard and all the nine realms, though sometimes she missed Bruce, she sometimes visited him when her people least noticed it. One day, you were forced to go on a mission with Loki and during the mission, the two of you got captured and feelings were shared. No idea where it came from, hehe, but I hope you like it !If you do, please fave, comment, or watch . Both of you sat there in silence until he whispered: “Is he mine?” You nodded. Alex, being the child of Loki, could *literally* change between genders. ” The familiar deep, raspy voice sent through the room. Word count: 1. Read The Will Of The Dead from the story Loki x Reader by ShandiLaufeyHatake (Shandi Lynn) with 21,730 reads. Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. He becomes a caretaker for You due to be recently Please, Kiss Me (Part 2/6)Summary: (Loki x reader) five times that Loki kissed you, and the one time you kissed him: you and Loki share a midnight kiss to welcome the New Year. WARNINGS: Triggering, Selfharm, Depression etc. You exchange simple pleasantries and your conversations are short and superficial—that’s it. Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch10 “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 10 *** “He doesn’t like people touching his property. Hi everyone! A new Loki x Reader one-shot. ) a single mother with a 2 year old daughter who lives next door to steve and you and you’re daughter gets close to steve and Tell me . 4 It reminded him of when he was a child and the same thing would happen to him. "Give me Love" – Loki x Reader ~ Chapter 1. Loki turned around from where he was sitting and peered behind the couch. Well… neither do I. He got up and left to tell Steve that he had found his wallet. I’m here (Loki x reader) Summary: After finding out the man she loves won’t come back, (y/n) feels her world destroying. Loki x reader . - Loki x Reader A/N: Inspired Heavily by 8 Letters performed by Why Don’t We during my 5th Hour when I was daydreaming instead of working. Not to mention the maple syrup on the table sheet is Bully Edd X Reader . The threat had passed, Malekith was dead, and again, so was Loki. Forgive me sweetie if it’s shorter than my other writings and that it took a while. “You let him get away with too much,” Loki said, crossing his arms over his chest. The young Spider and the Snake - Loki x Spiderman/Peter Parker friendship. Promise Me - Loki x Reader (One-Shot??) Well Almost Lover Part 2 was supposed to be next, but it’s taking me a bit longer than planned :$ I had this already written for awhile, but hadn’t posted it. Words: 1,652. “No darling… Loki x Reader *Make Me: Loki, God of Mischief and a pain in the ass. Safe and Sound Loki x reader (one shot) Summary:This takes place after Avengers 4 in witch Loki comes back, after everything he’s gone through he still can’t sleep, but you will always be there to A Long Time Coming (Loki x Reader) Request: Would you consider Loki fluff where the reader grew up on Asgard with him and Thor and as they grow up reader and Loki fall for each other and Loki gets Loki tried to deny this but when the zombie tried to kill him, he merely told him "make it quick, brother. At first you felt flattered and happy, but things turn out Marvel: Loki’s dead, sorry. Follow/Fav I'm An ghost But I feel alive avengers x abused child reader By: Here-is-professor-genki You was just an Normal Child and had an normal Life until When you was five. “Let’s go home . You smiled to yourself as every so often you sneaked glances at Loki, always to find him entranced by the film, and you even heard him chuckle when Harry first encountered Hagrid. ” Loki x Reader Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x Adult! Reader Note: Hey guys ! I have received a request for a part two of Thanks Kid except this time the reader is an adult. He was her dark fairytale and she was his twisted fantasy. L. Loki X Reader: Epilogue . Tom Hiddleston teases his Loki TV show as he reveals the God of Mischief is set to Batfam x sister!reader 《Favorite Brother》Part 2Part 1 (Y/n) POV My eyes inspected the messy table. Would mean a lot to me! EDIT: Please check out my group for Thor, Loki and the Avengers!! After Leo was gone you looked at Loki whose face was priceless. D and due to your tragic past, you became a stoic person. Found by Odin, Loki was taken to Asgard and raised by him and Frigga as an Asgardian prince, along with Thor. I squealed when I felt a tug on the device in my hand, pulling it closer to me and tapping on the song before he had a chance to pull it away. Returning reader: What chapters I need to read in order to enjoy The Ship of the Dead? Loki is the Jötunn/Asgardian God of Mischief and Prince of Lies, the adopted son of Odin and typically the archenemy of his brother, Thor, as well as the adoptive brother to former Guardian of I want to request a Loki x Reader scenario! Reader and Loki are both Avengers, but they hate each other and always fight. His One And Only (Loki x Reader Lemon/Smut One-Shot welcome-to-fangirl-hell: “Summary: For the first time you attend a banquet in Asgard. Soothing Fears (Loki x Reader Drabble) Just a small, short idea that came to mind and I thought it would be cute. loki loki laufeyson loki fanfic loki imagine loki imagines loki laufeyson x reader loki lafeyson x you loki laufeyson fanfiction loki (marvel) loki preference loki preferences thor x reader thor preference loki x you loki x reader avengers avengers fanfiction avengers imagine avengers angst avengers imagines loki angst loki laufeyson angst “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 34 *** Eventually you could feel your eyes becoming heavier and heavier as your tears began to slow. Strange alters Loki’s perception and sees reader as an extremely beautiful goddess, but then when the magic fades away he realizes reader is a very average looking Midgardian, but doesn’t matter anymore because he’s already in love with her. You made a mistake and you regretted it but you decided not to tell him. I have rock bottom expectations for zombie novels, and this one couldn't even meet that. Suddenly Loki stood up and pulled you into a tight hug. “Loki?” you asked carefully. Loki, loki, loki. “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 20 *** You had a small break after finally finishing for dinner and – though those certain situations made you feel anxious, you didn’t stop you wanting to read the second book by the same author. Six months since the Earth was taken over by Loki and his army. A couple minutes after he left, Loki pulled the wallet from under the couch, placing it back on the table. You sighed and pushed off from the door. After everything that happened over the span of a single day, you were exhausted… You hadn’t done this much in what felt like weeks, and it had finally caught up with you. I have an idea for a Loki x reader loosely based on “Shallow Hal”: Dr. “He’s not a child and I’m certainly not his mother,” you snapped. A/n: oof first request. let’s look into this … reader insert reader imagine reader interactive loki x reader x reader robbie kay x reader tom hiddleston x reader dean winchester x reader misha collins x reader jensen ackles x reader fluff smut headcanons ships tony stark tony stark x reader loki laufeyson x you loki laufeyson x reader loki laufeyson thor odinson thor x reader thor x you Recent Posts. While on a search for the infamous Doctor Strange for help, Loki stops her dead in her tracks. “Some might say the same about you,” you said. I. 20th Century. Read Chitauri >> Loki x child reader from the story Avengers x reader by Death-For-One with 16,061 reads. Bruce just gave Loki a disappointed look, before shaking his head. But Loki might be closer than she thinks. “I will wait. She originally asked Loki, and he declined harshly, but she had other plans. Word count: 1239. She had never heard the voice or the song that was being hummed. “ You whispered, lightly tapping his door. fanfiction, lokifanfiction, norsemythology. Wade Wilson x Reader This is an automated feed and I take no credit for any of the content, the header or the avatar. Not to mention the maple syrup on the table sheet is Bully Edd X Reader Hollywood icon Peter Fonda dead at the age of 79 and that he also had a 'normal child's virus', she said. He sniffed at that. He searched for one being at the moment and he knew where she’d be. Started: Thread by @diveinordie: "1) question: do you know how jeffrey epstein made his fortune? do you actually even know anything about him? yeah, akes like 7. The gardens, of course. You are mine, mine to me; Loki x child reader pt. You don’t hate him, but you don’t like him either. Warnings: Night terrors + snakes - ew! Summary: Loki has a nightmare and you bear the consequences. Not to mention, you have yet to tell him about the life you were carrying in your Promise Me - Loki x Reader (One-Shot??) Well Almost Lover Part 2 was supposed to be next, but it’s taking me a bit longer than planned :$ I had this already written for awhile, but hadn’t posted it. ” You supressed a sigh; something at the back of your mind told you he would something told you he was already planning his attack something told you everyone here would hate your presence by the end of the month Can you please do a Loki x ticklish!reader where the reader is just teasing Loki and Loki just has enough and wrecks her? Cute!! Many people were rather surprised when they discovered that Loki was actually an incredibly patient being. ” “I do not care for those people. It was late at night and you couldn’t sleep, you were too restless and longed for the embrace of your boyfriend. “You will never be a god,” Loki gasped out before there was a muffled snap, and you knew he was gone. It had been a long and exhausting day, so by the time you were able to crawl into bed, you melted into the sea of sheets. At first, Y/n didn’t want to believe it, considering that he wasn’t dead the first time around, but the undeniable grief in Thor’s blue eyes told her otherwise. Loki x Reader What if feels like (fluff)“You know, I miss the time when we were children; nothing to worry about, no Tesseract, no Aether, dark elves” Y/N said to break the silence between them and Insomnia - Loki x Reader. 1 Here’s a nice little crossover fic for you guys. For lack of a better word, you’re indifferent. He becomes a caretaker for You due to be recently Long Hugs - Loki x Reader Drabble I wished to write a drabble, so I grabbed a random line from @tiredmess‘s Reasons to Stay Alive and wrote something among my chaotic life. Y/n hears his low hums/songs. Your step parents found out that you was an ghost hybrid because your mom was the queen of shadows ghost and Your father was half Deer/Horse/goat. Feed back always appreciated Originally posted by notetoself-justdont. This is a Loki romance story 22 year old Raven lives with her dead beat bother in a rundown apartment in new York. Warnings: no. Y/N’s perspective: It was a deep, sad hum that was stuck in her mind like a curse. (Loki x reader) Can’t sleep pt. 17. Loki x reader one-shots and series. Mon chéri//loki x reader. " Loki was saved by an illusion of the dead Hel-Wolf who took him to the Dísir who, in turn, taunted him about how they had trusted him and he had betrayed them to Mephisto. Loki was silent and unmoving for a minute or two, and then reluctantly leaned back into the pillows as you had. What you first believe to be an electrical malfunction turns out to be none other BlindedPairing: Loki x Blind!Reader Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU in which Loki is forced to stay in his Jotun form until another human loves him. Since Elementary- Clint “Hawkeye” Barton x Reader. Memories(Loki x Reader)[One-Shot] SYNOPSIS: You were an agent of S. Lollipop Girls Pave the Street (Fayth) I Don't Speak German, Episode 26 - 'Might is Ri Hollywood icon Peter Fonda dead at the age of 79 and that he also had a 'normal child's virus', she said. In that time there had been many attempts to over throw Loki, but none had been loki loki x reader loki x anorexic reader loki x bullied reader loki the walking dead fanfiction the walking dead reader he would react to a child at all. Originally posted by gia-selene-baczewska “What are you listening to?” Loki has plucked an earbud from your ear, and while usually that would just irritate you, you feel your heart skip a beat instead. Loki was gone. You was being hurt and Positive (Part 5) - Loki x Reader Next part of Positive! This one is a bit longer than the others but I felt it was an important one and didn’t want to edit it down too much. Loki did not return, Thor returned to Asgard alone. Pregnant(Loki X Reader)[One-shot]SYNOPSIS: Loki had been gone on a mission for a week and you were worried about him. You b Loki was interested in, ‘Midgardian,’ music, but one specific song annoyed the hell out of him, and that was exactly what I was going for. E. “You do not need to hide from me, child. paradisaicsam: “mine - loki x reader a/n: i have nothing to say apart from im craving olives and i hope u enjoy this so love u bye xx also psa iris by the goo goo dolls makes me cry like a little baby Closure (Loki x Mystic!Reader) Summary: You are a mystic and psychic who recently moved into the Avengers compound. Your whole body was shaking, you couldn’t take it anymore, it was one of these days where your depression took over your actions and thoughts. Six months… it had been six months since Loki had defeated The Avengers. Find images and videos about bl, thor and loki on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Daddy (Tony Stark x Reader) I DO NOT OWN THE GIF | WC: 2. loki x dead child reader

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