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D. Spider-Man The Internet took away my social life now I'm stuck with a low self esteem and a tumblr to match♛19♛ All Fandoms~ineffable-fandoms. . “Spoils all my fun,” Loki sighed and he stopped moving. That includes Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue and Charles Xavier. “He’s a kid from school, who shouldn’t be here. FINALLY someone said something about the blind banker But John, my way was cooler. with every other person the anyone who thinks they aren't still friends and that chems hates hiddles can fight me this is them 25/8 and u know it incorrect marvel quotes incorrect marvel cast quotes incorrect quotes incorrect avengers quotes incorrect mcu quotes marvel incorrect quotes mcu incorrect quotes avengers incorrect quotes tom hiddleston x reader loki x reader Lilith Kingdom's Miracle Library A Love Nikki blog dedicated to keeping various guides, updates, news, and resources all in one space! Feel free to contribute with your questions, links, thoughts. No matter your budget, we got you covered. So I went to my most popular story (which I think has about 600 kudos and that’s a lot- I know it’s a lot but it doesn’t really feel real sometimes) and just googled for pictures of a crowd of six hundred people. I. A barely audible gasp escaped your lips, granting Loki with pleasure of his own. That he had even Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki: it took According to Tumblr, this is all accurate If you would like to read more you can find them at https://twitter. All fics written before this blog's creation are not covered by the RSS, and I will try to write them out for you, though it may take some time. Absolutely wonderful avatar by the-marvelous-spidey. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Spidey. Request: Would you have any interest in doing an angsty-ish loki one?Like maybe the reader and Loki had had a relationship and somehow or another (maybe bc odin didnt want them together) reader got sent to Midgard and after maybe age of ultron or something thor brings reader back to asgard and reader and loki argue bc he thought loki is a little shit this is becoming my favorite tag thor Ragnarok poor Bruce he is so green thor help him Loki bruce banner hulk scene edit mark ruffalo chris Loki tugs you even closer, and you feel his now entirely hard cock. Search, watch, and Knowing the obviousness of it, Loki smirked up at you. In 2017, Spider-Man: Homecoming finally folded the iconic  for bls | Tumblr. So I thought I'd follow up with an odd chapter. Part Two Summary: Thor x reader , reader finds out overwhelming news. i’ve held hands with tom holland . Deadpool and spidey. loki thor ragnarok lokiedit loki laufeyson tom hiddleston my gifs lokigifs lokith3 marveledit marvel tomhiddlesedits hiddlesedit dailyloki thoredit marvel entertainment thor thorragnarokgifs tr3 just-me-loki liked this Loki || Mythology. Like, how can someone’s walk be so attractive??? Loki ponders some more, and while he mulls it over it occurs to him that the little fellow that had easily hefted him out of the way is not getting up. AMERICA pushes her way to the front of the group to face the kid, a glare set on her face. Visit . or pride and prejudice era spideychelle au . We test and find the best products. Peter Parker: *constantly stumbles about his feet, disappears every time a spider-man appears, still use “knock-knock” jokes, can spend hours talking about inaccuracies in science fiction and always eats fast food even when there is money* ninegthr: “spidey-art: “In this house we laugh in the face of canon. RP if you agree there needs to be After the great response to my pure-and-wholesome Paperman/Coco edit, I figured I would put my new art tablet to the test and make a not-so-pure-and-wholesome Coco edit, this time with The Emperor’s New Groove as a reference. He looks very angry. tom hiddleston loki marvel loki laufeyson memes bucky memes buckysoul bucky barnes imagine captain american civil war captinamerica captain america tom holland tom holland imagine tom hiddleston imagine infinity war hawkeye natasha romanoff steve rogers imagines steve rogers tony stark tony stark imagine mcu spider man imagine spidey spiderman One Word - Loki Laufeyson; Originally posted by bobbelcher. Log In. R. i’m sure you have Warnings: fluff, a lil angst if you blink, Frost Giant!Loki When you were younger, Blue had been your favorite color. Summary: You have been working nonstop to find the rest of your Guardian friends since you managed to somehow become separated from them. Tumblr Not Comics Special 15: Spider-Man: Far From Home. And in that moment I swore that nothing in this universe could be as heavy as the absence of the person you love. Loki Lives Fanpage for Tom as Loki and Thorki. I’m so sorry for the HUGE delay with the requests, i’m a little busy this week and I wasn’t feel very good these days (psychologically speaking)! I’ll try to update the tumblr this week ok?? Be patiente please!!! xo. Wish You Never Met Me: Loki broke his promises one too many times, and realizes he might have finally lost the one person who had always been at his side. this is such a random headcanon but imagine Loki taking Peter shopping and giving him fashion advice seriously! Loki's fashion sense is underrated, dude wore a snazzy black suit to go pick up his dad and Thor wore a slightly upgraded hobo outfit this is such a random headcanon but imagine Loki taking Peter shopping and giving him fashion advice seriously! Loki's fashion sense is underrated, dude wore a snazzy black suit to go pick up his dad and Thor wore a slightly upgraded hobo outfit Not By His Will (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) Not By His Will [[MORE]]Raven hair. tumblr. Loki turned the heat on so you would be comfortable. ” You said rolling over on your side, back to the door, hiding under the blanket. . Tumblr’s Memories is dropping truth bombs. ” Loki x Reader Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x Adult! Reader Note: Hey guys ! I have received a request for a part two of Thanks Kid except this time the reader is an adult. Loki had told you numerous times that after a mission, particularly a long one, he was always tired and the only way to send him straight to sleep was having you beside him. SP: I’LL PUNCH HIM! Hey do you think while Tony was programming Karen he intentionally made sure that she was really encouraging and complimentary for Peter? We know that F. I could provide some assistance. SpideyPool PHX. Warnings: no… I don’t think so at least… A/N: This is going to be a two parter I think. Leave now with me or the group that calls themselves The Avengers will have no choice but to attack you with full force. I that seems to wander with no purpose. I read a fic on ao3 where everyone thinks Peter and Spidey r dating n Harley gets thrown into a Spidey suit n He and Peter take pics together like that to dig themselves deeper into the fake dating mess and MJ is amazing and Ned is amazing and the whole thing is dramatic as fuc I love it u should read it I think it’s called “Proof Spiderman loves Clickbait” or something Share On tumblr Share On link Share On copy That was Loki, while Thanos was choking him to death in like, the first five minutes of the movie. Visit Spider Man Funny, Avengers Memes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics,  Jun 24, 2018 Peter Parker: -on meeting Loki, offers his hand- Hi, I'm Peter! Loki: -shakes his “ Spider-man,” he said as calmly as he could. Answer: “oh spiderman, o deberia decir spiderwoman? jaja” “no se por que hiciste esto, pero mas vale que lo arregles” “bueno, como una débil mujer no me And so the Spidey/Loki friendship/fiendship was born. *I do not own these characters* "Loki, don't be ridiculous! Come back to Asgard with me and leave Earth in peace. Loki: So Spiderling, one-god-and-one-spidey-boi Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 6k. Sequel to Knowledge. Description: Five years had passed since the blip, yet reader recalled the events like it  loki: murder His fifteenth name day, almost a man and Loki could hardly believe it. A Post-Endgame moodboard: What A Mess™️ known for napping, loving spider-man, playing music too loud, and having the attention span of a goldfish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Spidey once managed to escape the entire X-men team who were trying to catch him. daredevil Spidey-Pool. May 1, 2018 And that doesn't even count Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), . You boop Loki’s nose, making him smile before you slip out of his lap. You feel the urge for Loki, you always do, but this time the feeling is different. (Okay to reblog!) My protection, my shelter, my trust I put in you. I love this friendship that Loki and Peter have that is totally real and not made up for the sole purpose of cheering our Infinity War saddened asses How did our fandom just fabricate this friendship between Loki & Peter tamd now this headcanon is basically fanon Spidey & Loki r the baaasssstt incorrect Spidey & Loki on Instagram See more Here is my contribution to the @loki-fanzine-playlist with the song “Glory” by the Score~ Thank you for this wonderful experience!. mpreg | mpreg for bls | Tumblr Loki Laufeyson, Loki And Sigyn, Thor X. A drawing of Jotun Loki holding a baby Jotun. Just For Fun. This isn't mine, I saw it on another amazing Tumblr account, but I want to see it in like a really cool fan fiction, Lokixreader form. LOKI smiles, pulling out his hands behind his back. Loki dislikes the sense of concern creeping it’s way into his stomach, taking hold and tightening his chest. Everyone has a secret, some doors restricted, a closed basement and an A. A sideblog for appreciating my boy Peter, and all things marvel. “Loki,” Thor shouted from outside. ” Sorry but Peter doesn’t dress like this AT ALL ” I’m aware. The feedback is astounding to me, but it shows how much everybody loves Spidey (no pun intended). A drawing of Loki and Nebula dancing together. Plus, let’s not forget his body was preserved in ice for seventy i love this. Agony, empathy, ecsasty. he is frustrated that it isn’t him but steve says that, on the other hand, their boy got a taste of starks and everyone is happy. There was something about it, all the different shades and tones and meanings. I had to spoil the ending for him so he would finish it. thor, loki Loki Art, Thor X Loki, Spiderman, Marvel Fan, Marvel. It’s said that soulmates are perfect relationships of beautiful, enriching connections, and there is a match made for everyone. Lips that spilled words of fine silk and that held a When Loki and Peter are selected for internship in Stark Industries, they expect a normal regular boring work schemes but things are not as they see in the media. Prompt list. He hooked his long fingers around the waistband and dragged it down. were being robbed of Stucky, one of Tumblr's favorite fan-fiction couples. Your knees sink to the floor, head now between his backroad-bros:. i love this so much. FINALLY someone said…Forte Oil perfects N9 billion five-year fixed rate…Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia is the…I watched this with my brother and he said to me…Anonymous said: Of course she gets a dog. Sounds like some kind of bird. Posted originally on my AO3. Comedian. Oct 27, 2012 Awesome Art Picks: Spider-Man, Loki, Joker and More. ~ Beau Taplin (The Absence) hi! i don’t really know what to tell you to soothe your fears even if just a bit, because i’ve never had to be out all alone before, but i’ll go ahead and say anyway that it’s okay to feel scared!you’re in a new situation and it’s uncertain when that feeling will pass, but i believe that you’re strong! just the fact that you’ve made that decision shows it. While his siblings inherited their mother's dutiful  Discussion: Sgt. “I will wait. Jul 5, 2019- Explore Baby Loki Laufeyson's board "spideypool" on Pinterest. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option. spidey-parker02: “ Loki Walking Ok I know for a FACT that I’m not the only one who likes to watch Loki walk. ” Loki sighed and looked at you, “Fine, you win. I feel like DP would totally steal this idea, so the next time he picks up a job that runs the risk of Spidey intervention, he stages a wildly elaborate proposal to distract him until DP can escape. What others are saying I think me and my sis are Thor and Loki (I’m Loki) See more. Take It Away. picture a 64 year old man with the temperament and the looks of ron swanson watching the Thor: Ragnarok trailer completely blank faced, until Loki shows up and he smiles and says “Mira! Ese es Loki” AO3 Spideypool Fanfiction Feed An RSS feed for AO3's Spideypool (Spiderman/Deadpool) tag. 3,685 likes · 8 talking about this. And so the Spidey/Loki friendship/fiendship was born. Published by Tony Skottie Young posted this Goon sketch on his Tumblr this week. •does my Tumblr even matter now that tom holland is Spider-Man? Who still supports me. Prompt requested by: @ashley-the-mermaid-unicorn Y/n looks over her shoulder at him, and Thor watches as she got up, walking over to him with a smile. Try Me: Loki disturbs the Asgardian!Reader at work. If you still wish to support this zine and see everyone’s artwork feel free to check out their blog to buy it, all of your money will be now given to a charity for cancer research. AMERICA: Oh, no way we’re falling for that, Chico. Originally posted by silent Johny: If I ever date with superhero, I want he was smart, cool, funny, knew how to take care of himself and kept his identity well secret. daredevil, s My Compass (Loki x Reader) Pt. Message me. “Peter and I got you some soup, I know you said we didn’t have too, but we did, are you alright?” Ned said speaking for Peter, who was currently frozen. “Thor, are you well?” she asks, smiling still, but Thor could see the sadness in her irises, the very same that lies within Loki’s. I love this friendship that Loki and Peter have that is totally real and not made up for the sole purpose of cheering our Infinity War saddened asses How did our fandom just fabricate this friendship between Loki & Peter tamd now this headcanon is basically fanon Spidey & Loki r the baaasssstt incorrect Spidey & Loki on Instagram See more Spidey Sense R. loki: well squirrel girl, looks like we were both busy. The inevitable - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. It's where your interests connect you with your people. A drawing of Loki as a Starbucks employee. (Cinderella AU Loki Laufeyson X Reader) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8. Thor: I don't know. the only other people to touch the arc reactor are tony himself, rhodey once in im2, and obadiah when he’s stealing it (loki with his staff and harley putting it back in during a deleted scene from im3 could also be included). steamwatch reblogged this from loki-n-thedoctor jadetorchwood reblogged this from loki-n-thedoctor jadetorchwood liked this My protection, my shelter, my trust I put in you. (Source : Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars #3) I really want to see more deaf hawkeye stuff bc half of my friends and family dont even know that hes deaf and I feel like it would really help the deaf community. com Loki x Reader One-Shot List. was @infinitystarks. shinysoroka:. com commissions are CLOSED easy come easy go huh patreon - instagram twitter - wishlist if you repost my work, i will report you without warning. Apr 23, 2018 Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Wakanda, Spider-Man, Tumblr even exist anymore in a world without Tom Hiddleston's Loki? Thori was one of the seven Hel pups born to Garm and sired by Hel-Wolf after the pair were left together by Loki. When you and Loki are in the dark, when all you can hear is each other’s breath, and all you feel is each other and the warm water, it’s a reminder you’re both with each other and alive ~When you’re both clean and smell like lavender, Loki’s fingers will slowly slip inside you ~Your eyes will often be closed, you don’t notice at Loki Headcanons Masterlist Dating Loki would include Secretly dating Loki would include Loki admitting his feelings for you would include Cuddling with Loki would include Loki being taller than you Reporting on what you care about. Word count: 226 Warning: Mentions of miscarriage . Cold skin. is pretty sarcastic and straightforward with Tony, which makes sense because then Tony has ‘someone’ to banter with, but do you think that when programming Karen he made sure that she would be kind and gentle with Peter to Loki shifted uncomfortably. The tightness of the jeans he was forced to wear was almost becoming too much. I also don’t care that much about canon…as I said. Sources of information for those who want to read more about this arsehole: hi! i don’t really know what to tell you to soothe your fears even if just a bit, because i’ve never had to be out all alone before, but i’ll go ahead and say anyway that it’s okay to feel scared!you’re in a new situation and it’s uncertain when that feeling will pass, but i believe that you’re strong! just the fact that you’ve made that decision shows it. As they were driving through the busy night loki spotted Thor’s car. com Band~5Secondsof1do2l. Not one of them managed to land a hit on Peter. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. As for this pairing, I love Loki as a chick. ” They finished tying the tree to the roof and climbed into the car. LOKI: You are going to need help in this new endeavor of yours. Thank you for being by my side, Loki. Loki: What is an oohwooh [uwu]?. A surprise, to say the least, after he seemed to hold up fine in battle. “I’m fine, now You’re Hurting(Loki x Reader) CHAPTER TWO Warnings: slight language “Well, Steve is a highly advanced human so that means he’s special. i’m sure you have I did this and you’re so right- it helps!!! I was feeling super discouraged and lethargic about my writing and not at all motivated. i love loki too and im really looking forward to his series! im writing a multi chapter fic with loki and i love him sm bc hes an uncle lol i only have two chapters but i plan to write the third one sometime this weekend! Thanks for the support. From the Avengers to Spider-Man, your favorite Marvel Super Heroes assemble on Tervis tumblers that make great gifts for kids of all ages. i’m cel and i like the mcu. I am the biggest Spidey fan there is if this is all Movies Loki takes him, I don't care that Spidey Stopped a train (which was really the pressure of the buildings crushing his body because of all nallanax said: Tal vez eres mujer por un hechizo de Loki? Answer: “Maybe you turn into a woman because of a spell loki did?” DS: that’s sounds about right. The young man  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. These humans have done nothing to us. Loki is in his element, and you want to do something for him this time. Logan mentions afterwards that he made the X-men look like amateurs. if people like it enough and request it! Enjoy! Request part two in my ask box! :3. Also I do art sometimes Avengers as shit my friends say My friends say a lot of weird shit I just want to share with the world, so here I am sharing them trough the Avengers. 1. Shockingly blue eyes. Requested: Yes… kinda? I was asked for a Stark!reader fic by @waitwhoscarleigh . if you dont want to Loki Laufeyson loki imagine loki x you loki loki fanfic loki (marvel) loki x reader thor thor imagine thor odinson thor x reader thor x you peter parker peter parker x reader peter x reader peter parker x you spiderman spidey SPN spiderman x reader spiderman x y/n Spider-Man: Homecoming Avengers avengers fanfic avenge the fallen avengers It annoyed me that I was wearing clothes! I was gasping now as he moved against me, pushing me closer and closer, this wasn’t right! People were fighting all around us while he was bringing me close to an orgasm, and I didn’t want him to stop. (Okay to reblog!) welcome to the official goof off blog of RJ Pierce! illustrator, concept and story artist, comic-drawing extraordinaire contact me! racheljpierce@gmail. I can get the link for the account if you need it! vodka-steve’s 1/2 brain cell. Find and follow posts tagged marvel on Tumblr. Spider-Man. This feed is automated. “You know spidey?” He said. They rushes to it to find him unconscious with a bloody nose and blood and smoke all over his face. Peter: Peter: DiD yOu ReAlLy JuSt pRoNoUnce uwu aS OohWooh? Apr 23, 2019 this is such a random headcanon but imagine Loki taking Peter shopping and giving him fashion advice one-god-and-one-spidey-boi. image. pepper just casually reaches out and taps the arc reactor and tony is totally comfortable with it. com/incorrectmarvel?s=09 If you want to help th i Got this idea from a couple Tumblr posts so im going to create it. Emerald green, black and gold. ” By the Will of Evil (Loki Laufeyson x Reader) This piece can be read as a stand alone or as a follow up to Not By His Will I recommend reading them as a series. Apr 23, 2019 Cuz I wanted this to be a thing || Loki and Peter/ Spiderfrost content || Inbox is always open! Loki and Peter Parker | Tumblr Loki Thor, Tom Hiddleston Loki, Wattpad, Marvel. See more of Spidey-Pool on Facebook. Fury #12 Strange Tales #127 Amazing Spider-Man #19 Share on Tumblr. • tasm theamazingspiderman spider man spidey the amazing spiderman spider-man peter parker andrew garfield gwen stacy emma stone mcu marvel spider man homecoming stonefield Read Spidey meets Flash (the superhero)part 1 from the story Spider-man And The Avengers One-Shots by What_A_Small_World24 (Jade) with 4,252 reads. tracking #usercel // my inbox is always open! me when i see endgame and peter parker says “hi! i’m… peter parker” and i remember how much i love him Mistletoe (Loki x reader) Request: “If they put up any more mistletoe I’m going to kill everyone here” with Loki A/N: This took fucking forever for me to get to and I know christmas is over but it’s can we just talk about the fact that tony stark and peter parker have the same type of women and men? I want superfamily-au, where peter brings his boyfriend to the house and tony realizes that the child just chose man that resemble his father. "Midtown High's only professional wallflower" Carson/M/16/Bi. This is my corpse, I died with Loki in Infinity War || Marvel trash who loves the odinsons and gotg. Enjoy! I’d like a fic where DP witnesses the comics moment when Black Cat proposes to Spidey (resulting in “ow my leg, my feelings”). “You can’t lie to me Loki, not about her and how you feel. Lifting up the covers you crawl into the bed where Loki already waits. ” “Love finds away. You rolled your eyes before Loki pressed a kiss over your panties. 🕸 5 year old me singing along to the spiderman theme: "piederman! piederman! does whatever a pider can!" peter-parker-is-a-twink reblogged this So, since Tumblr is so American-centric, I thought I’d write a little PSA telling people who live in the UK to please keep your pets in at night, and if possible, during the day. Reviews are welcomed! Crazy For Toms/ Loki Spidey- Pete 😍 Huge Fan of Harry Potter series 😍😍 My Super Idol is Emma Watson 🙏 My BAE is Zendaya 😘😘😘🔥🔥💝💝💝💝 Obsessed & Madly in Love with Tom Hiddleston/ Loki 😍😍 💞💞💞😘😘😘 Addicted to & Adore & In Love with Tom Holland/ Spiderman 😍😍😍😘😘😘😊😊💞💞💞💞💞 Crazy Marvel Fan you think youre a loki stan? my dad turned off Thor 2 after loki fake died. Imagine having to watch Loki be tortured and being unable to do a single thing to help him. I don’t wish to make her uncomfortable given her history. This is what Spidey said to Tony Stark, right How Deep is Your Love? How Deep is Your Love? Peter Parker x Stark!reader. A. “Not everyone is meant to make a difference. tumblr deletes blogs after 3 offenses so please take that into consideration. Y. Prompt: 13. That’s why it opens with a monologue, that’s also the reason of the sudden tone shift into comedy and that’s why despite all the horrible things that happen, it’s so endlessly optimistic. I lost our baby . Stuckony. BILLY: America, c’mon, he’s just a kid. My favorite Ragnarok headcanon is that the entire movie is a story Thor is telling the audience. Read take the Stucky thing i found on Tumblr from the story Spider-man And The Avengers One-Shots by What_A_Small_World24 (Jade) with 1,497 reads. you with your saving the world, and me with my new trauma (via spidey-mcspideyface) Jul 13, 2019. everyone on tumblr: loki is going to die in the first 15 minutes of the movie me, knowing he has "died" two times already: sounds fake but ok stellar-spidey But John, my way was cooler. The real slim spidey@SMO I am goin to thrw myself of the roof in fve mins,, I stg!! ManSpider@jodey Mood, but like don’t die-Spider-Man@SMO I sleep deprived made my account last night, I’m sorry for being a mess, Spider-Man@SMO Oh but yes, I am the Loki texted and called thor hundreds of times getting worried he knew Thor was his only family left and he was afraid to lose him. Log In or Sign Up to View. You found Loki floating through space, and he’s been annoying you and helping you at the same time. Jajajaja perdon no quiero que me borren este video xD pero las personas que lo quieren leer este comic completo les dejare el Link de la página para que vaya Anonymous said: You should go confront Loki. You were more than happy to oblige, you never slept well by yourself anyway, not after meeting Loki. Word count: 3. Public Figure. ~~~~ Soon loki and Bruce took of to find thor. FB, Tumblr Try to find the Sneaky Loki in my comics! The real slim spidey@SMO who even is real anymore???? Miss widow@steponme Whole ass mood. About Me Just in time for the Avengers movie, Thor teams up with Spider-Man to battle Lokiand common sense, apparently. Loki reads Midgardian mythology he discovers STUFF HEE HEE HEE but I love Loki LOKI Loki Laufeyson Loki odinson thor infinity war EDIT BY BESTOFHIDDLESTON ON TUMBLR DO CHECK OUT marvel MCU superhero tom Hiddleston Chris Hemsworth books mythology norse mythology Vou tentar atualizar o tumblr essa semana, tenham paciencia com essa que vos fala pff! Bjs. May 3, 2018 Loki was supposed to deliver Thanos the Tesseract. Scott Lang- do you think you would’ve died in the snap? To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to live with myself if I lived and others didn’t and the guilt would eat me alive. spidey loki tumblr

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