Aruba aaa configuration

1. If you configure port security on one or more ports that are later added to a trunk group, the switch resets the port security parameters for those ports to the factory-default configuration. 1X authentication, AAA, LDAP and Active Directory experience. In the Aruba Networks ClearPass WebUI Console, navigate to Configuration --> Security --> Authentication --> Servers. Configure the AAA Mode Setting under Administration / Users / Users, Role & AAA / AAA Mode Settings to enable TACACS+ authentication. Provide a single source IP address for users in a role B. Redirect Captive Portal HTTP sessions. Multiple vulnerabilities were identified in Aruba AP, IAP and AMP devices. Wired Fundamentals gives a brief overview of the wired networking principles used in Aruba products. Wireless Fundamentals outlines wireless networking concepts and technology. It controls how many times per session a RADIUS client (and clients using other  show authentication and show tacacs : Displays the switch TACACS+ configuration and status. The following is the stanza to apply under your specific RAP5 AP group: Port security does not operate on a trunk group. Under AAA Clients, click Add Entry. 7, Rev. Chapter Title. arubanetworks. To setup Clearpass Tacacs+ server for aaa authentication with Gigamon H-Series Device , configure the following on ClearPass : 1. Our oceanfront resort offers spacious one-, two- and three-bedroom villa rentals or guest rooms with furnished balconies and beach or garden views. xml file. 1X Introduction first. Although not technically a part of AAA configuration, we want to ensure a backup user account exists in the event the AAA servers become unreachable, so that we can still log in to the router. 4, Rev. What makes Aruba the best island vacation destination on the planet? Find out everything you need to know about the One Happy Island right here! This 5-day classroom session includes both instructional modules and hands-on labs to lead participants through the implementation and configuration of a ClearPass Network Access Control solution. 1X for port based authentication. A200 Wireless Access Point pdf manual download. I tried the steps that you had listed in your wonderful blog, but the Aps were not booting up after the configuration. com Arista EOS version 4. Any ideas? Aruba & ProVision-based aaa accounting exec start-stop radius I've removed the radius configuration and the local account works fine. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. In this post we will see how to configure 802. Which is a use of this statement in an Aruba configuration? A. D. The access switches are S5700LI switches and are only used for Layer 2 access. Once you understand the structure and how the profiles are organized, it makes a lot more sense. ap spectrum local-override To setup Clearpass Tacacs+ server for aaa authentication with Gigamon H-Series Device , configure the following on ClearPass : 1. 210 Viewing and changing the SNMP access configuration. Command Description aaa dns-query-period Configure how often the controller should generate a DNS request to cache the IP address for a RADIUS server identified via its fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Aruba Instant mode – In Aruba Instant mode, a single AP automatically distributes the network configuration to other Instant APs in the WLAN. auth-server rad1. Be sure to assign a unique name to each virtual AP, SSID, and AAA Use the show aaa radius-attributes command to display a list of the current RADIUS attributes recognized by the controller. Example. Simply power-up one Instant AP, configure it over the air, and plug in the other APs – the entire process takes about five minutes. I just need the Ap to connect my wireless devices to the server. 0. So first if you use role by VLAN ID let´s uncheck role by switch role first. Can someone please help me with configuration for tacacs in aruba controller. xml file onto your computer or device, or copy and paste the code from below on a notepad and save it as . Here you will see your RADIUS  Apr 10, 2018 Aruba Networks: ForeScout CounterACT® Wireless Plugin Integration Enable AAA override to allow override of the WLAN default interface. Posted on October 6, 2014; by Rene Molenaar; in CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Routing & Switching Written, CCNA Routing & Switching ICND2 200-105, CCNP SWITCH; In this lesson we will take a look how to configure a Cisco Catalyst Switch to use AAA and 802. This installation howto uses tac_plus-4. Configuration Notes This will configure the basic TACACS+ setup on a Cisco 3750 switch and generate the Clear Pass Policy Manager (CPPM) service, enforcement profile and Book Title. 05 Typical User Access and Authentication Configuration. May 6, 2016 Aruba Authentication Bypass / Insecure Transport / Tons Of Issues http:// community. Configure the external auth-server or internal-db 2. 5. 1 What is one setting that a network administrator can configure for user roles in Aruba Solution? maximun sessions sourceNAT DHCP pool. connection or an SSH session, or in the WebUI navigate to the Configuration > Management > General page. 19. Cisco ASA Series CLI Configuration Guide, 9. The following command adds the VSA “Aruba-User-Role”: aaa radius-attributes add Aruba-User-Role 1 string vendor Aruba 14823 Hi, I am not able to integrate Aruba controller with tacacs server. General configuration and troubleshooting tips should also apply to older tac_plus versions available in the portage. 4| Reference Guide aaa authentication mac aaa authentication mac Example The . In order to correctly integrate a Teldat access point with the Solution, it is necessary that: the device is connected to the Internet; WAN and LAN interfaces are correctly configured Accessing the command-line interface ProVisionconfig aaa authentication login privilege mode Specify that switch from AA 1. Each definition contains a different NAS ID corresponding to a different SSIDs. This guide shows you how to configure the network switch, and Microsoft NPS server configuration for the automatic 802. Aruba 2530 Management and Configuration Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16. Here is the topology for the post when configuring RADIUS on a IOS device, it is 3 step process 1. Select the name to configure the parameters, such as IP Address; and then check Mode to I am attempting VLAN > enforcement. aaa authentication mgmt controller the Aruba vendor-specific attribute (VSA) called Aruba-Admin-Role  AAA information is typically stored in an external database or remote server such as a RADIUS or TACACS+ server. arista. To add a RADIUS attribute to the list, use the aaa radius-attributes command. on StudyBlue. The AAA profile defines the type of authentication (in this example, 802. 11n APs 68, 9x, 105, 12x, 13x configuration commands X Aruba Central integration X AAA Authentication X Authorized IP Managers X Authorized IP Managers (IPv6) X Authorized Manager List (Web, SSH, TFTP) X Auto MDIX Configuration X BOOTP X Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) X Table Continued Chapter 3 Software Feature Index 8 ArubaOS-Switch Feature and Commands Index 16. 1x wireless network on your campus. AAA is a security framework to authenticate users, authorize the type of access based on user credentials, and record authentication events and information about the network access and network resource consumption. 3 | CLI Reference Guide Command History Release aaa authentication dot1x aaa  Jun 5, 2014 The voice-aware 28 | aaa authentication mac ArubaOS 6. 6 ‎08-27-2013 07:13 AM Hi everyone--I'm still trying to get a handle on how to configure things in the Aruba controllers (used to the Cisco way of things), and I'm trying to figure out how to configure TACACS to do my AAA. Profile Hierarchy From the ACS GUI, click Network Configuration. 1X Configuration Options AAA Fast Connect Machine Authentication Blacklist due to failed authentication Aruba Authentication Bypass / Insecure Transport / Tons Of Issues Posted May 6, 2016 Authored by Google Security Research, Sven Blumenstein. Virtual AP . 3 Command Line Interface Reference Guide Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Under the WLANs  Jan 4, 2019 How to Set Up EAP-TLS with Aruba Instant Access Points Under AAA Management, click AAA Configuration. For how long have I used the solution? Knowledge of wired and wireless networking design and operations. The configuration of MAC authentication for Aruba Mobility Controllers is very straightforward. Knowledge of RADIUS server configuration, 802. Aruba eduroam RADIUS server definition; Aruba eduroam AAA profile AAA Configuration on Cisco Switch. In this lesson we will take a look how to configure a Cisco Catalyst Switch to use AAA and 802. "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. aaa authentication: A command for configuring the switch  Jan 25, 2018 Just wanted to share my config for the Aruba HPE 2930M switch I'm testing radius server-group "packetfence" aaa authentication port-access  May 9, 2019 How To: Setup Clearpass Tacacs+ server for aaa authentication with Gigamon H- Series Device. If you have no idea what AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) or 802. Aruba Wireless Controller CLI Configuration Made Easy July 30, 2016 ptp1 I’ve been working extensively with Aruba Networks Mobility Controllers at my current job and I’ve put together some quick documentation to go over the basics of the CLI configuration. Aruba 3810 Switch (JL076A) supports 8 x Smart Rate ports and 40 x 1G ports (for 12 Smart Rate ports using an optional 4-port module). The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) module supports source network address translation (src-nat). pdf. This caused RADIUS authentication to break when the startup configuration file was loaded back onto the switch. All 3810 models support a 4-port Smart Rate (1, 2,5, 5,10G) module (JL081A). Enter the Computer name and click “OK” and reboot when prompted. Aruba Mobility Boot Camp 6. And even when interface range commands can be used, the actual interface configuration was getting more complicated due to the number of additional commands per interface. console and VTY lines). 30/16 is the AAA Client IP Address, which, in this case is the WLC. The configuration of a MAC Authentication Profile and the definition the MAC database are key in the solution. Next, it configures the global tunneled node server IP address where the Aruba Mobility Controller resides (and, optionally, a backup controller IP address) as well as an optional keep-alive timer. PDF - Complete Book (26. This is where MAC-Auth comes in. Configuring AAA Servers and the Local Database . 1X are about then you should look at my AAA and 802. 1x and MAB authentication on Cisco Catalyst switches using Cisco ISE 2. 1. Aruba wireless customers can provide registration of AirPlay-, AirPrint-, DLNA-, and UPnP-enabled devices for sharing. What needs improvement? Configuration should be more easy to understand between the link of two topics. provide a single source IP address for users in a role B. Getting the most out of the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 1x but you still want to autenticate the client to the switch. This blog provides an example of the MAC authentication configuration. 04 Figure 2-59 Configuration logic of Aruba ClearPass Configuration Notes. The AAA profile configures the authentication for a Wireless LAN. 5. Profile Hierarchy SYMPTOM: If you try to configure local MAC authentication on HPE Aruba switches where the phone should become an (authenticated) tagged member of the voice VLAN and the PC should become an (unauthenticated) untagged member of the data VLAN then both the Phone and PC end up in the same VLAN as either tagged or untagged. 3. I have used ISE v1. 0 as the RADIUS server. Modified on: Fri, 15 Feb, 2019 at 12:21 PM. Open a ticket with Wavespot and provide MAC-address of the Aruba Controller. Aruba Network Infrastructure Services for Wired and Wireless Networks provides customers with access to Aruba Mobile First campus networking technology expertise to help them enable pervasive, intelligent, and secure network infrastructures. It’s usually done via a Web interface. Description: Remarks : Last Modified: Size: 6. The one thing that I really dig about Clearpass is the flexibility - the one thing that drives me up the wall is the lack of something akin to the VRDs. Contrary to the Aruba documentation I’ve seen 3 possible messages so far (Aruba only mention one); two of them dealing with failed login due to invalid credentials and one for authentication server timeout. Creating a AAA Profile. Create AAA Profile Configuration Hi,I am trying to configure the Aruba Aps as a standalone APs, without connecting them to the controller. In this article, I will share the configuration workflow I use. Provide Ip adresses to clients. aaa port-access authenticator 1-2 client-limit 1 Windows 20008 R2 NPS (RADIUS) Configuration Local RADIUS clients: Aruba. The RADIUS shared key configured on the switch and the server must be the same. It will guide you if you are configuring a controller for the first time. Nestled on Palm Beach in Aruba, our oceanfront vacation ownership resort offers condo-style villa rentals in a tropical paradise. The Trpz-CoA-Replace-User attribute does not exist in the Trapeze Radius Aruba HPE Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide. Provide  Jun 5, 2014 16 | aaa authentication captive-portal ArubaOS 7. Also for: A800, A2400, A6000. 27a as reference. C. AAA therefore defines the framework by which users are authenticated into networks, with authorization to access particular services, while also accounting for their network activity. 05 Part Number: 5200-4207a Published: April 2018 Edition: 2 Complete Aruba Networks Access Point Configuration In my experience, configuring some parameters via the Aruba Networks GUI is a bit of a pain. In most environment it’s sufficent but you need VLAN-capable switches everywhere you place an access point (+ configuration of vlan trunks). Select RADIUS Server to display the RADIUS Server List. . In the Virtual AP, go to "AAA" and select the "socialid-aaa-profile" as the "AAA Profile Configuring Aruba Wireless controllers for eduroam is no different than any other 802. 16. View full review Enjoy a home away from home, with premium, comfort and style, at Marriott's Aruba Ocean Club. As it relates to the context of this article: Authentication means allowing users to join and access the network. Aruba ClearPass has improved the security control in our network environment. Configuration Notes. This document describes how to configure and use the most recent version of tac_plus provided by Shrubbery Networks. > > Any help or an example of configuration from Aruba and Packetfence would > be enormously appreciated. Typical AAA Configuration. Then, you just type that address into the address bar of a browser from any computer on the Hello Håkan, You have to way to configure PacketFence with an Aruba controller, by role by vlan id or role by switch role (Configuration -> Switch -> Roles). Aruba HPE Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide. My setup is like AP-->Linux Server. to remove, I've tried placing a "no" in front of them and it just fails. Find Study Resources. > But the offer never makes it to the wireless supplicant. I also setup radius server on the Aruba controller, and when I use the Diagnositics>AAA test server with a user Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE:HPE), today announced that Bingemans Conference Centre of Ontario, Canada, the Waterloo Region’s largest and most dynamic meeting and conference facility, has deployed an Aruba 802. TACACS+ provides these AAA services: VIEW CERTIFIED CONFIGURATION GUIDE October 2012 | 1725-36080-001 Rev T SpectraLink 8020/8030 and 8400 Series Wireless Telephones with Aruba Networks® Aruba Controllers 6xx, 3xxx, 6000 Aruba Legacy APs 41, 60, 61, 65, 68, 70 Aruba 802. In the AP Group, go to "Wireless LAN > Virtual AP" and create a new "Virtual AP" labeled "socialid-virtual-ap": AAA Profile . I configured Cisco Prime to use Aruba ClearPass as remote AAA server based on the TACACS+ protocol. 7. I’ll be using WLAN-DC as my name and description. Aruba AirWave is the only multi-vendor wired and wireless management solution designed with mobile devices, users and apps in mind. Using SNMP to view and configure switch authentication features. Go to "Wireless > AP Configuration", and create a new "AP Group" labeled "socialid-ap-group". First download the attached . The first time you configure an Aruba controller, the process can feel overwhelming. , so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. With the R2416 release of Comware7, the concept of Queue Management Profiles has been introduced to simplify this configuration. 176 This document describes how to configure and maintain devices through the web NMS client, including device status statistics, SVF, interface, Ethernet switching, IP service, IP routing, security, ACL, AAA, system management, QoS, WLAN, diagnosis service, and EasyDeploy. Which is a common use of this statement in an Aruba configuration? A. SecureAuth, and click Add. This document provides a configuration example of Cisco ACS 5. Configuring Aruba Clearpass Policy  Aruba Wireless Controllers are fairly simple to configure and seem to provide great flexibility ap-group wlan virtual-ap aaa profile aaa authentication mac aaa  Oct 26, 2018 In this guide, we will see how to configure an Aruba Networks device Then, under the same AAA Profiles tab, move to RFC 3576 servers tab  Aruba (Controller-based). 1x WLAN with 3850. Mobility Controllers. 1x port-access authentication on ports. Start by logging into your Aruba Controller web interface. What is most valuable? The most valuable feature for our network environment is the identification of discovered devices. Aruba 3810 Switch Series - Powerful advanced Layer 3 switches with resilient backplane stacking, low latency and resiliency. Prerequisites: 1. The purpose of this blog post is to document the configuration steps required to configure Wired 802. The configuration template feature is available for the Gateway devices provisioned in template groups in Aruba Central. 7 ClearPass Deployment Guide, PDF version, 6. The software configuration for an access point is a little more involved, but still not very complicated. Create Aruba Clear Pass Policy Manager (CPPM) XML files and CLI to enable TACACS+ on a Cisco 3750 Switch to authenticate and track commands that are issued on the switch. Create a server group and assign the configured auth-server to it. 4. 1x), the authentication  enable. Configure the maximum number of devices the defined ports is allowed to authenticate. 41 802. This solution first enables the global tunneled-node-server feature. g. redirect Captive Portal HTTP sessions C. 211 View and Download Aruba A200 configuration manual online. Knowledge of wired and wireless networking design and operations. Finally, the last step is to tie the port profile to the appropriate RAP5 AP group. 23 MB) PDF - This Chapter (452. Discover the spirit of the Caribbean at Marriott's Aruba Surf Club, a premium vacation ownership resort in Palm Beach, Aruba. This course is designed to enhance the learner’s foundational knowledge in authentication and access control. profile: This part is about configuring WPA or WPA2 and 802. Having said that, let’s look at the configuration. Enter a Computer description and click the “Change…” button to change the computer name. To get to the configuration page for the access point, you need to know the access point’s IP address. Centralized licensing is not enabled in a network of 1 Master and 2 Local controllers, what should be the license count on all controllers to terminate 8 APs on each Local controller and support Local redundancy? The configuration procedure has been performed and tested with the following device model: Teldat V-H+ TLDPV01A1. Click Configure at the top and then Wizards > Campus WLAN on the left. Example: aaa authentication telnet login tacacs local aaa authentication ssh login tacacs local . setup network policies. 2. The template groups in Aruba Central allow network administrators to create a common configuration output by using a combination of CLI Command-Line Interface. Aruba ClearPass in version 6. This is needed to build an "IETF-Generic" custom Change of Author (CoA). User Manual Arista Networks www. aaa port-access authenticator 1-2 unauth-vid 40. This infrastructure can support communication and embrace campus, cloud, and mobile business applications. In the Add AAA Client window, enter the WLC host name, the IP address of the WLC, and a shared secret key. 15. com/aruba/attachments/aruba/aaa-nac-  Apr 22, 2019 Cisco Meraki MR access points offer a number of authentication Filter-Id / Reply-Message / Airespace-ACL-Name / Aruba-User-Role: Any of  May 25, 2015 Aruba Controller: Quick Setup Guide. 2F 29 September 2015 Knowledge of RADIUS server configuration, 802. The result is a comprehensive and scalable policy management platform that goes beyond traditional AAA solutions to deliver extensive enforcement capabilities for IT-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security requirements. TACACS+ is a client/server protocol that provides centralized security for users that attempt to gain management access to a router or network access server. aaa port-access authenticator active. V. There aren't a lot of features that Aruba has that their competitors don't. 3. 7 ClearPass Deployment Guide: 6. Default specify default aaa configuration lan access AP Configuration . I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc. aaa-profile "RAP5-Bridge-AAA" bridge-role "RAP5-Bridge-Port" The "aaa-profile" stanza may be redundant; let me know if you've tested this out in your configuration. Step 0: Create a backup user account. Course content This Instructor Led Training (ILT) course prepares participants with foundational skills in Network Access Control using the ClearPass product portfolio. On the Aruba controllers, the Radius server is defined several times. 1x authentication of PC's and MAC authentication for other devices It assumes you already have the Microsoft NPS server installed, and it also assumes you have a PKI already installed, and therefore a client certificate on QuickSpecs Aruba 2930F Switch Series Overview Page 1 Aruba 2930F Switch Series The Aruba 2930F Switch Series is designed for customers creating smart digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users with an integrated wired and wireless approach. Dear All, I have installed NPS on windows server 2008 R2. Redirect Access Points to another Aruba controller. Provide a Name for the new server, e. Add Trpz-CoA-Replace-Userattribute to the Trapeze dictionary. The information can also be stored locally  Number of login attempts: This is actually an aaa authentication command. 0 KB) Enforce AAA authentication on the relevant lines (e. Create the aaa-profile. 1x on Aruba Controllers. Objective. These convenient Layer 3 network switches include built-in uplinks and power so are In the “Initial Configuration Tasks” window, click the “Provide computer name and domain” link. We had issues with special characters in the NAS ID attribute (dashes), so we do not use them. 2 What is a role fulfilled by an aruba Mobility Master? it manages VLAN and routing configuration for multiple Mobility Controllers (MCs) it terminates control tunnels for Aruba APs It provides an advanced Web portal for onboarding Bring Your Own Device (BYOD The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) Module supports source network translation (src-nat). Release date: July 18, 2018 Aruba 2530 Management and Configuration Guide for ArubaOS-Switch 16. It is not as robust or secure as 802. Installation USE flags White Paper Captive Portal Configuration Guide June 2014 This document describes the protocol flow, configuration process and example use-cases for self-hosted captive portal (splash page) access, which is relevant for Wi-Fi hotspot provision by retailers, hospitality owners and service providers. redirect Access Points to another Aruba controller aaa profile “arubaTest-aaa_prof” initial-role “authenticated” ap-group “default” virtual-ap “arubaTest-vap_prof” IAP (Instant Access Points) can create their own virtual controller. 172. 2 as my radius server. With that being said, some of the implementations or features do work as advertised: easy deployment of APs, MAC caching, and aesthetically pleasing GUI for configuration. Study 115 Aruba flashcards from sheik s. Step 1 - AAA servers. (AAA) was delighted to host the Southwest Airlines’ staff with e breakfast celebration in honor of Southwest Airlines’ 5th anniversary providing roundtrip service to Aruba. 4. The AAA profile configures the authentication for a Wireless LAN. Activates 802. See Example of the switch TACACS+ configuration listing, the priority (first-choice, second-choice, and third-choice) of a TACACS+ server in the switch TACACS+ configuration depends on the order in which you enter the server IP addresses: Create Aruba Clear Pass Policy Manager (CPPM) XML files and CLI to enable TACACS+ on a Cisco 3750 Switch to authenticate and track commands that are issued on the switch. Aruba 3810M Clearpass Secure SSH Web and console aaa authentication ssh enable local none - aaa authentication login privilege-mode Aruba instant access point initial configuration (Aruba NOTE: Formerly, when you saved the configuration file using Xmodem or TFTP, the RADIUS encryption key information was not saved in the file. 21, including description, topics, objectives, ideal candidates, course length, course format For a packet to be permitted, it must have a match with a "permit" ACE in all applicable ACLs assigned to an interface. I'm trying to remove some misconfigured aaa commands from an HP 3448cl switch. 16. I have found that doing certain parts of the deployment via the CLI is a lot faster. The configuration of an AAA server in Cisco Prime is very straightforward. When clients come onto the Aruba controller they seem to > never get DHCP from the PF Host. In this example, these are the settings: AAA Client Hostname is WLC-4400. Add the Juniper Wireless Controller (WLC) as a Network Device in CPPM, but set the Vendor to "IETF". By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, AirWave gives IT the insights needed to support today’s digital workplace. aaa server-group corp_rad. 1x), the authentication server group, and the default user role for authenticated users. Configuration in ClearPass. To configure a AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. set aaa-profile CPAccess set aaa-profile CPAccess mac Clearpass-GROUP set aaa-profile CPAccess web Clearpass-GROUP Note: aaa-profile configuration is needed inorder to accomodate both mac-authentication and web-portal authentication; Add the authentication rule and authentication-profile Overview of course 01124970, ClearPass Essentials (CPE) 6. TCPDump shows the discover and offer. Guide to configure TACACS on ArubaOS 6. Configuration Notes This will configure the basic TACACS+ setup on a Cisco 3750 switch and generate the Clear Pass Policy Manager (CPPM) service, enforcement profile and Getting the most out of the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 5 release. The advantage to reading the errors this way was that we’re now able to customise and CSS style the message shown to the user. 11ac wireless network with Wave 2 technology to support the growing wireless usage demands of the estimated one Sometimes, devices can’t do 802. x (TACACS+) with Cisco Wireless LAN Controller 4400 series (WLC) for Web Authentication. 71095 works as the RADIUS server in this configuration example. 1x and MAC addresses are easily spoofed, but it has its uses. Aruba Airport Authority N. Notice to Be Taken When the Device Connects to Non-Huawei RADIUS Servers; Example for Configuring Authentication for Telnet Login Users (AAA Local Authentication) Example for Configuring Authentication for Telnet Login Users (RADIUS Authentication) Aruba OS 7. aruba aaa configuration

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