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Joe73 Piece of piss :-) xg rad and reservoir with xg engine mounts. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. It produces 584 horsepower (436 kW) to the wheels on E85 fuel through 1150 cc injectors. Developed and tested by Muscle Garage for Street Machine Drag Challenge . Ford I6 Barra Conversions (4) Ford V8 Boss Conversions. This particular Barra came courtesy of an aspirated Territory. BA-FG 4. on Aug 12 2006, 11:31 AM within the Help & Advice category. 1 bar in is equal to SI units, 100 kPa · CGS units, 1. Sweet car and conversion, but sorry, Drag wheels+Minitubs+Parachute+Roll  Set in the grounds of 13th century castle, this barn conversion is newly opened ( May 2017), so it's in pristine condition and no expense has been spared. I can get Ba Bf & Fg I was told to use an Egas engine. The bar is a metric unit of pressure, but is not approved as part of the International System of . I’m impressed with the equipment in their workshop, they only have the best. 0-litre in-line six on the world. 15, 6boost manifold, 60mm gate, 4" exhaust, nizpro plenum, 80mm throttle body, bosch 2000cc injectors, 2x044, -8 fuel line, standard fuel rail modified -8 in-out. com and affiliated sites. Prob the easiest way and if you go manual you can use a T5 with barra bellhousing. Brackets suit RB series shells which came out with an RB20 or RB30. Our measurement converter was especially designed to make conversion of units a whole lot easier. S. Yeah, most people campaigning barras are only going in straight lines anyway, for good reason. hey guys i have started working with some mates doing Barra swaps Can sell kits Just been pricing up a DIY Barra conversion into my GU ute to replace the ZD30. So far I've got: > $500-1000 for a low km FG Barra > $1,250 for wiring loom > $2,050 for Bellhousing, spigot bush, thrust race extension, clutch, engine mounts > $400 to modify existing 3" exhaust to match the Barra > $300 for airbox Definately not easier using the ba cluster. F. If it was a choice between petrol, and talking pretty much like for like power wise with an LS1 and N/A Barra, my time again I would most likely go Ls. Sounds good. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. A place to share any and all DOHC l6 Barra Turbo conversions #barraswaptheworld All images and videos are property of their respective owners. R33, R34 Barra Converion Engine Brackets Listing is for a pair of Skyline Barra conversion engine brackets. Nothing wrong with it at the moment but I'd love to get more power and kms out of a tank whilst staying as factory equipment as possible. Yes the fitting of a E series or Barra six is a better option than a crossflow conversion or even the V8 route. Barra The World. The Barra E-Gas engine had a Vialle closed-loop single-point carburetion system in which a converter turned the LPG into vapour before feeding it into the engine via a venturi in the throttle body; the injection and firing order was 1-5-3-6-2-4. 7777777777667 feet [survey] using the online calculator for metric conversions. I am in the process of importing a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR. I could be wrong as I don't follow Ls stuff to much, but they seem to have far fewer headaches conversion wise. Update your delivery location Items in search results I am about to undergo the gu barra conversion using the patrol auto and fg na barra. and screenshot a lot. 7777833333333 feet using the online calculator for metric conversions. Gearbox Crossmember ***** check note's For sale: Barra conversion - bf gas motor, stronger rods, loom and hardware, can have engine stand -t400 adaptor plate and hi torque starter -plazmaman billet intake and billet rail -t88 ebay turbo with polished front cover, T4 split pulse rear -turbosmart 45mm wastegate -ac and powersteering delete pulley and belt -bosch 1000cc matched injectors, adaptor looms and extenders -fg conversion ecu 2014 X Series Barra Conversions - posted in 6 Cylinder Engines: Hi all, Its been over seven years side I started my XF XR6-T conversion and Ive done almost nothing for the last five years as the car is over 900km away and in another island from me at the moment. 9,411 likes · 334 talking about this. If you need the conversion information for an ingredient that is not here, please don’t hesitate to ask — I continue to update this list regularly. A place to share any and all DOHC l6 Barra Turbo Putting a Barra or FG Turbo motor into a classic Ford is the No1 engine conversion in Australia in 2019. ( yoda598 ) hey all i was just thinking about doing an engine conversion on my XF but i can think of any engines that are a easy fit any help would be good thanx Tyler. RB26 weighs in at around 180kgs bare, the Barra engine around 175kgs bare. Turbo Barra Conversion VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, VN, VP, VR, VS Commodore, Drag Challenge Hey guys, Ive been looking into my Xd fairmont ghias fuel system, the engine as a fg dohc barra turbo, that will be flash tuned to run on e85. The intake and exhaust manifolds are standard BA turbo, but the stock BA snail soon evolved into a Gen 2 GTX35/82R. We offer a full lineup of GM Performance LS3, Hemi, and Cummins Turbo diesel engine conversion installations and do-it-yourself kits for the JL, JK, and TJ platform. For the past 50 years we’ve helped thousands of car owners across the world enhance their car’s performance with custom conversion kits and parts. Welcome to the RRS Barra /FG engine swap page, in October of 2015 RRS began building a Barra powered Ford LTD (84) now in final dyno testing before  17 Oct 2017 Barra conversion 7. U. I don't wish to go through the bonnet if possible, what engine mounts do I use, does the auto fit ok, gearbox support, wiring, pedal box, can I use the ESP instrument Kluster or do I have to change to ba bf Kluster, what radiator Take one stupidly solid and reliable platform used to power taxis for a million kilometres, bolt on a turbo and enjoy. It was a place where I fell in love with codfish. CAE Performance Products now manufacture a 6cyl EFI Engine Conversion kit for FALCON XR-XT-XW-XY. c4 box 3000 stall, standard diff with 31 spline axles, full spool. + Guaranteed 3-day delivery. 0-litre in-line six was a strong unit able to take large amounts of boost without becoming unreliable. We’ll update nosubhealth. Block height difference might be a bit, but even if it's 40mm, that' be pretty easy to overcome with engine mounts and/or a bulge in the bonnet. V8 Applications from EB - AU & Mustang Import Engines Tried-and-true ingredient conversions. I have access to Barra engines low km natural aspo. e36 running ford barra 04-06-2012, 05:35 pm. In stock form, the NA "Barra 182" is slow and lazy. In the conversion thread, new water pipes & heater bypass were mentioned? Do I need these or is the stock stuff on the N/A Sufficient? I'm assuming I'll have to do some driveline upgrades? I've got in mind a 3. I was extremely happy with Ford Barra conversion in 242 / 240 Nobody is arguing that an 8. We also have a 2010 FG XR6 n/a barra engine plus ecu, bcm, full wiring harness including ignition key. While other Barra swaps into late-model Commodores require plenty of bashing of the transmission tunnel, Jason found his  Find barra conversion ads in our Engine, Engine Parts & Transmission category. Engine Build Parts (4) Ford Engine Parts (6) Gasket Kits The first time I ever heard of a Ford Barra engine was exactly seven years ago when Speedhunters visited a drag shop in Sydney, Australia called GAS Motorsport. Our dinner was really delicious. arp 14mm conversion head stud set for ford 4. Tuff Mounts Transmission Mount. before people go on about how silly this is or impractical or why not just buy a ford or insurance is gonna kill you In no particular order, here is our top 10 engine conversion ideas for current production cars. Este tipo de barra antielectrostática, una versión más potente de la EP-Sh-N, es altamente eficiente y, gracias a su largo alcance, resulta ideal para neutralizar  23 Oct 2017 The first time I ever heard of a Ford Barra engine was exactly seven at seeing a Toyota 2JZ head next to the massive Barra twin cam head, . But Ford of Australia blew everyone away on July 1, 2002, when they unleashed the Barra 4. A lot of people recommend changing to a turbo but we disagree. One fish that stands out in a Barra’s diet is catfish. C. Collecting awesome Barra Turbo Conversions Bruiser Conversions is the industry leader in fully integrated engine conversions for the Jeep Wrangler platform. He competes in a very fast BMW 2002 running a turbocharged M50 inline-six connected to a TH400 three-speed automatic transmission. Engine Dress Up. 0-litre inline six-cylinder engine. Anthony has added ARP head studs, some billet oil pump gears and a second-hand set of Plazmaman valve springs. Barra Turbo Conversion Enthusiasts, Leeton, New South Wales. That way you could find out what is generally done, they could also advise you as to the suitability of the engine you wish to use. I reckon a 4Lt in a 32 would be a f**king weapon. Brackets suit RB series shells which came out with an RB25. It’s a tight fit but it’s in there. g. Conversions, Looms And Flash Tunes has 13,737 members. hey, thanks for that, i plan to get rid of the ef ecu entirely. 0L Barra Conversion into EA-EL Falcon (This Listing is Under Construction and Prices may Vary) Definately not easier using the ba cluster. The engine features a stock bottom end, Crow valve springs, Falcon FG camshafts, and Garrett GTX35R turbocharger. Silicon Hose. IF YOU want easy power at a bar­gain price, it’s hard to ig­nore Ford’s twin-cam turbo Barra six. Let's take a closer look at the conversion formula so that you can do these conversions yourself with a calculator or with an old-fashioned pencil and paper. 5in sports exhaust system, everything you need to convert a car to a barra turbo. Nissan Patrol 5 Speed Automatic Transmission Conversion for Ute's or Wagons using a Tip-Tronic T-Bar and Standalone Transmission Controller. The higher-performance V8s in the Falcon range (XR8 / FPV GT) were known as the Boss 260/290/302/315 and differ from the Barra V8 engine as they are DOHC with four valves per cylinder. R31, R32, A31, C33, Barra Converion Engine Brackets Listing is for a pair of Skyline Barra conversion engine brackets. Consists of. Brackets are laser cut and folded from 5mm 250 grade plate and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. I am hoping to start the build in next 3 4 weeks and am accumulating bit by bit. R33, R34 Barra Converion Engine Brackets. hey guys i have started working with some mates doing Barra swaps Can sell kits . Suitable for VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, NV, VP, VR, VS Commodores TUFF MOUNTS, 6Cylinder, Turbo Barra. Definitely felt any extra 1 barra de mantequilla = 1/4 lb. I want to transfer all the turbo accessories over to another engine. You also have the benefit of 500cc less engine capacity over the 1FZ which would hopefully translate into better fuel economy and the Barra is significantly lighter than the 3F (i don't know about the 1FZ-FE). Marks 4WD are Australia's leaders in the research, development and manufacturing of 4WD engine conversion, transmission conversion, low range gears, rock crawling gears and portal axles to suit Nissan Patrol & Toyota LandCruiser 4WD's I’ve been using E. Conversion Sway Bar 27mm with Bushes. Barra (/ ˈ b ær ə /; Scottish Gaelic: Barraigh or Eilean Bharraigh [ˈelan ˈvarˠaj] ()) is an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, and the second southernmost inhabited island there, after the adjacent island of Vatersay to which it is connected by a short causeway. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U. . I really like the R34 GTR Look. 0l barra inc turbo falcon fpv see more like this. dollars and are approximate conversions to U. or metric) and quite exotic like ancient Greek and Roman. Interesting thing is that with the FJ80 early 5 speed you're sitting just under peak torque of the Barra while in 5th. I've had both territory and falcon sedan with the Barra, and brother had turbo XR6. 0-liter straight-six motor with its cast iron block The Barra V8 line is the V8 5. Kits to suit Ford 5Ltr. manley rods, sps pistons, billet surecam, gt4202r 1. 0 L Ford Barra inline-six built by a Race-EFI and tuned by Casey Automotive in Australia. NET, Java apps via the REST API. With seamless integrations, travel and delivery action cards, and our Focused Inbox that automatically sorts what’s importan Barra Turbo Conversion Enthusiasts, Leeton, New South Wales. The size of the prey is largely determined by the size of the Barra. When I develop and test recipes I make copious notes on ingredients and their volume-to-weight equivalents, and I thought it might be useful to others. We use factory Ford parts for most of the conversion to guarantee the best quality and fitment. Ford, 2005 model, BA XR6 Turbo Motor & Auto Gearbox, Complete engine & auto gearbox conversion includes:- Complete motor & gearbox with all engine accessories, engine wiring harness, ecu, factory intercooler with all piping, tailshaft & a twin 2. RRS has finished the LTD build, completed engineering and the car is used as a daily driver on full registration. Is there any disadvantages of this and who are the best people to talk to about pricing and so in within the SOuth Brisbane/Gold Coast Area. 0-litre in-line six was a strong  Conversions. com you when we fire this one up. We have had great results with various levels of modification so much so we have developed various packages from mild to wild. I must admit nothing beats the sound of a V8, but the v8 conversion in cortinas has pretty much been done to death. Brackets have been made to be able to reuse standard RB25 type engine mounts or aftermarket mounts. I. 8 is not better suited to a Turbo Barra over a 240 diff. Ancillaries would be similar weight. I would think a good place to start would be the conversion / adaptor places to see what kits are available and what motors they suit. You can buy a standalone harness off a guy on ebay on an exchange basis. Convert HTML to PDF online in the browser or in your PHP, Python, Ruby, . Im looking at doing a similar conversion shortly :-) barra conversion details - Ford Modifications Website. 9 and 4. Iv recently acquired a Ba Turbo engine that has a bent Conrod. = 1/2 taza; Gracias Tia Clara!!! fueron de mucha ayuda! googlie la conversion de la mantequilla y me dirigio hasta aqui!! Unit conversion Pressure kPa - bar. 73 LSD & XR6T Driveshafts (solid steel) as well as a tranny cooler. Power figures: 240-370kW, 450-650Nm (but capable of oh so much more) Barra into Nissan Patrol… done that . Do a quick conversion: 1 vara [Texas] = 2. The first evening and morning we spent in Praia da Barra. This 1974 Ford Cortina is powered by a 4. TUFF MOUNTS ENGINE CONVERSION KITS, COMPLETE OR COMPONENTS LS1, LS2, LS3, LA, Ford Barra & Turbo, Big Block, LS1 Conversions  28 Jul 2017 Turners fell in love with Ford Australia's turbo Barra engine when it was introduced in the 2002 BA Falcon. 35,510 likes · 5,266 talking about this. Hi, This is my first post so go easy on me if I ask a stupid question or one that has been ask before! We have a 87 XF EFI with T5 that is used as a track car. Duramax, Cummins or Barra conversions for Nissan and Toyota. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 01325 Commodore Barra Conversion Kit. help. A larger Barramundi’s diet consists of 60% fish and 40% crustaceans (mainly prawns), smaller Barra eat mostly prawns. There is a good point though. Compared to the Intech E-Gas, the Barra E-Gas engine introduced a new LPG converter and mixer. "BARRA" engines are unique to Ford vehicles manufactured in Australia and were developed and ( SIRSP ) Hi Guys, I am thinking about doing a Holden 5L engine conversion into my GQ Patrol. I'm also assuming that any genuine garret GT35/40 will suit this build? Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. ADE­LAIDE’S MUS­CLE GARAGE AIMS TO BUILD A 10-SEC­OND BARRA-POW­ERED COMMODORE UTE FOR $10K Street Machine - 2017-08-24 - Contents - STORY IAIN KELLY PHO­TOS BRENTYN WAKE­FIELD. Many of these parts feature CJ's install videos, where Bill Tumas shows you exactly how to install the part on FORD . Our conversion includes all the best parts for the fuel, turbo and intercooling system for great power and reliability. Ford Falcon ‘Barra’ 270kW inline six or LPI 4. Holden Commodore Ford Engine Barra Conversion Kit. Engine mounts have to have the pin ground off and Aussiespeed offer an extensive range of intake manifolds for the Fords 6 cylinder engine from the 250 2V, crossflow alloy head, SOHC 3. Engine Build Parts (4) Ford Engine Parts (6) Gasket Kits For the past 50 years we’ve helped thousands of car owners across the world enhance their car’s performance with custom conversion kits and parts. Jason Waye, the man behind Muscle Garage and Tuff Mounts, certainly sees the appeal. 0 sc motor in a XA/XB. Being productive is all about using the right tools. barra conversion | Find new and used Cars, Vans & Utes for Sale in Australia. Engine Conversions Australia are proud of the work they do and their top level of workmanship ensures they get the job done right the first time. This kit includes conversion cross members and optional Headers, EFI Loom, Strut bar and more see below. With our stage 2 package, it will bring your NA Barra up to similar power output to that of a stock XR6 turbo. Re: TOY EL barra conversion build by 70yel » February 18th, 2013, 10:21 am Hi all, i have been slack as but here is a bit of an update, I have finally dropped the new built motor back into engine bay after getting my manifold and turbine housing ceramic coated. We now offer LS. ford barra 6cyl into xa - xb - xc - xd - xe - xf falcon heavy duty engine mounts em167hp OUR NEW HP TYPE HEAVY DUTY MOUNTS!! REPLACE YOUR OLD MOUNTS OR CONVERT TO SOMETHING WITH SOME REAL GRUNT. Everything Barra. If you’re working on something special let us know how we can help with your project. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter Falcon Engine Conversion Good morning I want to fit a 250 cross flow Falcon engine to my 1981 109 hardtop. Im looking at doing a similar conversion shortly :-) Just finished my 66 Mustang Barra conversion thought id share some pics All engeneered and registered FG turbo engine Tbre cams, arp head studs, race valve springs, billet oil pump gears This 1974 Ford Cortina is powered by a 4. Engine bay is tall enough to allow bonnet to shut ober motor. Speed Flow Fittings. VIS Racing produces a front kit. Build­ing a XR6 turbo-pow­ered VS ute for un­der $10K. Kamel Barra of Université Larbi Ben Mhidi, Oum el Bouaghi | Read 24 publications, and contact Kamel Barra on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Why: Ever since the How to create custom conversion table? 1) Enter a valid Start value into text box below, default is "1", 2) Select an increment value from the list below, default is 1, 3) Select an accuracy (significant digits) value from the list below, default is 5, 4) Most cases the result will appear immediately, 5) Click on the "Create Table" button. Ford XR to XF and All Fairlanes V8 EFI Conversion Ford XR to XY Barra 6cyl and Windsor V8 Engine EFI Conversion Ford Transit V6 conversion E. K. 9458 likes · 378 talking about this. FORD FALCON XR-XT-XW-XY Conversion Kit to suit Ford BA-BF-FG 6cyl Barra and Turbo Engines. Re: Has anyone successfully done a barra xr6 turbo conversion in an xb falcon Sorry to hijack your thread XC turbo but I've wondered for a while if anyone has attempted putting a Miami 5. If you wish to have a conversion done outside of this range such as: TUFF MOUNTS, Performance Engine Mount to Suit Ford Barra to Holden VB-VS Commodores. Conversions, Looms And Flash Tunes has 13809 members. The 4. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Xe barra conversion - posted in Garage General: Im putting a f6 typhoon motor with zf 6 speed auto in my xe. Here you'll find instant conversions for thousands of various units and measurements, both common (e. "Bar(a)" and "bara" are sometimes used to indicate absolute pressures and "bar(g)" and "barg" for gauge   El Potente Sistema de Neutralización de Estática IQ es inigualable con tecnología que trae un completo inteligente monitoreo usando una interfase amigable. Electronics though make the whole conversion a big downer from my experience. We are developing a custom ford ranger LS option that will be available at the end of 2019. 7 bt6 cummins engine conversion on a gu patrol before, I live on the sunshine coast  12 Jun 2018 0L Barra Conversion into EA-EL Falcon (This Listing is Under Construction and Prices may Vary) The Barra V8 line is the V8 5. Marks 4WD are Australia's leaders in the research, development and manufacturing of 4WD engine conversion, transmission conversion, low range gears, rock crawling gears and portal axles to suit Nissan Patrol & Toyota LandCruiser 4WD's This particular Barra came courtesy of an aspirated Territory. As times change we have tightened out engine conversion projects. 4 L upgrade for the all Falcon models excluding the XR (XT, Futura, Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, Fairlane Ghia, LTD). 42,908 likes · 3,334 talking about this. Japan was long seen as the home of high-performance turbo six-cylinder engines, while companies like BMW made building in-line sixes an art form. Save barra turbo conversion to get email alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 0L into Ranger ute. Wiring Kits - Ford V8 Applications to suit EECIV - EECV Computers (EA, EB, ED, EF, EL, AU Series I & II) E. Does anyone have actual pictures of their front kit? Also do you know where to get the rear conversion, or does it have to be custom made? Check out this unique conversion! A Ford Barra 4L engine in an RX-8. I have been thru many circles of so many sites and just wanted to ask a few questions if I feel stuck in any ways. This particular  Items 1 - 30 of 95 F100 barra conversion kit. “The interest in the Barra-into-Commodore swap has been huge,” Jason says. After wanting a bit more power I decided to attempt a barra swap into my xf ute. Replacing the Barra E-Gas, the Barra EcoLPi engine was introduced in the Ford FG Falcon in 2011 and continued to be offered for the FG X Falcon from 2014. A to service my families vehicle for the past 3 years. Items 1 - 30 of 95 Ford Falcon ED complete with late model Barra DOHC 4. As seen in our own Barra converted VS Commodore ute. Can Anyone give me instructions on how to achieve this. i can rewire the I have an Xe Falcon sedan & want to do the Barra Turbo conversion. Send in your photos or vids of your Barras and let the world see how good these motors are. The formula to convert from bar to atm is: atm = bar ÷ 1. Your argument was the cost of dropping an The 2j is abit shorter than the barra, but I think that is mainly due to the bores. Don't just compare our kit prices by the bottom line! Pdfcrowd is a Web/HTML to PDF online service. He set out to build a Barra-powered VS ute for $10,000 that would run 10s at Street Machine Drag Challenge, and found the engine swap comically easy. i think i should be able to use a ratio box for the speedo and tacho, while talking to a gauge bloke he said thats the best way so thats sortof sorted for now, just want to utilise the ba ecu to operate the ac, but i doubt i can because it needs a can signal. af Afrikaans Afrikaans ar Arabic Do a quick conversion: 1 vara [Texas] = 2. This will vary according to where the fish is living. Tuff Mount Engine Mounts. White Sandy beaches and beautiful scenery mixed with a rich history and a strong community spirit are only some of the reasons that Barra and Vatersay won The Best Island Community, Best Scottish Community and Added to this there are a lot of Barra conversion kits available to put them into other cars, and although you can’t find Ford Barra crate engines as easily as some V8s, they are incredibly Non-Rotary Swaps - Engine Swap Forum. We forgot our iPad on the table in the restaurant and when we came back after an hour all of the local people having dinner in that restaurant were already waiting for us wondering about how to find us if we would not come back. Although the 2j is square and the barra is undersquare. My problem is I want to run a complete aftermarket fuel system fuel cell, surge tank, fuel pumps, hard line ect full in boot set up but there isnt a full Barra was the stronghold of the Clan MacNeil and last resting place of the author Compton Mackenzie, who wrote Whisky Galore - a romanticised story based on the facts of the 1941 shipwreck of the SS Politician and subsequent salvage of 240,000 bottles of whisky by the islanders of neighbouring Eriskay. RBs are iron block, so that's a moot point. It was not bad in the territory. 50377 psi. Our PerfectFit™ Conversion Kits come with all the parts neccesary to convert your Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, Imperial, Plymouth or other Mopar car, truck and street rod into a modern overdrive 5 or 6-speed or 4-speed automatic. He recently decided to go in a different direction and had a 4. Ford's 'Barra EcoLPi' was a dedicated LPG, 4. I have been researching a lot. While the LS conversion is one of the most common and straightforward to perform, for Blue Oval fans the Barra gives the LS a run for its money. 0L 6 cylinder engines and now the DOHC Ford AU onwards 6 cylinder to fit a squarebore Holley 4 barrel carb, LPG gas mixer or throttle body. I'm not sure which one to use. Check the chart for more details. 0×106 Ba · US customary units, 14. At the time I remember being blown away at seeing a Toyota 2JZ head next to the massive Barra twin cam head, which was a good 15cm longer, and thinking about how much potential the 4. Probably only 50mm in it really, once you've got belts on. Turners fell in love with Ford Australia's turbo Barra engine when it was introduced in the 2002 BA Falcon. A place to share any and all DOHC l6 Barra Turbo Everything Barra. 0 L Barra inline-six shipped from Australia. I don't want an inline Holden or a V6 Buick as for me it is BARRA THE WORLD. Easy DIY installation or get your Mechanic to fit. It was the first engine swap I have attempted and i learnt many things along the way. Hey! I'm looking at upgrading my daily EBII Fairmont Ghia with an FG Barra. Welcome The Isles of Barra and Vatersay are the most Southerly inhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides and the most Westerly in the U. barra conversion

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