lost in imagines. Billy x Male!Reader where the reader is one of the most feared kids in school before billy gets there and they slowly become friends due to the fact that they both have some messed up lives. the A blog dedicated to the Twilight Saga. Jasper has always been fond of her and made friends with her. com. Carlisle had to force your siblings and mother out the door to calm you down. He recognized the tell-tale signs and wasn’t surprised when you shifted. Please note: A fic may only be nominated in one monthly poll. Originally posted by denalis. In The Closet (Rosalie Hale x Colombian!Reader imagine for @eleanorscullen You loved Rosalie with everything you have, which isn’t a lot, but you do love her. Like reader is a descendant of Aphrodite, so she has the whole Pack Sleepover Embry x Reader Imagine * Third person POV* Emily and Sam had decided the pack needed some time to relax together and rebuild the pack bond/mentality that had been slightly damaged; the pairings: biker!bucky barnes x reader, professor!sebastian stan x reader [platonic], ceo!james stan x reader [platonic], polyamory [in next chapters] warnings: +18, SMUT, polyamory, langauage, angst (a little), drinking [further warnings will be added] a/n: shit hit the fan. In an unfortunate event she had to be changed. Charlie, shooting the breeze with Dr Cullen at the hospital after some police drama stuff that ended up with someone in the ER. I don't use gender pronouns in my 'X reader' stories unless I specifically say so. carlisle cullen carlisle imagines carlisle cullen imagines carlisle cullen x reader twilight imagines twilight series cullens more twilight imagines The poll to find TwiFanfictionRecs’ Top 10 fics completed in July will be posted on Monday 12th August 2019. Years 1-5. Request: hi can you do a oneshot for Twilight where the reader is best friends with Bella and is there  Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is a wolf and gets caught in a bear trap and her imprint The Dinosaur and the Vampire (Carlisle Cullen x Reader). Word Count: 766 I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a great day!! Of course you can! And this was your case. A/N: I never really wrote an imagine before, but I just wanted to try Hey I was wondering if you could make a jasper hale x reader and the reader being really ticklish on her sides. Warnings: N/A. 4K Request: “hey i am soft for jasper hale and i just rewatched all of the twilight movies so could u write something like for the training scene in eclipse and the reader is a vampire too…jasper is too hot in that movie” by @nfwmbabyhoney tehfabbooty said: Jealous Daryl x Reader please? 😊 Answer: Posted it💗 Pairing: Cullens & Son!Brother!Reader Summary: Being a vampire is hard, you don’t understand how your family does it. At least, that's what Edward had wanted. Emmett x Reader. By his nature, James was a curious person. 1. I’m Here - Jasper Hale x Reader Could you please write something where the reader is Jasper’s mate and she has to be turned into a vampire because of an accident or something. The only difference is that this book will take place during the Breaking Dawn era, and the last book was during Eclipse, so I don't think I need a formal description. The lights were amazing, but while they were flashing and they way they reflected off the white like skin of the Cullens/Hales made them seem unnatural in the light. Rosalie Hale. Pairing: Daryl Dixon x reader. But you were. Summery: Reader is Bella’s older sister, the unknown mate of Benjamin. Of course, that wouldn’t be the only hurdle you would have to face to hide your little An Unpredictable Foe: Benjamin x Reader Request: Benjamin loves to bother the reader with his powers, like she walks near a fountain and he soaked her in water, or he lets the wind messing up her hair Pet Names (Cullen x Inquisitor/Reader) Varric gets you wrapped up in a bet to embarrass the commander. I buried my head in his back, fighting the harsh wind. If you would like to read the first one go check out my page and you’ll find it. WORD COUNT: 4066 “You coming Y/N?” One of your brothers yells at you. Before I knew it we were already at the side of my house. Tell me why you all think! Hi can i request a Jasper x reader where the reader is a witch and she is feared but when they meet her she’s a sweetheart sorry if it’s too specific! Alice exists in this, she’s just not Jasper’s mate, they’re just really close siblings. This is the sequel to Monster. Warnings: mentions of fighting/violence. Originally posted by morganted · Originally posted by ofallingstar. And he wanted to talk with you even you don’t look like a model. She’s been with her mom pretty much her whole life, I’ve only seen her a few weeks a year, never really had to do any Mother! Harley x Daughter! Reader. A blog for imagines, memes, and fake texts based on the Twilight Saga. being able to start the piece with a fake text and then flow into the piece was a nice new technique to use, and i really enjoyed the research of it (i’d never heard of Protected- Cullen Family Imagine Request: Hi! Can you do a imagine where your Carlisle and esme’s 8 year old human daughter and all the Cullen’s are very overprotective of you:) I love your all your Protected- Cullen Family Imagine Request: Hi! Can you do a imagine where your Carlisle and esme’s 8 year old human daughter and all the Cullen’s are very overprotective of you:) I love your all your Eternity (Alice Cullen x Reader) - “Plot: “THIS IS GONNA GET RLLY DETAILED BE PREPARRD Can you do an imagine where the reader is Alice’s female human mate, and they’re at the mall or some shop with The very next day, early in the morning, I quickly go for a jog, then come back, shower, and get dressed for the day, making my way downstairs before any else is up still. "Hold on" He warned, before dashing off. It took you three days (almost a pack record) for Sam to calm you down enough for you to turn back to human. ” “Why would I stare?” You frown. She goes for help when a newborn attacks the Volturi in America. The Edward tumblr. Dedicated Duck (Emmett Cullen x Reader) “A/N: Don’t even ask what the fuck is this, because I don’t know, I just saw this post and thought it was hilarious and I wanted to write something, don’t judge Insane! Stalker! Demetri X Reader ~Yandere Headcanons~ Warning: Death!. They had come to check up on them for Aro while they were in the area. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8am and 4pm Ask: Open Submit: Open Requests: Open Jacob black x reader Imagine late night text series 1 of ?? wolf pack imagine wolf pack edward cullen alice cullen twilight cullens voltori jacob black x reader Tagged as alice cullen edward cullen Emmett Cullen edward cullen imagine emmett cullen imagine alice cullen imagine cullen family x male reader x male reader jasper hale jasper hale imagine Rosalie Hale rosalie hale imagine platonic. Deep, heaving breaths filled the room, a stark contrast to the yelling that had previously taken place. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping Could you do a Jasper Hale x reader where the I like writing fanfics, One-shot, and Imagine. Most of the time you arrived with the Cullens, who gave you some sense of security, but today it seemed like your mother was in a rush to dump you off today. Request: Can you do a jasperhale x reader oneshot where she is a wolf shapeshifter who lost her family from vamps. Request: @lost-in-the-stories: “Can I request a one shot where the reader is human somehow related to the Cullens and has found out they will die. I also don't describe the physical appearance in my 'X reader' stories, because I want you to put yourself in it. “Hi Carlisle,” you responded, shrinkingly slightly away from the stare of Jacob and Sam and you could tell they were extremely confused. He stared intently at you for a Oneshot where the reader is a young child that the Cullens adopt and when the Volturi come to visit the reader is obsessed with Alec never leaving his side and when it's time for the Volturi Alec some how takes her with him without the Cullens knowing and when the Cullens go Italy to get her back but she refuses to leave Alec. First, when [y/n] collapsed with that strange expression on her face, and, second, when I realized she’d just imprinted on me, as I had on her. Oh boy, were you ever distraught. Before we go in there, all I ask is that you do not stare at Emily. x men imagine x men imagines xmen imagine xmen imagines social media imagine social media imagines instagram imagine instagram imagines kurt wagner imagine kurt wagner imagines peter maximoff imagine peter maximoff imagines scott summers imagine scott summers imagines jean grey imagine jean grey imagines jubilation The Major - Jasper Hale x Reader. Selkie imagine/fake text. Dude. X Men x Reader Instagram . She's anything but shy, she's graceful, stylish and outgoing. Nominations will remain open until Sunday 11th August 2019. Imagine getting the Cullens to help when the Volturi are attacked. I think that’s enough wine for tonight 17. v from the story Edward Cullen's True Mate (Short Lemon Story) by JaspersWife2 (Samantha) with 16,933 reads. Nice to finally meet you (Paul Lahote X Reader) Nony asked I was more than happy to do this, cause anyone that knows me, knows that I have always been, and always will be, a wolf girl lol. Author’s Note: This is totally just a really short blurb that came up in my mind. 1 Max-Evergreen requested: “Jasper hale x reader were the reader is a vampire from the south and her and jasper are reminiscing about the war and stuff” Pairing: Demetri Volturi Dating a Hispanic Reader Would Include headcanon for @assbuttstyles777 Okay, since I don’t know too much about him, I’m just going to go with what is said on the official Wiki page and Demetri Volturi X Marcus’ Adopted Daughter! Reader. I was This is the sequel to Twilight x reader, genius name, I know. Language Can I request a fem reader x Alice where I am jacobs sister and visit him one day and he takes me to go see the cullens and I imprint on Alice. Oh god, it’s sticky 39. Parked outside a rather cozy looking home nestled just in front of the woods, Paul cuts the engine to his car and turns towards you. edwardcullen, coursing, love. Mobile Masterlist Twilight Fanfiction This is Me (Jasper Hale/OC) Genevieve O'Brien moves to Forks to start over fresh. The Protector. The first thing you do when you wake up is freak out. Alec Volturi X Reader It was Volterra’s annual summer solstice parade during the day, and at night, every resident of Volterra partied. Hey, one of the Cullens had to be there with you in all your classes. What I write • NSFW (I will legit write anything NSFW haha) All NSFW stuff will be tagged as so and content will be placed under the “read more” break. month later she goes with them to get trained by cullens but freaks out when they are vamps [pt 2] an they reassure her she’ll be Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel x F!Reader Instagram . Because… Even if Riley is the newborn vampire, he was so friendly with you. I may have some OF stories where I do, but not my 'X reader' stories. she travels a lot and passes through forks where she gets confront by sams pack she joins them. like imagine how he’d react to finding out his son is being bullied, or how he’d react to his son almost dying, or maybe his son running away because of life is too much. (Y/N) slowly slid out of bed, glancing at the sleeping Sweet Pea beside her. Jasper Hale x Reader: “Pillow Fight”. Two Bro’s That Fight Together *Billy Hargrove x Reader* Requested by Anon You want more gay billy requests. Your third oldest brother smiled as you made your way over to him and the rest of your siblings. I also do take requests so don't be afraid to ask me. “Sam and Emily are two of the most important people in my life. Requested by anonymous: jasper x reader and the reader is shy but confident and can be funny at the wrong time. The reader is Carlisle’s blood singer and Carlisle is the readers imprint and the pack is outraged. When she wakes up still blind, the cullens found it odd. Everybody is taken aback, but it explains to Alice why she could never see me and to get everybody use to the idea, I stay with the Cullens. tumblr. It was dark, and there was no one home. Many of the It was the possessive, jealous and manipulative male that has been so widely romanticized in all media. Demetri was obsessed. Stepping into the light mist that is coming down outside the airport, it clings to my skin, wetting my long black locks to my face, framing my blue eyes, I tug on my checkered flannel that completes my travel outfit, shifting my duffel further up my shoulder as I walk towards the parking lot, dreading the hour ride in the cruiser with my dad and Bella. Request: “Can I request one for Daryl?Maybe og Atlanta setting, reader always takes lookout on Dale’s RV as an excuse to check out Daryl and he catches her watching him and idk a confession happens were one tells the other they like them and fluff generally. Characters: Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale. Like the Cullens, she’s not quite human. Jun 10, 2019 Christopher McCrory Is the Edward Cullen of Wattpad According to McCrory, it all started with his Tumblr art account and an off-hand a YouTube channel featuring improvised videos of himself live-reading the books. “Why are you up so early?” Reading fluffy idol x reader scenarios and realizing that it will never happen to you is a mood. Request: “ Please, write something with Rosalie Hale x reader (female), it’s New Year’s Eve and Rosalie is sad/upset, so to cheer her up reader starts to sing silly songs and crazy dance, and maybe a kiss at the end or something? Death of the imprint (Paul Lahote x Reader) sugar-fandom-ass asked: Hey there! I love your work! Can u pls pls pls do a imagine with Paul Lahore (imprint) where he cheats on his imprint while the Paul X Reader. It happened when the guard had paid a visit to the Cullens soon after the James incident. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! Anonymous said:Please write a fluffy Rosalie Hale x female reader imagine?Rosalie is the reader’s Morning - dean x male reader . waywardpostsandwich liked this panlight:. Summary: The Bella who arrives to live with Charlie is nothing like people expected. And I decided to take this story a little He led me into the house, which looked more like a club. Warning: none. Euphoria . Could you do a Jasper Hale one shot? Reader is is blind and has been all her life. “Out here,” you called from the kitchen. Reader is mute and Demetri’s mate. How will the Cullens react to being last week's news? DISCLAIMER: Twilight and its characters belong to S. I will come in clutch. Now, 10 years later, the Twihards/Twilighters/Fanpires mainly on Tumblr are books' author] just could not accept the Cullens to be more diverse, Investigations · LGBTQ · Opinion · Politics · Reader · Science · Tech · World  Oct 22, 2018 tumblr is full of twilight memes lately and honestly i love it skjhsjksjk Whether you believe the entirety of the Cullen clan is indeed gay, or you  Tanya is the leader of the Denali coven, which consists of Kate, Garrett, Carmen, Eleazar, and her deceased sister, Irina. net, Wattpad, and FictionPad). Idea: A Jasper fic that includes the line “Ow, oka- OW,  #37 “First of all, ow” (Edward Cullen x Reader) “I hate you so much, Edward Cullen” I sighed crossing my arms in front of my chest narrowing my eyes at him,   Pairing: Edward Cullen x Reader, Edward Cullen x Bella Swan Request: imagine being Edward's mate and together, but after he finds out Bella is his blood  Carlisle Cullen x pregant!Reader Scenario: Carlisle panics are first, calms down, thinks everything through, panics again, then finally thinks through a doctor  Carlisle Cullen x disaster!Reader Headcanons: Carlisle almosts feels the same sense of panic Edward feels; (Cue Edward monologue); Carlisle is extra  Apr 29, 2018 The Dinosaur and the Vampire (Carlisle Cullen x Reader) Request: hi can you do a oneshot for Twilight where the reader is best friends with  Broken Frames (Cullen Family Imagine). 2 Jacob My heart nearly exploded twice in thirty seconds. Battles: Jacob Black x Werewolf! Reader Ch. okay tbch, when i read the request for this one, i 100% thought a selkie was a sub-set of furries, so WOW was i relieved when i read the description online. Cullen Rutherford/Reader (33) Female Inquisitor/Cullen Twilight One-Shots (x Reader) Edward Cullen x Reader. She has secrets, but so does Jasper. You let out a small sigh, you turn to face the building anxiously. Can the Cullens and all the shape-shifters finally understand one another? And will the Cullens be able to handle Jacob and Renesmee's children from the future? R&R Submit: Open. So, they go to them asking if they will take care of My Imprint | Carlisle Cullen x Reader Request: Hi could you do a Carlisle x wolf!Reader. Nightmares (emmett x reader) emmettcullentrash: “Emmett grasped your hand a little too tightly. Imagine Requests: Closed. ::. I don’t own anyt Pairing: The Cullens x Reader. Twilight Poster Twilight Series Jackson Rathbone Don't Judge Me Jasper 4 Life Renaissance My Books Dating. “You know, Doc, as much as I am thrilled to have Bella come and live with me, it’s strange. Starry Eyes - Nikki Sixx x Reader. Request: Can I request an imagine where reader is Renesme's human twin and since she isn't gifted Nes tries to get   Cullen Bunn is an American comics writer, novelist, and short story writer. From the very first moment he brought your swaddled up self into the throne room to introduce you to the rest of the court and guards, Marcus knew you were no longer his daughter. Jun 8, 2013 It was just a normal day like any other when I wasn't with the Cullens. o. 'Stupid mind reader' I though, following him. ” “Can u do a Steve Harrington Or Billy Hargrove smut where the reader has been teasing one of the boys all day because they did something to make her mad the Request: “a son!reader Cullens fic where the reader is a human and got bit by a rogue vampire and they have to witness the reader going through the whole painful process of becoming a vampire! thanks and keep up the good work!” Originally posted by stupidlamb-s “Do you have plans in turning into a vampire?” The Dinosaur and the Vampire (Carlisle Cullen x Reader). Request: Anon: “where the cullens (mainly Jasper and Alice) took in a turned a girl (who is the reader) who was close to death and she eventually falls for a human and doesn’t tell them and runs away. Y/N’s eyes were wide, red and filled to the brim with unshed tears. Her looks could stop traffic. Characters: Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale. You didn’t want to talk to him but… Riley was so nice to you. Request: Can you write a Rosalie Hale oneshot where the Reader is her mate and boys at school are getting too friendly for Rose’s liking, so Rosalie confronts them in private? Btw I love your blog! Request: Can I request a one shot of Rosalie and reader. Thanks for your time love your stuff!” “Can you do a part 2 of tell me things with Steve Harrington and billy Hargrove , And how they both fight for the female reader attention. Fandom: Twilight Saga. Oct 22, 2018 Back in 2008, the first Twilight film was released and fueled a cultural zeitgeist. Summary: one morning you fall extremely ill and rely on dean to get you better, dean makes you soup and watches movies with you, he even makes you feel loved when your down about how you feel, deans loves looking after his little one, but when asked for his help on a mission he stays and looks after you, knowing how vulnerable you get by yourself IMAGINE: You are the adopted child of the Cullens and you learn the hard way you are Paul Lahote’s imprint. Like the Cullen family, Tanya and her . You winced and pulled back, pain clearly expressed all over your face. Request: “not to be that person but please can you write some more angsty Remus x son!reader fics because I love that man so much and your writing is just. Characters: Reader, Cullens, Wolves. I tightened my legs around his waist, and my arms clung to him. Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader Word Count: 2. I need some hurting put not that much” A/n: you didn’t say human or vampire reader so I am making the Request: “a son!reader Cullens fic where the reader is a human and got bit by a rogue vampire and they have to witness the reader going through the whole painful process of becoming a vampire! thanks and keep up the good work!” Originally posted by stupidlamb-s “Do you have plans in turning into a vampire?” Since Tumblr is getting rid of NSFW content, I thought it would be a good idea for me to move my work here. It follows Y/n Uley Cullen through her interesting life. The Volturi, in trying to improve relations with other covens, Read Ed's p. on a completely unproductive Netflix binge or Tumblr stalking Timothée Chalomet, I'm Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. jasper hale imagine | Tumblr See more. pairing: embry call x reader. And you thought Riley talks with you just to get near to Cullens. Since she’s dating jasper, she hasn’t met the major yet, so when she does she teases him, but good natured, yet everyone is worried that the major will overreact. Jane Imagine #1 anonymous asked: 2, 3 & 12 for Jane volturi please! If you don’t do her then jasper/Rosalie please, thank you x 2. She quickly changed, grabbing a bag she had hidden and checking pairing: embry call x reader. a/n: finally did another one and its all thanks to a good friend helping me with this story and yes you know who you are. Jasper Hale x Friend!Reader. Otherwise, the rest is my musings on an AU. Read to see how her and Jasper’s relationship will handle this new challenge. It makes Sam uncomfortable. it’s 3 in the morning. audible chatters of the Cullens in the living room uh oh, i’ve been caught | paul lahote x reader. "History" Jasper hale x reader no. Word Count: 2,041 A/n: Part one can be found here. (I love Alice too much to remove her) Wine (Jasper Hale X Reader) *Gif credit goes to halemasen* 1. Enjoy :) This quiz will tell you what Jacob and Edward, from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, think you smell like! =) BRING IT! Take this quiz! Me: All right! Edward, you first, 'cause I like you better than Jacob! . Request: can you write an emmett x reader where the reader and emmett were friends back in his time and reader ended up getting turned not long after him but neither of them knew about it until the reader moves to forks and they see each other and have a fluffy reunion? tysm! Sam x reader “Y/N? Y/N?” you heard Sam call from the bedroom. The very first thing she could actually remember from the phone call that she had received from her younger sister; it had not been a pleased one. I don't write smut. Meyer. Her heart faltered when she looked up and saw the shellshocked look on Embry’s face, the absolute devastation that her words had caused. Rolling your eyes, you say goodbye to your friends and turn around. this one was really fun to write, though. Of course you can! We really love when people write drabbles for our imagines! We only accept links for submissions, so if you’ve written a drabble, please either post it on your own tumblr or on an external website that we can post a link to (Suggestions for external sites include AO3, Fanfiction. I was relaxing in the kitchen with Emily waiting for the rest of the pack . Sep 22, 2017 Sure, it's a sci-fi vampire romance and it shouldn't be taken all that seriously, but still, the It's explained that the Cullens moved to Forks, Washington because it's rainy and . FxF, sadness, consolation, fluff, light smut. He chucked, pulling me onto his back. Summary: Reader is a nymph protecting the woods in Forks, and stumbles upon the Cullens and the wolves after the fight in Eclipse. Toast popped out of the toaster and you took it out and dropped it on a plate. If you would like to nominate a fic for the poll, click here. I’ll be writing for the Cullens (and the Hales obviously), An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Paul Lahote x Black!Reader Warnings: Angst??? It’s my first x reader and most likely sucks?? Enjoy the suckery of it all Send in some requests too so i can write more Your mom gave you a short wave before driving away, leaving you standing in front of Forks high school. Pairing: The Cullens x Reader. A Trip To the Dentist [Rosalie Hale x Fem!Reader] Not my gif. Send us your imagines! 3 imagines & 3 drabbles a week. #twilight x reader #rosalie hale x reader #rosalie x reader #rosalie hale #twilight #edward cullen #bella swan #jessica stanley #emmett cullen #jacob black #alice cullen #jasper hale #jasper whitlock hale #female reader #reader insert #twilight fanfiction #lesbian #bisexual #wlw #gay #lgbt pride #lgbt #wlw reader Jacob x Reader part 5Author's Note: ~~In case you read the other parts before, I have changed all "Paul"s into "Sam"s because I realized I made a mistake in having a friend proofread them. Emmett x shifter reader. It made it easier that your grandfather had been a shifter, and you had grown up with him. Jul 2, 2017 Whilst reading I noticed a common character trope appearing in these books. Request: “Cullen family x mreader where the reader does everything that his siblings ask him to do put whenever he asks for anything the family ignores him and it ends with a happy ending. hi, another twilight fanfiction blog here!so I’ve decided to come out of my cave and decide to start my very own twilight fanfiction blog. Benjamin x Reader. Fake Text Requests: Closed. They, as you came to know them, Demetri and Felix took you into the If you haven't read Monster (Twilight X Reader), I suggest reading that first, then coming back here. I want it to be easy to place yourself in the story. It was quite suspicious. Originally posted by rapebysatan. Imagine:Leaving Riverdale and your boyfriend, Sweet Pea. Happy Pride Month Guys ️‍ ️‍ carol danvers x reader carol danvers imagine carol danvers imagines captain marvel imagine captain marvel imagines social media imagine social media imagines The Cullen family, their witnesses, the shape-shifters, and their imprintees, are going to be reading the Twilight Saga. Admins Messages Drabbles Drabble Requests FAQ Ships Headcannons Answered Scenarios Imagines Fanart Moodboards Character Ships Fake Texts Submissions NSFW nice Messages Q&A's Ziggy's Memes Male Reader ☰ You had showered and dressed into new clean clothes, you were sure you had erased any scent of it off you. Edward Cullen x Reader You were found in the streets of Volterra draining the life of a male that you passed earlier that day. Word Count: 1,144. It wasent long until my friends realized I was there with Jasper, making them stare at me in awe. Just as you began to butter it, two warm arms wrapped around you and a warm chin sat heavily on your shoulder. 5M ratings He was apart of the infamous Cullens, literally the Rosalie x Reader. He grew up in rural and The Sixth Gun for Oni Press and Harrow County for Dark Horse Comics, as well as his middle reader horror Bunn announced on his Tumblr account that Sinestro would end after issue 23, and that he would not be writing  Oct 30, 2013 Let's face it: He could use some time in the sun, and maybe a vitamin or Summit Entertainment / Via fuckyeahtwilightgifs. Scott's Little Sister (Pack x Reader) Imagine: You’re Scott’s 4 year old sister and you have to come with him to the pack meeting. Immortal Guardians Part 1WARNING: THIS IS REALLY SAD IN THE BEGINNING, I LITERALLY CRIED WHILE WRITING IT, IF YOU CANT HANDLE PARENT DEATH THEN DO NOT READ! [[MORE]]AN:I imagine the reader to be 6 - I do not write character x character - this blog is purely for character x reader style stuff because I don’t think there’s enough out there tbh haha. yes. summary: y/n gets caught coming back from hanging with the Cullens ~~~~~ You were coming back to your and Paul’s house pretty late because you were with the Cullens. cullens x reader tumblr

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