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Fidelity Cash Management Account Free Visa Debit Card and ATM Access Unlike regular banks, Fidelity does not have physical branches. Access your money at any SUM & ATM without a surcharge! Use the list of participating financial institutions on this page to see if your financial institution is a SUM member. Disclosures will be  3 Jul 2014 Fidelity Gold Check Card My Fidelity check card reimburses all ATM fees and charges no foreign transaction fee on ATM withdrawals overseas. TD Ameritrade ACAT Withdrawal. 97 in Fidelity does not have 401(k) withdrawal rules - the IRS has withdrawal rules that Fidelity enforces. A 2011 hacker break-in at banking industry behemoth Fidelity National or eliminate the withdrawal limits for the prepaid accounts they controlled. 00085 over the actual exchange rate, which is almost nothing. That adds up. Correct on both counts. This is set by me and can be changed at any time. Ask your home bank what your daily limit is and withdraw the maximum amount. – ATM withdrawals: 10 times daily with a cumulative transaction limit of N150,000 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad. 2584. Of course, this doesnt stop me withdrawing $500 and still racking up purchase charges on the card. Daily Limit Exceeded. Fidelity Cash Management Debit Card/ATM Forex. Before 31st Oct 2018, you could withdraw up to ₹40,000. Sevenbank does not add fees, but has a 10,000 yen minimum withdrawal using a foreign ATM card. ATM withdrawal activity has steadily decreased, due to the higher ATM fees coupled with the proliferation of electronic ATM fees have hit a record high for the 10th year in a row, according to Bankrate’s annual survey. Online access to review your debit card transactions thru Fidelity Federal's Online Banking Lost or Stolen Cards Please call Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan at 740-363-1284 immediately or 1-800-554-8969 after 5pm Monday – Friday, Weekends and Holidays. Do not have adequate funds available in your account 3. For the benefit of anyone else who has an interest, I did call Fidelity when their "A" Team was in the office, and had my card activated for this purpose. It’s usually $500 or so. Let’s take a quick glance at the card below: Automatic Withdrawal Plan Terms and Instructions for Non-retirement Accounts . Money Orders $1. You will be charged a $10 fee for each transaction that exceeds this limit. There is also a daily $500 maximum on ATM cash withdrawals. Copy and paste the url below to share the link. There was never a fee charged for using an ATM outside you bank’s network. The only ATM that I know of in Malaysia that charges a withdrawal fee is HSBC. ANZ ATMs offer a much larger withdrawal amount, while other banks limit their withdrawal amount to 2 million VND. 26. With Fidelity Bank’s Personal Overdraft Privilege you can avoid the embarrassment of transactions denied for insufficient funds and the high charges from merchants for returned checks. Each transfer or payment from your Money Market Account is counted as one of the six limited transfers. However, for the protection of our cardholders, there may be limits to the number of reloads and ATM withdrawals performed within a certain time period. You could access any bank’s ATM or a private ATM machine for free. Enter an address, zip code, or city and state to begin your search. You can send the fax to our Fulfillment Team at 856-533-1138, and please include the following information: • Subject: Limit Increase • Account Number • Debit/ATM Card Number • Your Name • Contact Telephone Number • Amount of increase or decrease • Indicate - Visa, POS, ATM • Your Signature Another option for you would be to send us a secure message via your Online Banking. Now withdraw cash at an ATM without using your card. Cash withdrawals count towards the overall limit. fidelity will not let me do hardship withdrawal from 401k? any way around this? - Answered by a verified Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. No-fee checkwriting: Receive free unlimited checkwriting with free standard checks. Fidelity has a $500 daily withdrawal limit, and Schwab has $1,000 (but can be increased,  Frequently Asked Questions: A CBN's initiative to reduce the amount of ATM or POS displays “Invalid PIN”. Please call 866-466-8084 to learn more. Limit: Limits vary based on your account. Though, they limit daily deposits to $2,500 and $2,000, respectively, as of publication. There is a $3,000 daily maximum for overall use of the card. To determine if your card works for purchases Please refer to a Fidelity Representative or our website for further information on fees and products. You can expect to pay fees that range from $2 to $5, plus an additional 2% to 3% of the total withdrawal amount. However, I have no complaint, it's reasonable. There’s also a limit on how much cash back you can get with each purchase at a store. Daily Withdrawal Limit - maximum amount of all cash withdrawals and purchases allowed within a 24-hour period. Balance inquires may be made at any Fidelity Bank ATM. 1-800-554-8969 More tools for tracking your account your way. Fidelity Cash Management account can also be used in conjunction with the new 2% Fidelity Visa card. You will be denied use of your Fidelity Visa® Check Card if you: 1. The new Generate additional revenue with an ATM machine from Fidelity Payment Services You can find an ATM machine in many retail stores, clubs, restaurants, and business offices. Because the Wells Fargo ATM charged $3 fee, withdrawing $500 plus the $3 fee would throw me over the $500 limit. You can also use your First Fidelity Bank Debit Card at any Automated Teller Machine displaying the Mastercard® logo to make cash withdrawals from checking, transfer funds between savings and checking, or make balance inquiries on either account. With thousands of ATMs across the country, finding a SUM ATM is easy. The main difference is: Fidelity Check Card has a 1% Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF) when you purchase stuff, while Charles Schwab Debit Card doesn’t; You can apply for the Fidelity Check Card without a Hard Pull, while you will get one applying for Charles Schwab Debit Card; Fidelity daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500, while Charles Schwab limit is $1000. Are there transaction limits with my card for purchases and ATM transactions? Yes, please   Make purchases or get cash just about anywhere with a Fidelity Visa Gold Check The EMV chip card technology in your Fidelity ATM/debit card securely stores that is not waived, which will be included in the amount charged to your account. 05/11/2018 the amount of bill payment transactions of no more than $99,999. This fabulous policy applies to all ATM’s in the United States. You may withdraw a maximum of $1000 or your account balance (whichever is less) from a terminal, per day, per card. So, while a $4 ATM fee on a $100 ATM withdrawal is 4%, a 1% foreign transaction fee on a $400 ATM withdrawal gets you to the same number. Many ATMs also limit how much you can withdraw in a single transaction. Get your ATM and debit card with Fidelity Bank & Trust. In addition, your Fidelity Cash Management Account will automatically be reimbursed for all ATM fees charged by other institutions while using a Fidelity Visa ® Gold Check Card linked to your Fidelity Cash Management Account at any ATM displaying the Visa ® , Plus®, or Star ® logos. 50 Please refer to our Schedule of Fees for complete details of all Service Fees. Fidelity avoids the HP, which may be beneficial. Enjoy near real-time alerts, more information and more peace of mind with Card Alerts from CTBC Bank powered by Visa. Withdrawals in person or at an ATM are unlimited. ATM. com and the Fidelity. When you have determined your card to be truly lost or stolen, contact Fidelity Bank customer care center at 1-855-547-1385 and select option 5 for credit card and option 6 for debit card. As of 2011, a person age 49 and below can legally contribute up to $16,500 a year. A great feature of the Fidelity Cash Management Account is that ATM fees charged by ATM owners are reimbursed. Trade Away $25 Fee applies to trade executions in, or allocated to, client accounts. Read it carefully. They told me I had a $1k per day withdrawal limit, and that there could be a total of 8 transactions per day. -You may withdraw no more than $200 per day But you can avoid costly bank ATM fees with a little strategy. The Fidelity Cash Management debit card already has a $500/day ATM withdrawal limit. Money market accounts can be used as either savings or interest-bearing checking accounts; often—but not always--they have greater yields than regular Lost or stolen ATM/Debit Cards after hours. I Limit Cash Withdrawals, Preferring to Use Credit Cards While Traveling Abroad The Charles Schwab High Yield Investor Checking Account has the best debit card for use outside the US. ATM Withdrawal with Health Savings Account Card: $2. Learn: The Best 401k Companies. 2 Deposits subject to Fidelity Bank's Funds Availability Policy. Re: Int'l travel & Fidelity card experiences? Post by Spirit Rider » Fri May 30, 2014 4:28 pm normaldude wrote: That's truly bizarre, since both flyerguide. A huge advantage to the Fidelity® Cash Management Account is your widespread access to thousands of ATMs worldwide. 2 Feb 2016 Yeah. Before investing, consider the funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Do not enter the correct PIN The receipt provided by the ATM will notify you of the denial. Where a customer has reached his cumulative withdrawal limit for the day, should subsequent withdrawal requests be rejected? Are there different types of limits? Cash Withdrawal Limit - maximum amount of cash you are allowed to withdraw from an ATM during a 24-hour period. You can still use your debit card at any merchant that is able to process a PIN based transaction. A 20,000 VND surcharge is usually added if you are withdrawing from a bank other than your own. 00 per hour* Letter of Credit (per year) $1% ATM/Debit Card (annual fee) $12. sum-atm. 97 in 2008, and 89 cents in 1989. Sponsored Rates. Step Outs $25 Fee applies to trade executions in, or allocated to, client accounts. On February 19, 2009, the United States filed a one-count Information against Bruce J. The main difference is that the Fidelity Check Card has a 1% Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF), while the Charles Schwab Debit Card doesn’t. Therefore, ATM maximum cash withdrawal limits reduce potential losses by theft. May 18, 2016 · Millersport, OH · What is the ATM Withdrawal Limit on a PNC Smart Access Card?? English (US) How Does The Fidelity Visa Gold Check Card Work? No matter where you are in the world, Fidelity will automatically reimburse you for all ATM fees. The American Express National Bank withdrawal limit can be up to $1,000 per transaction, depending on the account, which is the same as the withdrawal limits for Ally Bank, Charles Schwab and Comerica Bank, and for certain accounts at Citibank and TD Bank. For Fidelity self-employed or small business 401(k) accounts, the account holder can request a withdrawal check online through Fidelity's NetBenefits portal, or he can fill out a paper withdrawal request form and mail it in. The flat fee ranges from $2 to $5. As others had mentioned, this limit is set by the bank. In December 2008, RBS Worldpay disclosed that hackers had stolen $9 million in a coordinated ATM heist involving 44 counterfeit payroll debit cards that were used to withdraw funds from at least Fidelity provides business and residential services currently only within the states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. The new For instance, the cash withdrawal interest rate is 25. If you need more, then do two transactions at the same ATM or go to another. The Information alleged that Goldstein posed as a phony reference for Fidelity ATM, a company that sold ATM business opportunities out of Florida. This is not an endorsement of any product or provider. The per day ATM withdrawal limit for this card is lowest. 00* Levies $25. 1 FDIC eligible: Your uninvested cash is eligible for FDIC insurance up to $1,250,000. Check out all the different locations of ATMs of Fidelity Bank in the Cayman Islands, right here. They said in any single day I can withdraw maximum $500 from an ATM and do a cash advance against the Visa debit card in a  30 Jul 2015 And you get unlimited ATM withdrawals at ANY ATM in the US. bond, or options trades, all Fidelity ATM withdrawal fees will be waived and  16 Oct 2018 Fidelity Cash Management Account ATM/Debit Card (Fidelity Visa Gold for Charles Schwab Debit Card; Fidelity daily ATM withdrawal limit is  (A) Cash Withdrawals: You can use your ATM/Debit card and PIN at ATMs to withdrawal limitation exists on all ATM/Debit cards, including a limit of $200 f. Usage of Fidelity's online trading services constitutes agreement of the Electronic Services Customer Agreement and License Agreement. Similarly, Fidelity, Skye and Ecobank have their cash machines programmed not to exceed the same amount Use of any ATM: Fidelity Bank does not charge a non-Fidelity ATM usage fee. ATM Locator Avoid Other Bank’s ATM Fees Use SUM ® Network ATMs. The limit will be raised to Rs4,000 per day per card from 19 ATM Overdraft Fee $0 Transactions at an ATM that would result in an overdraft will be declined, at no cost to you. • First withdrawal in annual cycle free of charge • $10. Fidelity reimburses ATM fees as soon as the withdrawal posts (and on a business day); Schwab at the end of the month. However, Fidelity will charge a 1% currency conversion fee on ATM withdrawals from foreign ATMs. Home Resource Center Security Center Protect ATM and Check/Debit Cards Protect ATM and Check/Debit Cards Safekeeping Your ATM/Check Card and PIN. Hypothetical value of assets held in an untaxed account of $500,000 invested in a portfolio of 30% Canadian stocks, 10% Now withdraw cash at an ATM without using your card. Regular Withdrawal Plan Form Please read the below guide before filling out the form 2 Details of your Withdrawal Plan Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the country before now permitted only a withdrawal limit of N100,000 daily, but recently some banks have increased that amount to N150,000 daily. com to find ATMs near you or download the free SUM ATM locator app today! How Much Cash Can You Withdraw From Your Bank's ATM at Once? Many banks have limits on how much you can withdraw from an ATM in a single transaction and in a single day. We will have your card deactivated and send you a new card. Use it as an ATM card to withdraw, transfer funds and check account balances. 401k Contribution Limits and Withdrawal Limits. ALL 3 HAVE NO ATM FEE OR FX FEE WORLDWIDE: Aspiration Summit checking account ($500/day ATM withdrawal limit) Charles Schwab High Yield Checking Account ($1,000/day ATM withdrawal limit) Fidelity Cash Management Account ($500/day ATM withdrawal limit) outside of Fidelity Bank & Trust $25. The #3 phone number for Fidelity Investments ATM & Debit Cards with tips to quickly reach and to call a live Fidelity Investments support rep. Average Daily ATM Withdrawal Limits and Debit Purchase Limits Daily ATM withdrawal limits range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Other ATM network owners may also assess a usage fee. Terms, rates, and fees are competitive and subject to change. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the country before now permitted only a withdrawal limit of N100,000 daily, but recently some banks have increased that amount to N150,000 daily. Using your HSA as an ATM. Never approach an ATM if you have any doubts, fears, or if a suspicious person is nearby. . Fidelity services may not be available in all areas. Savings Overdraft Protection4 automatic transfer from a Webster savings account (per transfer) $6. (Graphic of calculator and a cursor clicking buttons) Now it’s time to put your HSA to work. Fidelity’s Cash Management Account is great for those that have larger balances, as there is a $1,250,000 insurance limit, but there is no minimum balance required. Instead, they offer a free Fidelity Visa Gold Check card for every account holder which allows free withdrawals from any ATM with a Visa, Plus, or Star logo. Im with ANZ and my daily overseas cash withdrawal limit from ATM is set at $500. Fidelity allows owners of 401k retirement accounts to withdraw funds from that account to deposit them into a different IRA account held by Fidelity. If you already sold your stock and have cash in your account:1 1. S. Cash Convenience Checks Call us to request convenience checks to pay off loans, other credit cards or deposit them into your checking or savings account. You may access your account(s) by ATM using your First Fidelity Bank debit card and personal identification number (PIN), to get cash withdraws from checking account(s). The money you have invested stays with Fidelity, but is held in a different retirement account. 22 Jan 2018 Both banks have no fees* and reimburse ATM fees. Keep it in a safe place. You can only have one frequency set up per account. Most ATM's will not charge any fee - though your bank at home might. Also, applying for the Fidelity Check Card does not result in a Hard Pull and the ATM withdrawal limit is $500, as opposed to $1000 for the Charles Schwab. It is also important though to plan your budget so you don't withdraw too much and have extra AUD you need to convert back at the end of trip. If you're going to to call an agent at 800-323-5353 be sure to read here for the best way to do it with alternatives and shortcuts. 1. Fortunately, ATM withdrawals are unlimited. Some ATM's have a limit of 1000 RM, but most will let you withdraw 1500 RM. Question: If I get cash back at a store, does that count toward my ATM withdrawal limit? The six-limit rule applies to transactions like overdraft and bill-pay transfers and debit card transactions, but not to "inconvenient" transfers done in person at your bank or at an ATM. This fee varies from 0 to $5. A penalty fee Purchase transactions are unlimited, up to the balance remaining on your card. Using the Fidelity Visa Debit Card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted wherever Visa is accepted for use it as an ATM card when you need cash. Withdrawing money from a Fidelity 401(k), before you reach retirement age, is not as simple as putting the money in your bank account or pocket. Explore. 00 daily purchase withdrawal limitation exists on all ATM/Debit cards, including a limit of $200 f or international e‐commerce transactions. Looking for free ATM withdrawals near you? We’ve got five suggestions for you! RELATED: New ATM warning — Watch out for pinhole cameras. Transferring just one position is free, so you could move cash or a cash equivalent, such as a money market mutual fund; and TD Ameritrade wouldn’t charge anything. Visit www. 2. There may be other limitations, including higher or lower maximum withdrawal amounts, stated in this Agreement or in other agreement(s) between you and Fidelity. From the phone, dial *770*8*1000# for a ₦1,000 cashless withdrawal from your phone, then follow the on-screen prompts. I believe I read a message flashing on some ATM screens that from Oct 1, 2015 onwards, all Bancnet ATMs will charge P200 for foreign cards. 00, provided you have money in your debit card account. 00 fee for each item Total card purchases and withdrawals are limited to $5,000 per day. Certificate Withdrawal Delivery $500†† Applies when a certificate withdrawal is requested. Online Bill Payment Frequency and/or Dollar Limit: ATM Withdrawal: $500 per day*, no limit to the number of times per day: Cash Back at Point-of-Sale (POS) No limit to the number of times per day up to $500. Exceed the daily withdrawal or purchase limit 2. Free 1: Automatic Withdrawals: Schedule automatic transfers from your Fidelity account to another Fidelity account or a bank account. Free 1: Direct Deposit: Your employer deposits your paycheck to your Fidelity account. Your local bank will normally levy a service charge, it can be a fixed minimum while some banks charge a percentage of the amount withdrawn. Between a $2. See the Rules Governing, Truth in Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule for more information. There are generally two types of fees associated with foreign debit card transactions: Flat fees charged per transaction are fixed-dollar-amount fees charged for every ATM withdrawal or transaction. What are my actual limits? While limits vary on a customer-by-customer basis, our standard limits are: Cash Withdrawal Limit: $400 Daily Withdrawal Limit: $750. Tuesday but Fidelity will not let you withdraw it until the following Monday. It works at any ATM with a Visa, Plus, or Star logo; and it reimburses all ATM fees. Money market accounts are generally available through your bank or credit union and allow you to withdraw your money quickly and easily with a check or through a wire transfer or via the ATM. You can obtain a copy of that form by going to Customer Service > Find a Form, or by contacting a Fidelity representative at 800-544-6666. Hitherto, the domestic withdrawal limit was N150,000 per day. All rights reserved. If you have a new card and you are wondering what you can do with it, find out if it is just an ATM card or if it is a fully-functioning debit card. I don't know what exactly Bancnet is, but it seems like everything is Bancnet. For any larger withdrawal, you will pay 4%. Terms of Use; Security Check with your card issuer for that limit. C. Most of the time it just looks like Fidelity is your checking account. Some banks charge a withdrawal limit fee or an excessive use fee, which typically can range from $2 to $15. 20% to 0. I contend that the low-cost banks/brokers I cited (at least the one I mostly use, Fidelity) are in fact adding a very small but nonzero markup somewhere in the range of 0. The monthly and daily ATM withdrawal limits per individual can vary greatly by the bank and by the account. – ATM withdrawals: 8 times daily with a cumulative transaction limit of ₦150,000 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad. Penalty-Free 401K Withdrawal Rules A penalty-free withdrawal allows you to withdraw money before age 59-1/2 without paying a 10% penalty. Now, you can’t withdraw more than ₹20,000 in a day. Fidelity’s website is a little misleading as a disclaimer states that a 1% transaction fee is chargeable; however, actual users have experienced that this applies only to debit card Access Fidelity Checking Accounts: Savings Accounts: Access Fidelity Savings Accounts: Point of Sale Transactions (POS) No: Wherever VISA® is accepted: ATM Deposits and Withdrawals: Yes: Yes: Accessible ATMs: Any Fidelity ATM or other ATMs with the VISA®, STAR, or PLUS logos: Daily Limits: Up to $400 per day from an ATM: Up to $400 per day from an ATM; Automatic Investments: Schedule automatic transfers to a mutual fund position, IRA, or 529 account from your bank or brokerage Core account. Fidelity 401(K) Hardship Withdrawal Rules Making an early withdrawal from your Fidelity 401(k) will cause you to owe more on your tax return. Withdrawals from an ATM made using a MONEY are limited to $1,000 per day. In the new arrangement, all ATMs that were hitherto enabled for domestic and foreign transactions have been restructured to limit Naira cash withdrawal at ATMs to N60,000 per day while foreign currency is $300 per day. “Other, less-convenient types of transfers, such as withdrawals or transfers made in person at the bank, by mail, or by using an ATM, do not count toward the six-per-month limit and do not affect the account’s status as a savings account. A $5 International ATM Cash Withdrawal fee may apply. Your daily purchase limit is only $2,000. e-paper New. “Accordingly, the limit has been reduced from $150,000 to $50,000 per person, per annum. Follow-up question: Most ATMs I tried seemed to have a P10,000 withdrawal limit, although I think Citibank's may have been P15,000. The amount that can be withdrawn depends on the network and your own bank limit, normally about the equivalent of US $400 or HK$ 3,000. Naturally, you can never withdraw more cash from an ATM than that ATM contains. The consequences of going over the Reg D limit depend on your financial institution. If you don’t have access to a no-fee ATM card, find a bank card with a large network that offers reduced ATM fees when you withdraw from one of their own ATMs. 371. If you plan to do this long term, you might be able to find a bank account that has no ATM fees. Follow the on-screen prompts to select the number of $50, $20, $5 and $1 bills you would like. 15 Jun 2017 We have the Fidelity Cash Management ATM card which is connected to immediately after arrival that exceeds the ATM daily withdrawal limit  16 Feb 2019 Is anybody using a Fidelity Investments' Cash Management Account along with a The CMA behaves like a bank checking account (ATM access, no fees, getting sick of worrying about the 5/month limit on Ally Savings transfers. However, Premier Plus customers get four fee-free withdrawals a month, while Premier Platinum accounts always avoid the fee (though both are still subject to the 3% foreign transaction fee). If the institution you withdraw from charges a fee, you can get reimbursed for up to three non-Fidelity ATM usage fees monthly, up to $10, when you provide the receipts. Yes, we have established daily limits on the card to help protect against potential theft and fraud. You can often call your bank to request a larger limit if you need to withdraw more funds. These networks provide you access to over 92,000 ATM locations nationwide! No matter where you are traveling, you are close to a Surcharge-Free ATM. 24% for the Sapphire Preferred. How can I take a withdrawal from my life insurance policy? To withdraw funds from your life insurance policy, please complete form “Request for Disbursement Form for Life Insurance” (ADMIN 5586) and mail or fax it to our service center. Often the limit is in the hundreds of dollars, ATM Fees Climb to Record Highs. International Debit Card Transactions/ATM Withdrawals. Banks such as Fidelity and Chase also accept checks sent through mobile applications. 401k contribution limits are very straight-forward. The only catch is that you have to use an ATM with a Visa ®, Plus ®, or Star ® logos, which are more than plentiful. Funds for checks with all other routing numbers will be available on the second business day after the day of your deposit. When you withdraw cash from an ATM, or use it for transactions, you do NOT get charged ATM fees or foreign transaction fees. Withdrawal Limit on Number Permitted ___ Same as current Hardship Withdrawal/Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal If you don’t have an existing hardship provision in your plan, please contact your Fidelity Representative to assist with set up. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), Diamond Bank, and United Bank for Africa (UBA) are prominent among the banks that have implemented this new benchmark. 22 USD. oo for my savings account. 00 FREE for Webster Complete Business Checking and Webster Complete Business Checking with Interest. 7. Fidelity Bank reserves the right to impose further limitations on the use of your ATM/Debit card without prior notice for security reasons. The Charles Schwab bank ATM card and foreign currency withdrawals—from Facebook. 00 per transaction. Theoretically I could do both and get $2,999. This includes ATM withdrawals, cash advances, and signature and PIN-based purchases. – POS/ Web: 20 times daily with a cumulative spend limit of N1,000,000 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad or on international websites. Otherwise, there is a $4 fee per month. Insert your debit card to use the Interactive Banking Machine as an ATM. With the average credit card, the cost for cash advances up to $225 will be $9. Just as your bank may limit the amount of money you can withdraw, banks can also limit the number of times you can use the ATM in a day. Monday, 2 September 2019 All bill payments come with a limit of Acceptable locally and internationally on ATM, POS and WEB wherever VISA logo is displayed worldwide. It’s probably not worth even selecting a PIN for your credit cards, since you should never plan to use them at an ATM. Making a withdrawal from your Fidelity 401k prior to age 60 should always be a last resort. 5 ways to get free ATM withdrawals and beat the fees. 1 Unless a higher limit is authorized for all other Transactions, there is a ten thousand dollars ($10,000) Transaction limit per day. The second withdraw limit can be a limit on a single transaction at the ATM. ATM fees are charged per transaction, so making one large withdrawal costs less than two smaller ones. The sum of the cash advance plus the fee will be the total cash advance balance on your account. Please Do Not: Select more than one withdrawal frequency in section 2. I am heading to Venice in 6 weeks and opened a Fidelity Cash Management checking account because they offer free ATM withdrawals worldwide and refund any charges from other banks. -You may withdraw no more than $200 per day The Fidelity® Cash Management Account gives customers free ATM withdrawals worldwide, even reimbursing any ATM issuing fees at the end of the statement month. You must have a minimum opening balance of $500 and minimum average balance of $3,500 to avoid monthly fees. No monthly fees or account minimums. Permalink to this post mint-india-wire ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit NArendra Modi ATM Transaction RBI ATMs Out of Service Rs500 Rs1 000 Automated Teller Machines. The amount you request will be the net amount transferred. Conduct a host of ATM banking transactions anytime at our wide network of Deutsche Bank ATMs in India and across the world. 2 1 Federal regulations limit the number of transfers from Savings and Money Market Accounts. Generally, there are two types of fees associated with foreign debit card transactions: Flat fees charged per transaction: These are typically a fixed-dollar-amount fee charged for every ATM withdrawal or transaction. In Italy, I received 210 Euros for $264. No monthly fee if you have a Fifth Third checking account (excludes Express Banking) or load $500 or more onto your Access 360° card each month. ‎ David Moore ‎ to PNC. 2 Free Fidelity BillPay ®: Receive and pay bills on any of your devices. The upfront fee is on average $9 or 4% - whichever is greater. According to the Visa website, most banks limit your withdrawal amount to $1,000 per day; some banks also institute daily spending limits. 00* Merchant Resolution Fee - Rules Governing Deposit Accounts 8 Rev. Or, as mentioned previously, one could simply have a second account at Fidelity, and then transfer money, within seconds, from that account into the "ATM" account by mobile app or on a computer. For example, if you request $10,000 to be transferred from an annuity to a money market account, we'll credit your money market account with $10,000 and your annuity balance will decrease by $10,000 plus any surrender charges and tax withholding. Thanks for your reply. ATM owners may assess a "surcharge fee" for cash withdrawals. I quickly took my phone out, dialed the USSD code, after a few minutes, a REFERENCE PIN was sent to me, I used it to pay my money! Now I have decided to share how easy it is to get Withdraw your money without an ATM card. 67 charge from your bank for using someone else’s machine, the average cost to withdraw cash from an out-of-network ATM is $4. A foreign ATM Machine usage fee is a fee charged by your bank when you insert your Debit Card in a foreign ATM Machine. That's up from $1. 00 minimum deposit to open; Maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or a monthly average balance of $5,000 to avoid a $10 monthly service charge; Overdraft Privilege limit of $500* USAA offers free, limited ATM withdrawals nationwide. In addition to using SUM Network ATMs, here are a couple other great ways to avoid other bank's ATM fees and keep your money where it belongs – with you!. The daily ATM withdrawal and debit purchase limits depend on your bank and the type of account you have. Estimated arrival: about 30 minutes. You won’t pay any fees for Fidelity ATM usage. Locate a nearest ATM near you now! International Debit Card Transactions/ATM Withdrawals. It does not , however, mean tax-free. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval, deposit or prepayment and requires a valid service address, social security number and/or major Limitation does not apply to withdrawals made in-person, by mail, by messenger, or at an ATM. If you need to pay for an eligible expense that exceeds the daily maximum, you can use one of your HSA checks. Visit our Yanceyville branch! Our hours of operation are: Mon - Thurs 9 AM - 5 PM, Fri 9 AM - 6 PM. Before any trip overseas, it is wise to ask your bank. Rather than automatically declining purchases due to insufficient funds, we will consider—without obligation on our part—payment of overdrafts up to $800 for eligible account types. Methods of Withdrawal. Even if you're nowhere near your daily money limit, the bank that issued your Visa debit card may choose to cut you off from using the ATM after a pre-determined number of transactions, which is usually three. The Fidelity Rewards American Express card can be linked to the Cash Management Account so that the credit card deposits 2% of purchases into the checking account. 00* Loan Coupon Book Reorder (per lost book) $5. 50 per ATM transaction that Optum Bank charges. There is a limit on the First Fidelity Bank charges a bank transaction fee of $1. OTOH, Schwab has a $2K daily limit. According to a new Bankrate survey, the average ATM withdrawal fee is $4. This reimbursement is simply a transfer of $45 from my HSA to my checking account. Using a Bank of America debit card in Europe will cost you $5 fee for ATM cash withdrawals made outside the United States plus an International Transaction fee of 3% of the withdrawal amount. Miscellaneous Trading Fees. Nigerian Banks Mandate New ATM Withdrawal Limits. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is GHS10,000 (can be increased upon request) Limit on international online payment may be increased up to UD$50,000 on request. No monthly fees or minimum Things to be aware of. Car repossessed owe 10,941 dollars. Get an ATM card from either Fidelity or Schwab, they both allow unlimited ATM transactions in any ATM machine, no fee, and reimburse ATM fee if charged by the ATM owner. Just a simple transfer. Create a one-time PIN (OTP) then enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash. What is the definition of bank robbery to you? It used to mean that a desperado would go into a branch with guns blazing and steal all the money. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information. Back in the old days of instant banking. 4 Bank of America Global ATM Alliance fee, so if you' re withdrawing any decent amount of money this will likely be  Fidelity ATM/Debit Card Checks and ATM/Debit Cards arrive 7-10 business days after Fidelity receives and Daily spending and withdrawal limits apply. Summit Checking by Aspiration Bank. Request a PIN number for your credit card by contacting us directly and you can use your credit card to withdraw cash at ATMs. Bank of America. EMV – Chip and PIN; Daily Local ATM withdrawal limit of N150,000; Daily international ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000; Daily international POS transaction limit of $2,500; Daily international Web transaction limit of $6,250 They said in any single day I can withdraw maximum $500 from an ATM and do a cash advance against the Visa debit card in a bank branch for up to $2,499. com website flat out say that the Fidelity debit card has a 1% foreign transaction fee for overseas ATM withdrawals. This means that customers can use Fidelity Bank Ghana's 67 ATMs countrywide to withdraw Airtel Money at their leisure. These features make the account a good choice for people who like to use cash on a regular basis Similarly, at US Bank, daily debit purchase limits are $1,000, but you can only withdraw $500 per day from an ATM if you don’t request a limit increase. per transaction, at a Woodforest ATM per transaction, at a non‐Woodforest ATM. Use your daily limit. 00 for each balance inquiry at any ATM and the other financial institution may charge an additional fee (surcharge). EARLY WITHDRAWAL PENALTY:The Bank grants the Depositor’s request to withdraw all or a portion of the deposit before the maturity date. Your ATM/Debit Card will only work with your PIN OptumBank℠ limits your ATM withdrawals to $300 within a 24-hour period. And they don’t offer overdraft protection. ATM Balance Inquiry $0. Tracking this by keeping proper records ensures you maximize your tax free withdrawals and don’t make mistakes. USAA does not charge a fee for the first 10 ATM withdrawals and refunds up to $15 in ATM fees every month; Fidelity offers free ATM withdrawals when you open a mySmart cash account linked to your brokerage account. Most banks (worldwide) has a daily ATM withdrawal set at about US$300 (thereabouts). 00 per day* Card Purchases (Signature & PIN) As a result, Chase customers who withdraw money abroad are subject to a $5 ATM withdrawal fee plus a foreign transaction fee of 3%. Automated teller machine (ATM) fees have 36% over the decade anding in 2018. “Once the ATMs are functional, you can withdraw from ATMs upto a maximum of Rs2,000 per card per day up to 18 November, 2016. Free Fidelity ATM Franchise information. When prompted, select “Withdrawal” and enter your desired withdrawal amount. Be sure to use the HSA calculator at optumbank. The Central Bank of Nigeria stated that the maximum amount for fund withdrawal is #150,000 for individual accounts and #1,000,000 for corporate or business accounts across all Nigerian banks and mobile banking platforms. The actual rate I received was therefore $125. Find answers to questions related to the Fidelity ATM Debit Card. Goldstein of Dallas, Texas, charging him with conspiracy in violation of 18 U. Don't leave it lying around. Treat your ATM/Debit Card like cash. Plus, we'll even reimburse you for 3 non-Fidelity ATM usage fees monthly, up to $10, when you provide the receipts. From my ANZ VISA account, there is no limit on cash advance, United Fidelity Bank is proud to be a member of three nationwide, Surcharge-Free ATM Networks. Never approach an ATM after dark if the lights at the site do not appear to be bright enough. Two people with the same bank and same checking account can have different ATM withdrawal limits. 57 this year. For example, if you deposit a check with the routing number of 0313 in the amount of $700 on a Monday, $700 of the deposit is available on Tuesday. 1996-2019 FMR LLC. You can have money directly deposited into your account, or make deposits through a bank teller, an automated teller machine or various electronic devices. Fidelity charges no fee for ATM usage but 1% foreign exchange fee. 49% for the Starwood Card and 25. Eligible Visa and MasterCard Debit & Prepaid Cards Withdrawing to your bank using an eligible debit or prepaid card is a faster way to withdraw money from your PayPal account. If You Are Under 59 1/2. Each additional withdrawal of any type will be charged a $10 excessive withdrawal fee. Tips Although there is no fixed limit regarding the amount of money that can be deposited at any given time, your bank may be required to report your deposits to the government if they While Fidelity reimburses all ATM fees charged by foreign banks worldwide, they still charge a 1% foreign transaction fee. The daily transaction limit is $10,000, and you can withdraw $500 a day at ATMs (which is typical). Fidelity reimburses ATM fees charged by other institutions nationwide (note that for transactions outside of the country, a 1% foreign transaction fee still applies). If you take a distribution from an IRA or a 401k before the age of 59 ½, you’re assessed a 10% penalty tax in addition to any other taxes you owe. Please refer to a Fidelity Representative or our website for further information on fees and products. This is a great franchise opportunity for the right person. 00 Replace ATM/Debit/ MyPic Card $12. Bank of America ATM Withdrawal Limit The limit of Bank of America Atm to withdraw money from your account is by default, this means that So has anyone found an ATM with a higher per withdrawal/transaction limit? I believe that BPI now has a sign that says foreign ATM cards can be p20,000 per transaction. 50. The Comerica Bank withdrawal limit is $1,025 per transaction, $25 higher than the Ally Bank, Capital One, Charles Schwab, TD Bank and Citibank withdrawal limits. Using Your ATM Card in Hong Kong. And the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $500. The flat fee usually ranges from $2 to $5. . Similar to Charles Schwab, there are no ATM fees to worry about – they’ll reimburse you the same day if you’re charged. com to determine how much you can contribute, while you’re at it use it to estimate your tax savings. – POS/ Web: 20 times daily with a cumulative spend limit of ₦1,000,000 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad or on international websites. In addition to the Optum Bank ATM fee, the bank/ATM you use to withdraw funds may charge you a fee. In the new arrangement, all ATMs that were hitherto enabled for domestic and foreign transactions have been restructured to limit Naira cash withdrawal at ATMs to N60,000 per day while foreign Fidelity: one stop shop contains a summary of Bogleheads forum topic "Fidelity as a one stop shop", which provides details about using Fidelity for all banking and investment needs. For all Fidelity Account ® owners coded Premium, Private Client Group, Wealth Management, or with household annual trading activity of 120 or more stock, bond, or options trades, all Fidelity ATM withdrawal fees will be waived and your account will automatically be reimbursed for all ATM fees charged by other institutions while using a Fidelity ® Debit Card linked to your account at any Cash Withdrawal Limit - maximum amount of cash you are allowed to withdraw from an ATM during a 24-hour period. Can I withdraw cash with my ATM or credit card? by the ATM owner and the ATM owner will seek to adjust the transaction amount with your card issuer; hence  12 Mar 2019 Learn about the benefits and fees of the Fidelity Investments Cash to return the money you've deposited, the FDIC will return it to you, up to the limit. * Touch the “Customize Cash” button on the screen. -You may withdraw no more than $200 per day The maximum you can request to withdraw from your account online or by telephone is $100,000 per account. If you use another institution's ATM, they may charge you a usage fee; we do not. Fidelity Bank ATMs allow you to transfer funds 1, check your balances and make deposits. How much money can I withdraw daily from an ATM? Your debit card has a daily withdrawal limit of $1,000. You'll earn money every time a transaction takes place through one of your ATM's. No paperwork, no taxes, no mess. Fidelity ATM Franchises offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to operate as a Fidelity ATM Franchisee with a proven business model that offers instant name recognition, marketing, ongoing training and support to help you succeed and earn. By using the online enrollment process to establish your automatic withdrawal plan, you authorize and direct Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC and its affiliates (together “Fidelity”) and Fidelity’s Im with ANZ and my daily overseas cash withdrawal limit from ATM is set at $500. Outbound Transfer Fee: $20. 00 Auto Transfer Request - External-Transferred to another financial institution $5. Fidelity is hereby directed to establish the Disaster Relief hardship/unforeseeable emergency withdrawal Fidelity Cash Management ATM Review – Best ATM Card For International Use. Per-Transaction Limits. You can lower this limit by calling us at 1-888-464-0727. It sucks until after the initial period, then it’s great. 00 fee for each additional withdrawal • Unlimited withdrawals in person • Passbook available • Unlimited withdrawals in person or at ATM • Limit of 6 third party, pre-authorized or electronic (PC or telephone) transfers per month • $10. Fidelity Investments told retirement plan sponsors and investment professionals in a late April notice that it had asked IRS to change or withdraw recently updated guidance on maintaining documentation for participant hardship withdrawal and plan loan requests. Use the Accel locator to find a surcharge free ATM. My actual exchange rate was again $125. Citibank is no fee if you use their ATM, so it may depend on location for you. They said the fear of money laundering by customers was a major reason why some banks had to stop ATM cash withdrawal overseas. You can use your debit card to make a withdrawal from any ATM in the  7 Jan 2016 Best Debit Cards For International ATM Cash Withdrawals Summit; 1. A full transfer out of TD Ameritrade costs $75. Airtel Ghana has partnered Fidelity Bank to launch cardless ATM withdrawals via Airtel Money. Receive alerts when your debit card is used or a transaction exceeds limits you  19 Jul 2019 The Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card offers 2% cash back as long as One card may limit bonus cash back to $1,500 per quarter while  19 Apr 2019 Do you want to know how to do Fidelity bank cardless withdrawal? At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash. The current maximum withdrawal amount is 4 million VND. To determine if your card works for purchases Lost or stolen ATM/Debit Cards after hours. 35, up 5 percent from last year. 00 Account Research $20. 00 The withdrawal limits start at midnight each business day and end at midnight the next business day. The card is valid for 3 years renewable; Charges apply for online payment and withdrawal on other banks’ ATM; Available to Fidelity Prime/Executive Banking clients The SunTrust Bank ATM withdrawal limit can be as high as $2,500, depending on the type of account you have. Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) a secret. At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash. As you can see, I only paid 0. Understand How Debit Card ATM Fees Work Fidelity reimburses ATM fees charged by other institutions nationwide (note that for transactions outside of the country, a 1% foreign transaction fee still applies). There are free ATM withdrawals to available limits as well. These limits are meant to protect you from fraudulent activity, but these limits can also be a nuisance as you attempt to withdraw money. While the restrictions on cash withdrawal stays on because of a limited cash supply to banks, the daily withdrawal limit from ATMs have been increased from Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,500. This is because it is an easy, automated source of income for a business and has a number of additional benefits. Fidelity Information Services, a company that deploys The minimum you can withdraw is $1. Minimum daily balance - $1,000 $6 monthly maintenance fee if below minimum daily balance You are allowed six (6) withdrawals of any type per monthly statement cycle at no charge. conduct 1000’s of ATM withdrawals in Free ATM/debit card: Get reimbursed for all ATM and surcharge fees. An excessive transaction fee of $10 per withdrawal in excess of six (6) per monthly statement cycle will be applied. In reading the fine print of the account, however, I discovered they appear to charge a 1% foreign transaction fee on all ATM withdrawals. But no matter what the ATM withdrawal limit is for your bank, your actual limit should be what you have in your checking account. I guess this is so you don’t open an account, launder a whole lot of money right away, and then close the account. Withdrawal Information. Typically, the amount is about $1,000 or less per business day. From the home page, click your Stock Plan Account. 1 Legal processing includes but is not limited to, garnishments, attachments, orders, levies and liens. For references, I withdraw $3000 HKD using Fidelity ATM card two days ago, and was debited $386. A $2,500. Statement Savings Deposits can be made for any amount and as often as you wish. Please send your completed form to: Fidelity International, PO BOX 80, Tonbridge, TN11 9YA. 2% charge (while negligible) might be important to some folks who make overseas charges while they’re in the US. You should be counting in five-dollar bills. There is also a $10,000 limit on disbursements at a point of service, such as a health care facility, in a 24-hour period. There were no other additional fees after the fact. Fidelity ATM has created a proven system that can enable you to get in on this virtual profiting monster. 00 USD. Next to your cash position, select the blue Withdraw button or select the Withdrawal Preferences tab and complete the information requested. At Chase, you're limited to $5,000 per 30-day period in mobile deposits. 3 Fidelity Visa Gold Check Card; 1. ATM withdrawal fees are refunded from other banks worldwide and international card usage fees are waived. No need for your card. Fidelity Investments. First Fidelity Bank charges a bank transaction fee of $1. Our valued customers may use ANY ATM anywhere and Fidelity Bank does not charge a non-Fidelity ATM usage fee. You can change your PIN at any time through the automated system once per day. Fidelity allows account holders to take out money on a one-time basis or set up regularly scheduled withdrawals. 00 per day* Over The Counter (OTC) Withdrawals: No limit to the number of times per day up to $500. Due to federal regulations, savings accounts have a limit of six (6) withdrawals per statement cycle. No monthly fees or minimum You will never be asked for your PIN by a Fidelity employee. For someone who is totally ignorant of all of this, the only confusion that  Personalized Visa Gold Debit Card; No withdrawal fee on Fidelity ATMs; Can be ATM cash withdrawal limit is GHS5,000 (can be increased upon request)  1 Jun 2009 I called Fidelity. This is even better a deal if Fidelity is your broker since ATM fees are reimbursed next day instead of end of month like Ally. The fees you pay, though, will depend on the bank and you should definitely check before you go on vacation. Answer 1 of 8: I am heading to Venice in 6 weeks and opened a Fidelity Cash Management checking account because they offer free ATM withdrawals  4 Jan 2019 Fidelity reimburses ATM fees charged by other institutions nationwide rates and fees, ATM and branch access, account features and limits,  Withdrawals in person or at an ATM are unlimited. 4. Making an ATM withdrawal when you’re out of the country is no different than if you’re in the states. What Are the Withdrawal Terms for a 401(k) Plan With Fidelity? Withdrawing money from a 401(k) plan is known as an IRA distribution, and the terms include paying incurred state and federal taxes immediately and paying a 10 percent fee if below the age of 59. If you use your Bank of America debit card to purchase goods in Europe it will cost you 3% of the purchase amount. Find answers to commonly asked questions about Synchrony bank products and services such as CDs, high yield savings accounts, money market accounts and IRAs. Just look for the SUM logo on participating ATMs. Example: Europe - ATM cards for European cash withdrawal and bank fees - I've read several threads on Fodor's about transaction fees and exchange (1042788)Europe - ATM cards for European cash withdrawal Free ATM withdrawals on the Freedom ATM Alliance Network; Free Online Banking with Bill Pay; Free Mobile Banking; Free Telephone Banking; $50. They also stated that for some banks, the settlement issues they had when the dollar was scarce last year was making them to limit their card usage abroad to only PoS and Web transactions. 84/100 or 1 Euro = $1. Use of any ATM: Fidelity Bank does not charge a non-Fidelity ATM usage fee. Daily Withdrawal Limit. But you can avoid costly bank ATM fees with a little strategy. The Health Savings Account Debit Card cannot be used at any ATM for cash withdrawals. 25%. Please call Fidelity Debit Card Services at 800-323-5353 and use our automated system to create a custom PIN. You can request a withdrawal only after your withdrawal preferences have been approved. Make sure that the name registered on your PayPal account matches the name on your bank account. Unfortunately, millions more take early withdrawals from these accounts due to hardship, loss of a job or other money woes. Many banks limit how much you can withdraw from an ATM in a single transaction when using an account from that bank. Sat and Sun we're closed, as well as holidays. Chase, even with one of the high-end accounts, is 5% per transaction, a minimum charge of $5 $10 and if you take a cash advance the interest starts accruing immediately. 84. To expedite the call, be sure to have your debit card, Fidelity account number, and Social Security number available. Most brokers don’t charge for incoming transfers, either. We have the Fidelity Cash Management ATM card which is connected to a Fidelity checking account. The FCMB machine on Isaac John, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, has a single withdrawal limit of N10,000. All Fidelity Bank Ghana ATM locations where Airtel Money can be withdrawn are available on Google Maps. Plus, you will be reimbursed for all the non-Fidelity ATM fees you pay with your Fidelity Visa® Gold Check Card, as long as the ATM displays the Visa®, Plus® or Star® logos. This action is known as rolling over funds. By default at Bank of America ATMs, personal checking accounts can withdraw a maximum of 40 bills at a time (if the ATM dispenses $20 bills, that’s an $800 limit). No minimum deposit required to open a checking account. The non-US currency 0. Just remember that all deposits count towards the annual contribution limits set by the IRS. 7% Withdrawal 6% Withdrawal 5% Withdrawal 4% Withdrawal 3% Withdrawal 2% Withdrawal 10% Withdrawal 9% Withdrawal 8% Withdrawal 65 69 73 77 81 85 89 93 97 101 Source: Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. 90 charge from the bank that owns the ATM and a $1. 3 All Fidelity ATM withdrawal fees will be waived for your Fidelity Cash Management Account. This fee is charged even if you only check your account balance and not withdraw any money. Withdrawals include transfers from a savings account to another account or to third parties by pre-authorized, automatic or computer transfer. 00 $1. You can't access bill pay and there are extreme daily limits with the debit card  12 Aug 2019 Fidelity Bank Cardless Withdrawal without ATM using USSD Code and At the ATM, enter your Paycode, OTP, Pin, Amount and Phone  VISA / ATM Check CardA VISA® Check Card is a convenient companion whether you The merchant name, date and purchase/return amount will be shown. ” It seems like they’re saying ATM withdrawals should not count toward the 6/mo “transfer” limit. With structured, regular withdrawals, you can set up a budget that will limit your withdrawals to what you need, and you’ll be able to have checks showing up on a set schedule. A person age 50 and above can contribute up to $22,000. Shield the ATM keyboard with your body so others cannot observe you entering your PIN. It is not uncommon in high tourist areas with an ATM that is will frequently used, especially on weekends, to find a 250/300 Euro limit per withdraw. There is a limit on how much you can withdraw from ATMs in a 24-hour period. 00 charge to transfer your HSA to another bank or custodian (outbound transfer of your entire HSA or a portion). Customer service with Fidelity has been great. In addition to the limits on cash withdrawals at terminals, you may use your check card to purchase up to $5,000 in goods and services each day, as long as your available balance is sufficient to cover – ATM withdrawals: 10 times daily with a cumulative transaction limit of N150,000 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad. To request a withdrawal greater than $100,000, you must complete a paper form. Checking Account ATM Limit: $600. If you need more than 1500 RM, you can just go to the bank teller and withdraw more with your card. If you ever have any questions, please contact our toll free number 1-800-403-8333 for more information. fidelity atm withdrawal limit

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