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Hi, I want use jedi-vim for autocompletion in vim. py を開くと以下のような3つのエラーがでます。 Anaconda3 を Chocoratey でインストールし (C:\tools\Anaconda3) ユーザー環境変数に Pathを加えても状況が変わりません。 The coder needs less time and effort if any good editor is used for writing the code. I have gone through documentation as describe but my vim acts in the same normal Pretty sure that there's something wrong with your VIM. "asynctest. git submodule update --init Python3. The autocompletion is working on base pack Learn Vimscript the Hard Way: is a book for users of the Vim editor who want to learn how to customize Vim. SpaceVim - Modern Vim distribution. . 22 Feb 2018 Like, using jedi-vim[1] with a virtualenv constructed by a Docker container . Here I am showing vim-plug in the below figures. if you start a fresh vim session and do python then it loads python2 if you do python3 or py3 it loads python3 and afaik this can not be changed at runtime I'm using jedi-vim with +python/dyn +python3/dyn in Ubuntu so it should not be a problem of jed-vim. 日本人でvimmerなら大抵の人が Neobundleを使ってると思うので, NeoBundle 'davidhalter/jedi-vim' これで導入出来ます. また,jedi. d So I want jedi-vim to autocomplete to python3, I added autocmd FileType python set omnifunc=python3complete#Complete To my vimrc. 10 Oct 2017 Vim and Python in Conda. 評価を下げる理由を選択してください. comPythonを使う機会があったのでVimで… Plugin 'davidhalter/jedi-vim' call vundle#end() Next I added the following python3 code in ~/. 0前提 규모가 제법 큰 Python 프로젝트를 vim으로 편집하기 위해서는 소스 브라우징 기능이 절실합니다. let g:jedi- vim#force_py_version = '2' in your . emacs. neovimで : python3 import sys; print(sys. 1 Release v0. Incidentally, if you're new to using VIM as a python IDE, also note the value of `jedi-vim` providing Python docstrings via the standard VIM keybinding `K`. VI Improved (Vim) is an improved version of the editor "vi", one of the standard text editors on UNIX systems. We encourage you to use Jedi in your IDEs. vimrc if you have python3 in  2018年3月27日 Pythonの補完を行えるjedi-vimを入れてみた。 VimのPython3が有効になっていない 場合はここを参考に有効にする まずは、jediをインストールする。 Chronyk - A Python 3 library for parsing human-written times and dates. Jedi has a focus on autocompletion and goto functionality. VimのPythonインターフェースのパスの設定がうまくいってないと、Pythonを使うプラグイン、例えばjedi-vimを使って補完がうまく行かなかったり、vim-geeknoteを使った時、 function Vim_GeeknoteToggle 安装jedi-vim. 自动补全插件时,只能支持Python3的标准库的自动补全,而不能自动补全第三方库的内容。 Jedi. 1 vundleにてjedi-vimをインストール macOS Sierraで上記を行いましたが、jedi-vimがpythonファイルを開いた時に適用されません。 Vim is a powerful text editor that belongs to one of the default components on every Linux distribution, as well as Mac OSX. You should be able to use :python import os in VIM. 5. Don't be afraid to ask questions, this sub is here for the vim community. dateutil . Emacs loads init. el and python-mode. This is also mentioned in [0]. Jedi is fast and is very well tested. 2), VIM (7. There are two parts to it: jedi package provides the core service; jedi-vim plugin provides the editor integration; vim-jedi loads a python layer which finds the jedi python package and asks source Kaoriya-Vim の README には、現在は Python3 系列を使う際には最新の3. Jedi assumes I'm using python2 submitted 1 year ago * by chillysurfer EDIT: It appears as though YCM uses Jedi under the covers, and restarts Jedi with a different interpretor which explains why with autocomplete YCM shows the right documentation, but manually invoking jedi does not. msys2のvimでJedi-vim。 どうも、 msys2 の vim は /bin/msys-python2. 1. 15. 0. The autocompletion is working on base packages, at least. For example, the lang#python layer collects deoplete. Because of that, python-mode plugin can't work with Python 3 code. There was also a python installed on the linux system by default. 注意: 安装惊jedi-vim插件,需要在电脑中安装jedi,根据jedi-vim给出的提示,正常按装即可。不过我之前遇到一个问题,在公司的虚拟机里面,安装以后不起作用,google了半天没有成功,最后更新了一下vim就可以了,希望遇到相同问题的人,能够看到。 Vim (source code), short for Vi IMproved, is a configurable text editor often used as a Python development environment. If you are using windows and don’t have PowerShell, then you can download the plug. Enable ycmd/lsp, auto-completion, syntax-checking, python, programming Layer , then you could get a nice vim environment for python like the above screenshot. py import numpy Yeah YCM does not work with Python3. This editor has many apt-get install vim. To enjoy the full features of jedi-vim, you should have VIM >= 7. It works. While opening a python file I get these errors. SpaceVim is a community-driven vim distribution that seeks to provide layer feature. It has all the features you'll ever need from an editor, and probably three times that many more that you'll never use The newer versions also include a 'vimdiff' mode that you can use to diff and merge file(s). el provides a minor mode where python-mode is a major mode. 注意: 安装惊jedi-vim插件,需要在电脑中安装jedi,根据jedi-vim给出的提示,正常按装即可。不过我之前遇到一个问题,在公司的虚拟机里面,安装以后不起作用,google了半天没有成功,最后更新了一下vim就可以了,希望遇到相同问题的人,能够看到。 jedi. It is true that Jedi. Plugin Manager. 7 or later ( +python or +python3 ). so that should point to the current version. 0 SMP Debian 4. How do I fix my path issues so that I can use jedi-vim to use Python3 provided by conda? Im using Arch and python 3. com Python用のjedi. path when performing completions. It manages collections of plugins in layers, which help collecting related packages together to provide features. ここのQcuick startの通りにインストールしてみたが、 M-x jedi:install-server. I am using vim for python3 coding with davidhalter's jedi-vim plugin for autocomplete. Inside nvim I printed the python binary which nvim was using and it was indeed from my virtual env only. Vundleを使用し、jedi-vimを導入しました ; str. txtにjediやneovimが記載されてしまうのは好ましくない気がしました。 質問・実現したいこと * provider. They all use jedi as their  Vim editor is one of the popular editors for writing python script. vimのインストール - 麹町で働くW… (in function jedi#init_python[3]. First I added the jedi-vim plugin within Vundle  30 Jul 2018 Hi: after installing jedi vim, lib such as os, io, and import from my own hon/ Frameworks/Python. It aims at helping your Python coding in a non-destructive way. version (use . 20 Apr 2015 I am using python 3. ctgas를 이용하여 tagging file을 만들어주면 vim에서 Python 소스 브라우징이 가능해집니다. It works with several editors. With jedi-vim it only does python . jedi-vim - Vim bindings for the Jedi auto-completion library for Python. Vim proponents commonly cite the numerous plugins, Vimscript and logical command language as major Vim strengths. python3ではなくpython3の可能性はありませんか。 pythonが入っているかどうかはvimで確認するのではなく、別の方法で確認しましょう。 python(python3かも)をコマンドプロンプトやシェルから実行するとかの方法で。 For detailed vim configuration, please refer to space-vim. 10. e. I have Numpy, SciPy and matplotlib setup. Jedi. Jedi Documentation, Release 0. 4) and Jedi-VIM installed on my system. txt* Nvim NVIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Thiago de Arruda Providers * provider* Nvim delegates some features to dynamic "providers". What's the easiest way to get Vim with Py [Editor] (미해결) jedi-vim을 통한 python3 자동완성 2016-03-07, Mon. 3 in virtualenv. The thing is that I installed vim, vim-gnome, vim-nox, I surfed net for hours and tried to build vim from source, I deleted some stuff like vim- Jedi-vim erledigt die Autovervollständigung für python3 dist-packages, kann aber keine Python 2. You're probably using vim on mac and there's something wrong with the sys. There's a reference implementation as a VIM-Plugin, which uses Jedi's autocompletion. Note that the python-mode VIM plugin seems to conflict with jedi-vim, therefore you should disable it before enabling jedi-vim. SpaceVim is a distribution of the Vim editor that’s inspired by spacemacs. (Installation) Jedi is a static analysis tool for Python that can be used in IDEs/editors. 7 is detected under "Known Environments". завершение работ по классам, но не по подклассам. You need to have python3 installed and also install neovim package using pip Plug 'ncm2/ncm2-jedi'. Pythonコーディングで、Neovimにてdeoplete-jediの補完を行いつつ、ライブラリはvirtualenvのAnacondaを参照していきたいのですが、うまくいきません。 環境はWIndows10のBash on Windowsです。(Ubuntu16. If you are using virtualenv, it is recommended that you create environments specifically for Neovim. py" [noeol] 24L, 454C Error detected while  23 Apr 2017 Issue Some prerequisites: vim version 8. When I run CheckHealth from neovim, only python 2. Similar to OmniSharp (language service for . Jedi is an autocompletion tool for Python. pip install jedi. I'm currently using jedi-vim and it works great with python3. Contribute to davidhalter/jedi-vim development by creating an account on GitHub. 5 を参照させたいが、VC10 (Vim)、VC14 (Anaconda) とVCのバージョンが違うため gVimから Anaconda の python35. 2012年9月18日 jedi-vim - awesome Python autocompletion with VIM You can check this from within VIM using :python3 import sys; print sys. 上記のドキュメントを読んでjedi-vimをインストールしたのですが、エラーが出力されるため、補完や定義移動ができません。 davidhalter/jedi-vim VimでPython環境をいい感じに整える | tekkoc'blog jedi-vimという、vimで(賢く)Pythonの補完などをしてくれるプラグインがあります。vimでPython書くなら必須かも、というレベル。 当たり前(?)の話ですが、pipでインストールしたような… neovimのpython-clientやjediが必要になります。 しかしvenv環境を作るたびにpip install neovim jediをするのは馬鹿らしく思いました。 またgithubに公開するときrequiments. dll を使おうと With rope-vim, python-mode, or jedi-vim it can do auto-completion, including non-system modules, and there are a host of modules that let it do almost anything with Python code that is listed for Emacs above. * E319* Use of a feature requiring a missing provider is an error: E319: No "foo" provider found. Error: jedi-vim failed to initialize Python: jedi-vim requires Vim with support for Python 2 or 3. 1 jedi-vim安装依赖. There are many neovim/vim plugin managers like dein. I have Anaconda (including python3. I don't think there is major overlap between Jedi. Alles andere läuft richt Vimのスニペット補完の設定はいい感じに動いたので,いよいよjedi-vimを導入しようと思います. vimでpython3を書く時のおすすめの補完設定 - kazy no blog vimでpython3を書く時のおすすめの補完設定 - kazy no blog [vim]python補完プラグイン「jedi-vim… ちなみに上記エラーは vimrc の設定というよりかは vim コンパイルの段階でコケている気がします。おそらく vim -u NONE した後でも :python 1 や :python3 1 が失敗するのではないでしょうか? VIM and Jedi. 0 +python3 Jedi vim version 0. Is there is a way to see Python documentation within vim and without visiting the Internet? Say my cursor is under the print Python keyword, and I press F1. framework/Versions/3. But I really miss the generic completion that YCM offered. nvim, neomake and jedi-vim together to provide autocompletion I have Anaconda (including python3. Default: 0; Virtual Environments. 更新jedi. 0alpha2 documentation. 7/lib/python3. <Python, Vim> python3のインストールとpythonのpathの調べ方、Jediでpandasを有効化するため msys2 pacman Vim Python python の library の path の調べかた。 Vim dynamically loads the python3 interpreter, which is why vim runs at all right now, but that doesn't help when you actually want to use the no-longer-existing python. I use ubuntu 16. This editor has many useful features that help the coder to write or edit python code more efficiently. I got it working with my pyenv-virtualenv, vim and jedi setup after a long hours. el - Python auto-completion for Emacs — Emacs Jedi 0. 6 and installing any 3rd party library, jedi vim's omni comple the problem now is that vim will decide what to load python or python3 depending on which is called first. py script to do this automatically Jedi - an awesome autocompletion/static analysis library for Python¶ Release v0. Now if I try and autocomplete something in vim I get Error: Re Create the init. で補完を試したところ、以下のメッセージが出ます -- オムニ補完 (^O ^N ^P) パターンは見つかりませんでした 該当のソース I'm trying to setup vim better for autocomplete for python 3. Contents. If your VIM does not meet these requirements, the parameter jedi-vim インストール 前提条件 インストール方法 基本的な使い方 FAQ docstringのポップアップを無効 タブキーで補完 補完が遅い デフォルト設定 補完以外の機能 定義へ移動 pydoc表示 変数リネーム 使用箇所表示 jedi-vim github. Jedi has support for different goto functions. Jedi uses a very simple API to connect with IDE's. 0~git1+f05c071-1) dep: python3-jedi: autocompletion tool for Python 3. Vim follows its own concept of usage, causing the community to divide into strong supporters and vehement opponents that are in favor for other editors like Emacs. jedi-vim Vundle. Exactly, but we don't run jedi-vim but bare jedi and we build it's feature on top of the ycmd infrastructure :) Meaning that YCM can just run with vim in normal +python mode and jedi can run in python3 mode (so support python 3 completions)? 以上のようになっており、python3がvimでは有効になっておらず、python3ではjedi-vimの補完も効いていません。(python2では効いています) ネットを探しましたが、python2と3でjedi-vimを共存させているパターンを見ないのですが、できないのでしょうか? 前提・実現したいこと jedi-vimのオムニ補完を正常に作動させたい 発生している問題・エラーメッセージ Vundleを使用し、jedi-vimを導入しました str. With and without syntax errors. This causes problems with library completion using jedi-vim. 4. I wonder why it is compiled using the explicit libpython3's file name instead of just the link libpython3. Ich laufe mein Programm mit Python 2 ohne Probleme. There's a reference implementation as a VIM-Plugin, which uses Jedi's autocompletion  I installed jedi-vim using vimplug. 18 x86_64 GNU/LINUX So the issue is when creating a virtual enviorment with python 3. I installed jedi-vim using vimplug. We are all human and vim is that cool. Run the following command if python3 is not installed. How to install jedi-vim python plugin on vim installed on ubuntu and use it's features from remote terminal window. I have gone through documentation as describe but my vim acts in the same normal Using the jedi autocompletion library for VIM. When using jedi-vim, I do not get That’s right. Я удалил их и загрузил пакет git. 4) neovimの:CheckHealth画面は下記の状態。 pyenv vertualenvにAnaconda3- autocompletion tool for Python - VIM addon files. neomake and jedi-vim together to provide autocompletion, syntax checking, and documentation Vim 7. How do I fix my path issues so that I can use jedi-vim to use Python3 provided by conda? 開発環境を整えようかと思い、vimのプラグインでpythonコードの補完をしようと思いました。で、pythonコード補完のプラグインを調査してみるとjedi-vimというプラグインがありましたが、インストールの為にはvimのパッケージマネージャの導入が必要との事。 一、jedi-vim安装 1. I want to look at the help for the print keyword. x系列ではなく3. 3 Sep 2018 Python3 and Neovim package. g:deoplete#sources#jedi#ignore_errors: Ignore jedi errors for completions. やnumpy. mkvirtualenv --python=`which python3` devel-python3 which python python -V jedi-vim環境を整える jedi-vim本体と、virtualenvのパス問題を解決してくれるvim-virtualenvをvimに追加。 NeoBundleを使ってるなら ~/. 3, compiled with +conceal (which is not the case on some platforms, including OS X). el does not require python-mode (python. So if 26 weeks out of the last 52 had non-zero commits and the rest had zero commits, the score would be 50%. 7. 7, and +lua or +python3 is needed. 6. dll を見に行っているらしい。 なので、そのどれかがないと Jedi-vim が動かない。 前提・実現したいこと jedi-vimのオムニ補完を正常に作動させたい 発生している問題・エラーメッセージ Vundleを使用し、jedi-vimを導入しました str. It understands Python and stubs on a deep level. 7/config-  You can either include Jedi as a submodule in your text editor plugin (like jedi- vim does by default), or you can install it Otherwise, use the Python 3 version. 2. で補完を試したところ、以下のメッセージが出ます -- オムニ補完 (^O^N^P) パターンは見つかりませんでした 該当のソースコード test. However, sometime back I began using PyCharm, and there is no turning back since then. actually it seems pip3 is required to install when using Python 3. How can I install vim text editor on a FreeBSD server or desktop? Introduction: VIM (Vi IMproved ) is not installed by default Commit Score: This score is calculated by counting number of weeks with non-zero commits in the last 1 year period. homebrewでvim8をインストール homebrewのvim8のpython3を有効 vim8が使用しているpythonはpython3. press capital K. el is a Python auto-completion package for Emacs. 18 x86_64 GNU/LINUX So the issue is when  Contribute to davidhalter/jedi-vim development by creating an account on a VIM version that was compiled with Python 2. vim-pyenv が +python/+python3 な Vim にインストールされると自動で Python のバージョン切り替え機能が有効化されます。 すべての処理がバックグラウンドで行われるので通常は意識する必要がありませんが、今回は確認も兼ねて一つづつステップを踏んでいきます。 Vimのpython補完プラグイン「jedi-vim」を発見! JEDIだと!でも、Vimって慣れないイメージ でも、JEDIには惹かれる。。。 という事でVimでPythonの開発環境を作る事にした。 Step. In order to do that, we curated a list of awesome plugins available in the community and provided an automatic installation procedure for this set. dll か、 /bin/msys-python3. el or python-mode. I introduce python autocompletion for Emacs and Vim in which there are some complicated configurations. version) pythonが使えるようになっ  2 Jan 2017 Whereas a bunch of people also think YCM is too huge and need to be compiled, then jedi-vim is an alternative. The best  :python3 import sys E370: Could not load library . From several posts from Debian Developers it seems that compiling Vim with the +python3 flag is not really working. This project aims to use Vim as a powerful and complete Python IDE. It can also do just about anything! On the down side though, VIM can be a pain to configure, but fear not. Hope it helps you. Summary: Standard installation of vim-jedi is broken I've installed vim-jedi, python-jedi, and python3 python开发,使用vim作为编辑器,想安装jedi vim插件,来支持vim的代码补全功能,请问题如何安装,谢谢 I once used to be a firm VIM user who enjoyed this simple and lightning editor for writing Python program. jedi-vim git version: c6f05cd; jedi git submodule status: How can I get vim-jedi to recognize python3? I have Anaconda (including python3. 04 installed and Vim in its repos is compiled without Python 3 support. jedi-vim does support Python 3 completion, but only if I would have the +python3 option if I understand it correctly. g. But for packages like numpy (which was included in Anaconda) the completion is not working. My Vim doesn't have Python support. I am using vim with jedi-vim to edit some python code. Using the jedi autocompletion library for VIM. vimrc to search and add packages from the pyenv/virtualenv directories individually. However it seems like YoucompleteMe for Vim doesn't seem to have autocomplete working for python3 , although jedi does seem to. I am writing Python code. Added support for Python 3 syntax highlighting; Added :Python2Syntax and : Python3Syntax  18 Nov 2015 However, what I have found is the best way to learn VIM… Install the jedi plugin which allows awesome auto-completion of commands and  25 Feb 2019 If anyone figures out a way to get this working in Vim, please let me . This article will show you how to get a powerful VIM environment set up in a way that is geared towards wrangling Python day in and day out. Vim Awesome: list of popular vim plugins. How do I show python help() inside でも、ようやく入った。 お疲れ、おれ。 ここでお勉強した。 VimでPython環境をいい感じに整える - Qiitaqiita. I have installed jedi vim with: dnf install vim-jedi now, if I open a python file I have the following error How do I install VIM text editor for my FreeBSD server? I like vim as it is a highly configurable text editor and efficient one. Package: vim-python-jedi ( 0. The real root of the problem is that the last version of jedi-vim (0. vimrc にでも以下のように追記。 jedi-vim_devの方を使いたいのでちょっと細工。 What is it?¶ Jedi. It's possible to search for usages and list names in a Python file to get information about them. 7 dist-Pakete finden. vim. Notably, jedi-vim caused no issue, but I was unable to test whether it was using omnicompletion for Python  Example Vim setup for Python development with useful plugins description. I'm not really sure but I think that python/python3 in Debian/Ubuntu is not compiled with --enable-shared option (because of a performance reason) so you need to re-compile python/python3 by your self. を入力してもエラーが出てうまく実行できなかった。なんとかこちらでできるようにいつか再挑戦する。 The problem was not in vim default python interpreter. 4/Neovim v0. Currently, it has an old version of vi. 首先,jedi-vim插件需要当前Vim版本支持python,在终端输入 vim --version 可查看当前 Vim 的版本和编译信息。如下图可知,当前Vim并不支持 python2或python3,因此需要重新编译和安装。源码编译安装Vim的方法可参考vim源码编译安装方法。 YouCompleteMe doesn't support Python3 at all. vim (as suggested by the vim-plug document) and put it at jedi-vimのオムニ補完を正常に作動させたい ; 発生している問題・エラーメッセージ. x系列が推奨されていました。 今回確認したのは3. 04. プログラミングに関係のない質問 やってほしいことだけを記載した丸投げの質問 問題・課題が含まれていない質問 意図的に内容が抹消された質問 広告と受け取られるような投稿 I have Ubuntu 14. VIM is ubiquitous and fast, and it never crashes. python3를 vim을 사용해서 코딩을 하는데, 자동완성 기능이 있으면 좋을 것 같아 찾아봤더니 jedi-vim을 많이 사용한다. Jedi is a static analysis tool for Python that can be used in IDEs/editors. The problem is that if I hide C:\Python36 then Vim cannot run python3 even though it is in the path (provided by conda). import os # os is built-in library. vimはjediというpythonプラグインに依存しているので, jediのプラグインのディレクトリ内で. For example, Jedi. This document describes the providers and how to install them. version) 'cjrh/vim- conda' Plugin 'davidhalter/jedi-vim' Plugin 'nvie/vim-flake8'  2019年3月20日 vimでptyhonのコードジャンプしたいと調べるとjediというプラグインが . Sometimes it sucks, but that's normal in dynamic languages. I am a new Vim text editor user. 이 함수가 어느 파일에 구현되어 있는지 어디서 사용하는지 등등 이 파일 저 파일 왔다갔다 하려면 정신없죠. Window7 32Bit の Kaoriya vim で *. 10 it is difficult to get a copy of vim with both python2 and python3 support. pyenvでバージョン管理をしている環境でjedi-vimをインストールしたがVimを起動すると下記エラーが表示されて使えなかった。 function jedi#init_python の処理中にエラーが検出されました: 行 7: Error: jedi-vim failed to initialize Python: jedi-vim requires Vim with support for Python 2 or 3. completion and nothing else. Bug 1190187 - Standard installation of vim-jedi is broken. 04 VIM without python support! Ask Question In 17. 7 is the default python version. :python3 import sys; print(sys. 3; 支持Python 在shell下输入命令vim --version,会显示出版本号和支持的特性,你需要在里面检查一下有没有+python3字样,如果vim版本过低或是不支持python,你就需要重新安装vim了。 Vi Improved. vimの導入. But I feel the newbie Python programmer should start with VIM first, and then move on to some good IDE like PytCharm or even Spider. Is the "neovim" module installed? While jedi-vim will work, it might not use the expected Python path. Vim is also extensible using a built-in scripting language, VimScript, though in general Vim users have refrained from the exuberant For `jedi-vim`, you use `<leader>d` [0]. os. # ycm does not complete members of this class. 0) has been released in 2013 and did not work well with python3. path. Issue Some prerequisites: vim version 8. Vim editor is one of the popular editors for writing python script. However, some libraries we use are C++ shared libraries for which we generated python bindings using pybindgen. jedi-vim · Jedi-vim is a Vim binding to the autocompletion library Jedi. NET), Jedi is a language support service for python. py import numpy vim中是否可以对Python进行代码补全呢?就像在Eclipse中那样? davidhalter/jedi-vim · GitHub jedi-vim,使用JEDI > pacman -S python2-jedi vim-jedi. Unfortunately there is no activate_this. let g:python_host_prog = '/usr/bin/python2. It also helps you to find information about Python objects, such as docstring, function arguments and code location. vim and vim-plug. <SNR>38_init_python, 行 52) jedi-vim: the detected Python version (3) is not functional. el does not provide syntax highlighting. 9. And please those of you who deign to grace us with your vim wisdom - be kind. This movie was edited with "OpenShot" and "Blender". 7' let g:python3_host_prog = '/usr/bin/python3' I have installed neovim python package for both python2 and python3 so python bindings work fine when i use the system python, but inside virtual environment the auto completion does not work. 5; 一、安装vim. 10-18. el in ~/. If that doesn't work, Jedi certainly won't. 2017年1月29日 補完についてはjedi-vimというプラグインが良さそうなので試してみる。 インストール 前提条件 Python3を使うため+python3/dynとなっていればよさそ… 19 Nov 2017 create a python virtual env with pipenv tool > pipenv --python 3 > pipenv shell # install jedi package and open vim > pipenv install --dev jedi  autocompletion tool for Python - VIM addon files. (By the way More than 3 years have passed since last update. Plug 'davidhalter/jedi-vim' The deoplete auto completion is not working for any library in my virtual env and shows completion for modules installed in the system python only. 前提・実現したいこと. g:deoplete#sources#jedi#extra_path: A list of extra paths to add to sys. 如果系统中已安装了vim,需要检查一下vim是否满足需求: 版本大于7. I've used pycharm a lot in the past where the autocomplete is superb. vim file in the above location if it’s not there yet. For Numpy, autocomplete suggesting correctly. 5系列になります。 ふだん Python 環境は Anaconda に頼っているので、当然 Vim の Python 3 インターフェイスとしても Anaconda の Python 3. el), but you don't want to use it without python-mode. Enjoy! ⤧ Next post Vim Port of spacemacs-theme ⤧ Previous post Switch from spacemacs to vim painlessly © 試行錯誤の結果、Jedi-vim@Linux 成功! ラッキー! まずはVimのコンパイル。 デフォルトのPythonさんと異なるものを使いたい時は、次のオプションで指定。 Ubuntu 16. jedi vim python3

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