One direction imagines he makes you cry

Joe73 I’ll buy another one” he said. I was just mad at somethings. As the waitress leads you to your table people look at you and one even took a picture. He told you what hotel Niall was staying at. You knew Niall was a strong person. "So then to even take maybe Harry out as well — it's something that I can't ever imagine, really. “Jesus, Zayn. And it kills me to know that I hurt you. #Imagine you and Harry were best friends. You ask Liam. #Hazza #Harry One Direction BSM - 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you May 2019 Read 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you from the story One Direction BSM by The_Elizabeth_Rose (Elizabeth Rose) with 15 The picture of Harry with his arm around a blonde model-looking girl makes you feel sick. You go into the bathroom and lock the door, in case Harry or one of the other boys come home and he won't see you in there. Wondering what you did to make the person you look up to the most hate you. -Kayla “#Imagine requested by Never-Forget-Love. . I all ready regretted it, after reading one tweet. After a while of grinding you decide its your turn to be a little adventurous and you turn around so you are dancing face to face, and you put your hands on his hips. Louis wanted One Direction to continue but Harry Styles was keen to “You're asking guys who have grown up being best friends to make selfish . In end he holds his hands in front of the lense to frame your face in a heart. “Baby, baby, no. You and Harry have been dating for almost 3 months now and this was the first tour he had been on while you’ve been dating, and so you missed him so much. You really did try to stick with Harry. Louis: You were reading a book upstairs while you gave Louis and the boys some “guy time” downstairs. unless its with both eyes lol. “morning” you say back and go back to cooking your food. Of course you make it right, (Y/N)! You already do! People who try to hurt you are jerks and you shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of making you cry! I love you, and other people love you, too. ”. Preference: He Scares You. He looked at you with dark eyes and balled fists. ”(Y/N)?“ it was Niall, you didn’t look up from your pillow to look at him, so he came in and sat on your bed. Zayn: One day, he was laying in the bedroom you two share when you suddenly ran in crying. You look gorgeous,” he says, mouth agape and eyes not taking a blink. It really does,” he says, pulling you into his chest, bag dropping to the ground, and you arms immediately wrap themselves around his waist, breathing in his scent. He grabs your hand and squeezes it in a soft and soothing way. He must’ve thought your relationship truly started yesterday, when the public first found out about it. Though it was difficult, he would not see you cry. He Accidentally Hurts You In Front Of The Other Boys Luke: You and the boys were at Ashton’s place and spent the day playing a bunch of video games. what he makes of his dad's recent comments about his sex life, and what we can expect from the group's second You can see girls getting too excited and they start crying or worse. But he was too distracted to give you the time of day. He grabbed your wrists lightly and pressed them down against the bed. You were a lucky girl. What would Harry do? Would he cry? You were more nervous about this moment than you had ever been before. While he is in the bathroom, you get into your favourite black dress. Two years of your relationship…gone. Sick. You’re the biggest peice of shit to ever take a step in my life. Before you could try to break free from his grip he pressed a kiss to the crook of your neck. “Please Y/n don’t do this” he begged, you bit your bottom lip holding back the tears pricking the back of your eyes. Your eyes filled with tears as you ran away from his room, down the stairs and out the door. It is something you do when you’re sad. Zayn - He acted like he didn't care for the first couple of minutes, but when he was how bad you're hurting, he broke down, and started to feel really bad. Your now ex-best friend “Wait! Let us explain!” Your boyfriend shouted over the blazing loud music. You’d grown up together. “We both need people to love, we both need people to love us. ♡Kinsey Hood♡ He woke up nearly thirty minutes later and finally realized you were the one who was crying. And not only I feel like that, but I garantee you everybody else in your life feels like that” she spat, quickly walking away, out of my sight. “Hey, Pretty Lady. You're done. He knew that you just laughed along with everyone else so you could cover up for whatever reason. “Keep it. You could hear him begin to cry as he shouted your name repeatedly, but you ignored his screams and stared at the pills in your palm. The hotel was 5 hours by flight. Harry storms into the flat, angrily throwing the door shut behind him. Tears start steaming down your face without you even realizing it. “I’m done with you”, Harry said and he got up and left. You’ll grow old and fat and I don’t know if I want to stick around for that. And he would push every angry feeling away, just to make sure you 'I'm sorry for making you cry…'. << what is air? 1 Jun 2014 And this was one of those moments you actually had no clue what to do. You felt as if you were going to cry. He didn’t mean for it to come across that “Babe, are you c-. There was no feelings for him at all, and you was really happy about that, you didn't wanted to be with him like that. i do trust you, i promise. You reach the restaurant and Niall holds your hand as you walk to the restaurant doors. Liam shakes his head and you furrow your eyebrows. You waddled into your living room, then sat on the couch, covered yourself in a blanket, and started to cry. “Are you sure?” you wondered, knowing it was custom made for him. And you’re the one who made it. Erotic Assignment || knj “I mean my research was watching porn-“ wordcount: 2. you laugh as he tickles your stomach. Grace Carroll Harry and louis People kept making up rumours that he was cheating on you, but you trusted him, you knew he wouldn’t hurt you like…you hoped. She laughs and walks away, rolling her eyes. ” he practiclly whispers. Your eyes narrow as you get to your feet, "But it's not one argument is it Louis? We're having the same argument almost every single day - neither of us can go on like this!" you make to move towards the door, "I love you Louis, but we both deserve he’s angry as hell. You snorted, "You're not exactly an unbiased party. "Y/N, I think you've had enough," he said softly, gently prying the bottle from your fingers. Harry: He would try to get your attention across the store you were in by sticking his tongue out, waving his arms, and jumping around. He immediately wrapped his arms around you and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. When you were sad or missing him, you laid on his side of the bed and imagined that he was still around. “Haha why baby girl?” he laughed. (5/5) One Direction Preference (Gifs) These are not my gifs, credit to the owner. You've been it for a couple years now, and you loved it! He was the only one who could make you smile when you cried, he never failed to put a smile on your face no matter the situation. " you laugh as he tickles your stomach. "Dammit, what did I do now?“ Liam mumbled. He says while covering your mouth. Harry: Harry stirred awake and heard you talking in your sleep. He just doesn’t know where. No one can make me feel like I’m the happiest person except you. No one can ever love me like you Harry. (Requested) Preference: BSM, Another Boy Makes You Cry . Zayn: Zayn would always do this weird shaking, seizure looking, thing that they had always done in their old video diaries. The rest of the boys though are on your side and get you to stay. “Babe! One Direction Preference #2 - He has a breakdown being away from you Part 2 Louis: It was 3 a. A worthless, stupid, pethetic bitch who can’t even take care of herself. He Gets Hurt Niall: (I’m sorry if this isn’t totally accurate) You were sitting front row, watching the boys perform their show in Amsterdam and loving every second of it. In the 1D biography Dare to Dream, Harry recalled crying— not a "Singing is what I want to do and if people who can make that  25 Jun 2017 In One Direction, Louis Tomlinson was 'the kid at the back'. ” You gasped. It smelled like him and sometimes, you would close your eyes and picture that he was still there. You turned away from him, to the front door. You-Calum-Ashton-You were never sure why Ashton Irwin had hated you so much. You mustered up enough courage to hold in your tears. You feel your eyes brim with tears, and you walk back home with your head down, so no one will see you cry. Part 1. “Im sorry, (y/n) i didnt know. He has a feeling that you were hiding somewhere in the house. 2 : He yells at you for the first time… Zayn: You walked a few blocks ahead before settling down on the sidewalk and wiping away the tears of heartbreak. he leans closer to you, one arm resting on the car seat behind you. Request: Hey could you do a one shot where you go surprise Ashton (your boyfriend) on tour and when you’re there he acts like you’re unwanted there. Niall yelled back at you, his eyes widening when he realized what he had just shouted at you. One Direction Prefrences. It was something you did often. You were surprised when he stepped closer to you and grabbed your waist, slightly pushing you into the direction of the car. He makes you cry - Part 1. Liam "Did you hear me screw up my solo in What Makes You Beautiful? I fucked  2 Jul 2018 Sometimes he'd cook for you when he was really in a mood and eventually it He gives you a small smile, phone still to his ear and mouths one second. " Niall: He found you curled up on the couch, eyes glassy and a half-empty bottle of champagne in your hands. The fact that he won would make him want to fight again, and you knew your body couldn't go through the stress over and over. in the morning and he was sobbing in between his hands. “Cut deeper. The sick that makes him want to punch something; someone. His hands are groping your body, committing every curve to memory. You can hear Harry, Liam and Zayn searching for you. obviously, he wasn’t just going to let his baby be sad, so he does his best to make you laugh, even poking your side to tickle It’s always the same when you fight. Louis (11) ; you were with the boys and louis camping , louis asked you to go with niall to get some wood for the fire , you did as he said and went with niall when you arrived at the place where the wood was , there where was a grave you looked at it and came closer to it until a man jumped from the grave you screamed ” AHHHHHHH” and run quickly You knew what he was going to do and you were scared of what was coming. " He replies. You two had just barely gotten started, you were still in your underwear, when you heard a voice from the hallway, "Hmm, say Niall mate, do you know where I could have put my-" The door swings open to reveal a shocked Liam. 14 Aug 2014 He bends and kisses you softly, so softly it makes you want to cry. You were the one taking the lead, so you kissed his collarbone, hands traveling down to his belt buckle, and unbuckling it. his grip is tight enough Preference #17 - He sees you cry. But in reality, you knew it started the day he took you back to Cheshire to meet Anne. There’s no other way to explain the feeling. He wraps you up in his arms, “I’ll be here when you need to talk or not to talk. Zayn looks over and you and hes worried and feels so guilty. “I-I didn’t mean to make you cry. Louis: He finds you lying on the bathroom floor. a cocktail of anger and sadness and guilt for even bringing you to this party fills him up and threatens to spill over as he crosses the room and pulls you away from the stranger sitting next to you on the couch. You could hear your mother calling your name but you didn’t respond, you just kept on running. "Then why aren't you speaking?" You chuckle. When you cat-sitted for Gemma’s cats. It’s overpowering, and every time he even hears Y/n breathe is a drive to more insanity. 12 Dec 2013 Taken from their latest album 'Midnight Memories', we chose the 20 most new album and find out what makes the 1D boys such a sensation. His slender figure towers over you, backing you up until the corner of the kitchen counter digs into spine. [Harry:] Nobody compares to you Harry isn’t following you. But he was sure that you would never go for a guy like him, the player, the one everyone assumed didn’t love anyone for very long. I'd never let you fall and break your heart / And if you wanna cry or  11 Aug 2015 The Definitive Ranking of Every One Direction Song Ever, From Worst to As you'd expect from the title, this is baby Direction at their neediest ready to imagine that just yet. For the past half an hour the boys had played Wii Sports and they were trying to find out who was the best tennis player on the game. He feels such happiness. He had a large smile on his face that was so contagious it made you smile as well. Harry: “Hey baby how’s the tour going?” You asked starring at the screen on your laptop. Preference #52: He Makes You Cry During An Argument. And lately he was trying to get you into it as well. Your nights are spent weeping into your pink fluffy pillow case, wondering what you did to make your Liam hate. Halfway through Niall comes in damp hair and all, he hugs you from behind his arms around your waist as he kisses your cheek. He pulled you into his arms “No no, he’s not angry with you at all, he’s angry with the game. I just didn’t want to post anything I wasn’t happy with! You never heard him cry like this before, it’s like he’s so scared and sad at the same time. he can make anyone cry with his “I'd like to know every single one of you in here tonight — if you are black,  21 Jul 2017 He says: “It was an uncomfortable time more than anything. You turn to him and laugh while handing him is plate. ” It makes you want rest, and anything that gets in the way makes you selfish. Thinking it was nothing he started to fall back asleep but was woken up seconds later when you started screaming and telling whoever or whatever you were dreaming about to stop. The thought of him winning made you really happy, but you knew Niall. it was the first time youve seen him cry and it made you want to cry. “Babe, your face is going to freeze like that,“ you say, kissing his cheek and grabbing your wristlet. “You know I didn't sing a single solo on the X Factor,” he says, recalling the time I find myself hoping that this Last Directioner makes an unlikely go of it after all. A tear immediately fell down your cheek and Niall shook his head, "Oh babe, I'm so sorry," he said, extending his arms and pulling you into his chest. When he doesn't stop, you tickle him back until you're both gasping for air. away from your crying face that makes him weak because he hates to see you cry . you blush. He tipped your chin up again, gently stroking your skin. and you let him explore. Louis: Louis and you have known each other for years. HARRY: Harry’s mouth is holding yours captive as he practically sucks your lips right off your face. Once you calmed down, you and he had a long conversation about how the girls at your work place kept harassing you because of him. He heard you crying softly int the bathroom, his heart dropped. When he asked before, you kept saying that you were alright and he knew  Read You comfort him while he cries from the story 1D Tumblr Imagines & Preferences ♫ by Sarah-Renee (Sarah) with 2472 reads. You wanted absolutely everything to be perfect and that started with the perfect outfit. “morning babe” he says and sits on the counter top. Louis: You and Louis are about to go out this night. You burst out crying as you heard Niall shout out in alarm and run to you. You still comfort him and you felt awful, causing this much trouble to your boyfriend. #47 sixth member series: he hates you Harry: “I can’t believe they give [Y/N] the solo that one should be mine!” I said angry to Niall when we walked in the bus. You were so excited to show it to him on you and everything, and he didn’t even like it. you say that kids and marriage aren't happening until One Direction is over or taking a long break? Or How many times have you said that you couldn't imagine having  1 Dec 2014 Answer: You can't remember a time in your life when you'd felt more abandoned, more humiliated. you turn to him, now you were the one fighting back teards. Harry’s smile immediately faltered as he took a deep breath. One Direction Preference #2 - He has a breakdown being away from you Part 2. BSM #28: One of your sibling makes you feel insecure Zayn (17);*your pov* mom just finished cooking zayn’s favourite, since he came back from tour my mom is making whatever he wants, and now it’s You shake your head, letting the tears spill out of your eyes. “He doesn’t mean it you know”, Niall said he wrapped his arms around you and kisses your forehead. Preference #288: He makes you feel unwanted. 8k genre: smut, teacher x student Warning(s): oral sex (male receiving), oral creampie, mild dirty talk, respectful Negan Imagine ~ The King Part 1: The Engagement Feast Medieval inspired AU Summary: When the Reader is about to be forced to be married off to an obnoxious Lord, a certain guest at the engagement Apparently our good friends at Rolling Stone loved our blog on Harry Styles’s newly publicized mushroom use, so they sent Jezebel an exclusive, previously unreleased photograph of young Harry If you guys really wanted me to be happy, then you’d leave @Y/T/N alone! Liam: @Real_Liam_Payne: Are you guys happy now? You finally broke her! So much for being FANS… A/N: This one was really hard to write… If you send hate to anyone, PLEASE stop! They did nothing to you. Zayn pulled you into his arms, and let you cry while he stroked your hair. You really like to do something sportive but you’re not sure Harry like to. Zayn imagine :,) this makes me emotional. BSM #1: You think he loves your sibling more when he comes back from tour (3/5) Harry: (7) It has been a month since Harry has come back from tour and he hasn’t spent one day with you, only Gemma. ” You say with a laugh. You instantly felt your walls crumbled around you, your heart caving in on itself. Can you imagine One Direction and Eminem?! 1 Feb 2019 It's the One Direction turned solo star's 25th birthday, and we're celebrating Styles called the village of about 5,000 people that he grew up in "quite boring," but "picturesque. You had been talking to him fro a good half an hour and he hasn't said one word. I regret everything I did that included you. A tear drips down your cheek and lands on the magazine, causing the ink to smudge. <<< I bet this happens with Perrie He's like that teddy bear that you hug a night when your sad, but Cupcake · Zayn You Make Me, Love You More Than, One Direction Imagines, 1d Imagines . He says it’s your fault, you try to defend yourself, he leaves you alone with your thoughts, you yell them at him and he acts like it’s not his business. My Life Is All About One Direction Follow on Tumblr He quickly swooped you up in his arms and you laughed. Niall was quiet; he looked in between you and Zoe. ” But I'd love to. You felt really stupid. You stand in you and Zayn's shared walk in closet. " "True," he conceded, "But that doesn't make you any less perfect to me. with One Direction might not read as the most romantic, but imagine it happening in real life. You were dressed in a blue and nude gown, the top jeweled. You quickly run down the stairs, get in the elevator and run out the front of the building to meet him. He has no care in the world if Y/n hasn’t entered yet. It was easy to do when Jo made sure Louis didn’t forget his home life or those he’d left behind. And you have booked reservations at Nando's for you and him as not only is he coming home, it's your One Year Anniversary coming up in a few days! It's now Six O'clock and he will be back in an hour! You run upstairs to make yourself look pretty for when he comes home! Now, your heart was pounding. The boys are laughing at what Niall did but Harry, being the gentleman he is, put you on his back so you could catch your breath. “You taste amazing” he smirked, licking his fingers “come back tomorrow for another surprise from me” he said, walking in the opposite direction. It was sad and pathetic, but it was what helped you through the long strings of days when he would be halfway around the world performing in front of stadiums of screaming girls. ” You lifted up his chin with your fingers. He makes a vine of you, what does it include? Harry - It’s a bunch of short clips of you making a series of different silly faces. It’s pretty sad for just a young lad to-” You flip off the TV. it’s bad enough seeing someone touch you like that, their hands roaming over your body and your eyes filling with tears, but it’s worse seeing you just stand there and take it, biting your bottom lip so you don’t start crying. You stop on the spot and start to cry. Wow. You open your mouth, wanting to scream back at him, but the shadow of darkness that has fallen across his emerald eyes leaves you shaking on the inside and at a loss for words. He pulls your shirt up, and when you make no move to stop him, he pulls it completely over your head and tosses it aside before taking off his own shirt. No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile Baby tell me how to make it right Now all of my friends say it's not really worth it But even if that's true No one in the world could stop me from not moving on Baby even if I wanted to Nobody compares to you Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh. Notes Hazza Imagine: He sees you cry! I took a deep breathe before pressing the twitter app. ” Harry: “C’mon (Y/N)! Please come out with us! The boys specifically asked me over here to tell you to come with us!” he begs, trying to drag you out by your arm. I love you guys and you guys make my day brighter :) Niall: "Niall, you're more ticklish than me, so I wouldn't continue doing this if I was you. "He didn’t mean it (Y/N), honest” he said rubbing your back “Ni, is Li Li angry with me?” you cried, looking up at him. “Uh, yeah. one direction fanfiction one direction preferences harry imagines  Read #26 = He makes you cry from the story Niall Horan Imagines by One Direction I don't own but will have to talk to Simon about that ;) But I do own the  21 May 2015 By the time Harry makes it backstage, he learns that you've already He nods before giving you one last look before heading back with . You and your boyfriend Harry decide to go to the beach. Hope you like it and tell me what you think :) Next BSM will be ‘he finds out you have a bf from one of your siblings’, it might be posted next week because I have exams on Tuesday. You were delighted, but that wore off soon. I got some of the pictures from tumblr just so you know. He can make anyone smile with his horrible jokes. Please request more :) I would also like to say thanks you to all the lovely comments and the follows. today you refuse to look at him and your hands are shaking as you click your seatbelt into place. He knew you were angry when you would just walk in a room and walk out without saying a word to him. ( I'm sorry if this hurts anyone, its a very sensitive subject) *If any of you are self harming you can talk to us, we'll be here for you. you whimper at your high coming. “Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t. At the sound of Louis' voice you only began to cry harder because Louis couldn't be talking to you, he'd never say your name again and you'd never hear his laugh again or see the way his eyes would light up with mischief or Part One #5 BSM He hurts you (Part 2) Liam (Age 12): It has been a week since your altercation with Liam and the last time you have spoken to him. He kind of gave you an ehh I don’t know about this one look. Find images and videos about one direction, one direction imagine and harry styles imagine on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. “NIAAALLL” you scream out, luckily you were alone in the library. Masterlist Request. He Winks At You And Your Reaction Niall You Zayn You Liam You Harry You Louis You A/N: Louis doesn’t wink…. You’d lived next door to him and his family for years. You grab one of the pillows you have in your hideout and gently place your head on it. Preference #14- He makes you cry Louis: You had just got home from a long day at work. Everything will be okay. “I’m all alone! And I watched a scary movie! And I want to cry and hide and die all at the same time!” you said in one breath. ” You need someone to love you, someone to take care of you. "You all right, love?" He knew you had some issues at school, but you never though he’d use it against you. ” He whispered and you glared at him. Captioned “waiting for the plane with my favourite person. Fourty Two: He Makes You Cry From A Fight. Zayn Imagines always make me cry. He feels sick. “You are loved,” he said simply, his thumb grazing your lower lip. Before you got even 3 metres near him, you found him Smoking. It’ll be alright, we’ll figure this out,” Zayn soothes, taking your wailing son from your arms to give you a bit of a break. You desperately needed your boyfriend’s opinion. One Direction Preference #1 P. He comforts you after a break up and confesses his love- PART ONE- LOUIS “You’re a bitch you know that!” You growled running out of the party you were invited to. He barely presses his lips to yours, just rests them on yours and breaths  23 May 2012 Digital Spy talks to the One Direction star about taking over the world. This only makes you cry harder. "Your voice is the most gorgeous thing I've ever heard. But this album closer gives each of the boys a chance to shine . Zayn spun Harry one last time, so that he was facing the direction you were in. forgot about his date, and suddenly, he wants to dance with you. You had also put on six pounds recently so you were already a little self conscious. “I, love you,” he breathed, voice heavy with his own emotion, never before admitting his feelings to you. He lifted you onto his hip, stroking your hair and bouncing you but you wouldn’t stop crying. Zayn promised you he wouldn't smoke anymore. . "Babe, I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to make you cry" he says attempting to hug you. He Gets Jealous of One of the Other Boys Checking You Out *REQUESTED* Hey guys! SOOOOO sorry this took so long, school has been hectic!!! Anyways, hope ya’ll love it! This is a mash up of three different requests so I hope it turned out okay! :) Niall: You were hanging out with the other boys and their girlfriends. You felt as if your heart was stabbed multiple times. He find out you self harm. You’d never told anyone your biggest insecurity before, and it scared you to your core to admit it now. He didn’t mean to be a jerk to you, its just that he didn’t know how else to interact with you. Preference- He makes fun of one of your insecurities and makes you cry (Requested) Okay, after a long wait, here it is(: Tell me if you like it! Also, PLEASE request more xoxo Niall- “Niall, slow down, you’re eating way too much. Don’t care about the past. you get up and wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. Niall suddenly removes his hand. When he walks into his room he finds you sleeping peacefully on his couch. I'm sorry I made you cry. Done with being called anorexic, ugly, fat, slutty. It’s like you want to make it even harder for yourself to cry in such an uncomfortable place. Don't be afraid, we won't judge and were always free to talk and it's completely confidential and without judgment. You were crying your eyes out so Niall came to comfort you and you explained to him what had happened between you and Harry. One Direction BSM - 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you May 2019 Read 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you from the story One Direction BSM by The_Elizabeth_Rose (Elizabeth Rose) with 15 You’re a bitch. “Harry! Don’t you want to say something?” It’s hopeless. You have me. Louis: He walks back from another tiring show, upset because you aren’t here yet. He looks up at you. ” You snapped before walking to Homeroom. Done with dealing with the spot light. It was enough to make you just drop off the bowl of popcorn, and then make you leave the room. onedirection, liam, zayn . Harry. Zayn: Age 2: You hit the ground hard as the footbal slammed into your stomach. You began to cry not knowing what you could do to get a reaction of him. The hate you got was unbearable, You found yourself to be depressed when it came to having to deal with the fans, You could see it was bringing Liam down too and you couldn’t do that to him. He then told you a story in hopes it will make you feel better. m. “Ha-Haz, I’m… I’m sorry,” you said, still caressing his back and he continued to cry for minutes. He continues the gentle rock-and-bounce motion and soon your son is settling down and being lulled into sleep. He plopped you down on the bed and climbed on top of you. It was one of your biggest insecurities, but you were comfortable around Niall and ate whatever you wanted. You were beautiful,smart,funny, everything he could ever want in a girl. When you hit middle school was when everything fell apart. Countless of times you’ve seen him flirting wirh girls right infront of you but you’ve always shrugged it off knowing he would come home to you. He blames the alcohol for making him so He Accidentally Hurts You In Front Of The Other Boys Luke: You and the boys were at Ashton’s place and spent the day playing a bunch of video games. You take the blade and slice at your wrist again. And no-one will ever love you the way that you do. Your (eye color) eyes are leaking with tears, and you're clenching your teeth, but you continue nonetheless. Harry nearly cries out your name, sounding both desperate and and you settle back in your seat as the driver makes a quick move to  The tears are real. MASTERLIST. The crowd counted down to one and you knew immediately that Niall had won. Preference #7: He Finds You Sleeping On His Side Of The Bed (5/5) There is no excuse for my lack of updating and I am really sorry. If you want to request, message us with the following information: Your name, which boy you'd like the imagine/one shot to be with, and a situation idea if you have one. You break up with him as a joke but he take it seriously Your POV REQUESTED Harry: “Maybe I should have surgery to look as false as her!” I screamed to Harrys, we were in another stupid fight. All of a sudden you feel cold water stinging your body as you try to come up to the surface. WARNING: CONTAINS SELF HARM. You clutched the camouflage hat that you had brought your brother. You were a big celebrity around the world, and tonight was one of the biggest nights of your life. He was wearing the same cologne he always wore for you, the one that made you weak at the knees. Hi! These are my One Direction imagines! I will try to post as many as possible! Please comment on them and if you want me to make you a One Direction imagine then simply comment with some details: 1) Name 2) 1D Member 3) If you want it to be short or long! 4) A fight, Romantic, Or anything else you think of! We are a blog dedicated to One Direction, and writing One Shots, Imagines, and doing outfit requests, as sent in by followers. He kneels down and strokes your cheek, hoping he won’t wake you. Nevermind,” you mumble, blinking back your tears. You look up at him in shock and disbelief, watching as he stares down at you, hands on his hips. Your now ex The one where he makes you feel insecure (Liam imagine) Liam loved taking care of his body and working out was something regular for him to do. It stings like hell. He scares you now. ” You cuddle up with him and this is the first time that you think you can really get over it all. No one knows why he did it. You take the knife and bring it to your wrist. Zayn was laughing hysterically, but he tried to keep calm for you, “Love- baby, get on Skype yeah? I can’t have my little one crying, I’ll make sure you’re not scared. 22 Oct 2014 You're Poor and He Doesn't Know “Hey, Y/n, do you mind closing up I cried softly, a single tear falling from my eye, “so much. When he skyrocketed to fame in One Direction, you’d kept in touch. You cry out in pain, the throw the blade in the bathroom sink. I love you so damn much it hurts. 5sos Imagines One Direction Imagines One Direction Pictures I Love One Direction I Imagine How Are You Feeling First Love 1d And 5sos Stylish I imagine Zayn as Niall and I cry like a mofo. You've always hated your Heavy Irish accent. “Wow” is all you 23 Jun 2013 “Fuck you Harry,” you cry, stumbling against the curb in your sky-high He gives you a sad smile and you notice that Louis Tomlinson is in the  19 May 2014 One Direction Preferences: Don't Cry LIAM “I hate when you cry… the white hotel covers and checking to make sure you were still somewhat intact. “Sorry I’ve been playing it, it’s the only thing that makes the crying stop. ” Louis - It’s a bunch of loud clips of the two of you at a concert. I mean, you trust him and don't think he'd cheat on you, but seeing him with all these other girls he COULD have just makes you sick to your stomach. Ever since third grade he’d picked on you, and it just got worse in middle school. but not today. He’s sleeping, why are you still so upset?" - Preference #26 He Makes You Feel Insecure Part 2 (Harry) He couldn’t believe what you had just said to him and he couldn’t believe that you head what he said. You called up Liam, since in the band, you were the closest to him. " He said sitting beside you, wrapping Notes Hazza Imagine: He sees you cry! I took a deep breathe before pressing the twitter app. Preference #25- He Comforts You After A Breakup… Niall: He noticed how quiet you were around him and the rest of the boys. “Y/N! Y/N, no! PLEASE!” your best friend shouted for you. Then, you drag the heavy blade across it, making a deep cut on your vein. He starts feeling you up, first going to your breasts then in the opposite direction, you were a little worried with this but you just thought to yourself ‘YOLO’. After Zoe drifted back to sleep you grabbed the guitar and gave it to Niall. You even heard Liam suggest to call the cops, but luckily Harry convinced him not to. He let you walk out of his car, just like that. Her eyes flutter open. Before he could see your face, you got up and rushed into your bedroom and slammed the door. #Hazza #Harry everyday, he picks you up from school and everyday you greet him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. All you wanted to do was go to sleep, but frankly Louis had different plans for you. You and him talk about what he does and you realize he’s from that famous boy band, One Direction. I'm crying. Harry: "Why are you so god damn clingy?" he roars, jaw tight and muscles taunt with pent up fury. And most people will call you crazy, but he kneels down and lays himself beside you. You dont wanna look at him. He knocked on the door lightly then walked in,”baby what’s wrong?” Now, your heart was pounding. one direction imagines he makes you cry

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