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Joe73 For guaranteed written feedback, use a premium submission. It will not be accepted and will result in immediate deletion of your submission. David X – MY BEAUTIFUL SONG. 11, I explain the process of SUBMITTING YOUR SONG TO RADIO! This applies to South African Radio. Once you have your Internet radio station up and running the next step is to promote your station and get more listeners by submitting your details to Internet radio directories. Premium Submissions on DropTrack see a significantly higher response rate than standard submissions. Thanks for your interest in submitting music to 102. Thank you for your interest in submitting new music to Digitally Imported. com. S. DNB NYC Radio. Do not use VBR during encoding. Some DJ’s are stressed, some delete your email and some might not even check their emails. co. Submitting Music Want to submit a release for consideration of airplay on Radio K? A majority of the CDs we receive each day comes to us from the various national promotion companies (Co-Sign, Terrorbird, Planetary, The Syndicate, and Pirate!, just to name a few) that deal with sending out CDs to NACC-affiliated stations. The first step in getting radio play is sending your music to radio stations. Once you’ve done that just send your submission to: Tinderbox Music Attn: Band Submission (please indicate if you’re interested in Press, Radio, or Distribution) 3148 Bryant Ave S. Submit Music. Get your music played on NSB Radio. If you send us tracks that say track 1 we will DELETE them. Submit your new music for radio play consideration and inclusion on our brand new leaks site that is distributed to djs around the world. How to Submit Your Music to Online Radio Stations and Get Airplay | Challenge The Crafty Musician will gain confidence in submitting your music to online radio stations, college radio, and This question is a deceptive one — it seems straightforward enough, and on the surface, there is a straightforward answer. This ensures that a multitude of diverse ears with different opinions will hear your music and consider it for airplay. If you are streaming with SHOUTcast V1 your station will automatically get added to the SHOUTcast directory. WMUC receives piles of records and CDs every day from hundreds of recording labels. It’s that simple! Submit a hard copy of your music by mailing it to: KTSW Music Director 601 University Drive Trinity Building San Marcos, TX 78666 When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that Nam-Radio will actually listen to your song(s). 1 FM 350 Ferst Drive NW, Suite 2224 Atlanta, GA 30332-0630or emailed to: music. If you want to get 100% airplay on Saturdays in eSolicited show, you can submit your music by joining our cooperative network program which requires a small contribution to our channel operating costs. I accept mp3s which must be labelled  Thank you for your interest in submitting a demo to HUSH Media Networks. com or If you are a specialty genre artist you can submit your music directly to jordan@tinderboxmusic. First Name. Songs selected for air play will be placed on rotation Mon-Fri, during the hours of 1-3pm and 7-9pm. Welcome to San Diego’s New Community Radio Station! Are you unsigned, undiscovered and ready to be heard? Tired of radio stations playing the same song every single time? Join us, be heard, and represent your community! To submit your music, please follow these guidelines: U & I Radio Love To Receive New Music! Whether brand new, Independent or in-between, We will listen to your creations. No cursing. You owe it to yourself. We also pay close attention to what’s buzzing in Toronto. Submit Your Radio Station to iTunes Radio & Apple Music. Sign up and you can submit your music to this station NiaRadioNetwork. Distributing music to commercial radio stations used to involve sending CDs, printing cover letters, bubble envelopes, researching radio stations, finding the right contact information and paying shipping fees. au/submit-music Digital submissions in MP3 format can be sent to submissions@chuo. Submit Song to 939kysvs@gmail. Our music compilers will listen to it and if it’s hot, we’ll play it! Max allowed file size is 12MB. You may submit up to three songs using this form or you may email us to receive “permission to submit” your music through mail if you would like us to test your full CD or EP . ***By submitting your music through this form you are giving us permission to play your music and you agree to receive newsletters and email correspondence from Excitement Radio, Inc. As an independent artist one of the main things you have to understand is distribution. At most stations music submitted one week will be on the playlist the following week. online) a license fee waiver. It can be daunting to submit music to Gospel music stations, but you never know when your Gospel music song submission is the one that jumpstarts your career. DONATE NOW BANDS: SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC Make sure your audio files are encoded in either 320k or 256k mpbs MP3. • By submitting a Song/s you give Radio Maynila UK permission to use the Song and artwork for promotional purposes only. They have listed their information and requirements for submitting. They tour and try to get the masses to hear their songs on the radio. Please be aware that we are selective with our campaigns but we do listen to every submission. As more music is shared electronically, our inboxes- DJ’s, Radio DJ’s, music programmers etc, is flooded with music submissions. com submits your digital music press kit to music industry outlets, including radio stations, music magazines and blogs. 78 Million subscribers in Canada, servicing both English and French music. Music may also be  Submit Your Music. The music needs to be sent through the correct channels and in the specified format preferably in Mp3 not bigger than 5 MB for digital submissions. Radio DJs & Club DJs are paid (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) We have been servicing DJs since 1985 in all 50 USA States. So you're an innovative and talented music artist with a riveting track that's waiting to be exposed to the South African music scene? Upload your track and include ALL the track information. We want to help good music to reach listeners. Use it to promote your music. This area is intended to be used by the Independent/Unsigned Artists and/or their promoters or marketing agencies. With ArtistPR, you will Gain access to over 28,000 Music Industry Professionals, including internet radio stations, music magazines & blogs, music managers, supervisors, A&R reps, booking agents, press and media. By submitting your audio, you are representing to Black Power 96 that you have all necessary rights in  Jun 24, 2013 Now, how do you make your music more than a listing on a page? There are plenty of ways you can add value to a kindie radio station  If you would like your music to get on air, please follow these guidelines. Contact / Music Submissions. io. Submit Your Radio Station’s Podcast to These Six Directories. It doesn’t even matter how good (or bad) you are; bloggers, influencers and tastemakers are just too inundated with requests to give you a listen. THIS IS THE BEST METHOD TO SUBMIT MUSIC TO FONR _____ PLEASE TAG YOUR MP3s !! Your Submissions must be tagged with Artist, Album or CD name and Title of Song ! We can not review music if it is not tagged ! You may choose to email us directly at; music@fieldofnightmaresradio. Do yourself a favour; do it right for St. The UK's future classics are waiting to break. Everything helps. Make It yours. We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, music supervisors, and playlist curators. We service (Radio DJs, Mixshow DJs, Club DJs, Mobile DJs and Billboard Reporting DJs) There is no cost for our services for your company to use iDJPool to service the DJs. Advertise; Submit Music. Want to be heard on KTSW? Just send us a hard copy of your music. Catch the show every Sunday 2-4pm (repeated Tuesdays 10am). Getting radio airplay has never been easier using our digital music system. For artists who ARE using a distributor: Using the online submission form will possibly increase the visibility of your music to Pandora curators ONE MUSIC SUBMISSION can get your music aired on many of the shows on BTD Radio! How’s that for a one stop shop! We understand it takes time submit your music to radio stations. Thank you. Getting play listed on radio is not the easiest of tasks but you have to at least try sending your music to radio stations. UCT Radio. 3. Listener Care Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm EST. Major Labels and the editors at Spotify and Apple Music look to them for early tip-offs about the best new songs to feature, so picking up a few solid placements could mean the difference between getting 100 plays on your new song, or getting 100,000 plays. Music distribution & radio promotion has never been easier using our digital music system. IMPORTANT: By sending your music for publishing or airplay, you give Unity Gospel Radio, full permission to download your music & upload it to our online media channels. By submitting your MP3, you give our   Jun 20, 2016 Common mistakes that lead to a radio station or radio presenter completely ignoring you or sending a rejection letter and playing your  Dec 7, 2017 Submitting your music to college and non-commercial radio stations is easier than you think if you take the right steps - follow our DIY tips to  This is for Artists/Bands NEW to LTATMRadio who Cannot use MusicSubmit. Quality Internet Radio - RadioTunes features a wide variety of free streaming radio channels. Submit Music Here *Look Up Radio is a member of the Stream Licensing Network which pays all licensing fees to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) such as SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Industry contacts respond quickly, provide feedback, and actually listen to MusicSUBMIT. Social Media. Either way, make sure your music and other materials are  Post your event or submit your music for the opportunity to be heard on air If you are a Boston based artist/band, please submit on our Wicked Local  Promote your music with Radio Airplay! We'll play your song to millions of listeners - guaranteed! Just submit your song, and get played! If you're an artist or label who would like to submit music to CHIRP Radio for possible airplay, you can contact our music department using the contact form to the  Before you send your information and music, please take a look at the service that tracks monitored radio, television and internet airplay of songs based on the   Please submit your music to music@fbiradio. FM”, then attach your station’s logo which should be 1400 x 1400 pixels as mentioned earlier. This name will be used as Login User name. com requires a submission fee of $10. If they don’t listen within 7 days, you get your money back. How to submit music to WTJU. Depending on where you're submitting, you will need to be able to send in  Music submitted must be properly edited for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene material. 2. Phone Number* . Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to upload files and share them by sending a public URL. Follow up by emailing the show directly. You can submit music two ways-1. Radio Airplay is a service that offers music authors a chance to be heard by millions of people around the world. Aug 13, 2018 Our Radio Stations section of the directory features only stations that will allow you to submit music to them, with details of what shows they air  Would you like to submit your music to KXT for consideration? If you feel your music would be a good fit for KXT, and is within the guidelines of the Triple A. or. ” It was great to see so many of our brethren show interest in the medium; two years ago I complained that hardly any radio broadcasters were present at the conference. Submit your music. We appreciate feedback of all kinds. No matter the genre, location or intended listening audience, LTATM Radio expect and encourage all ages to submit your music to LTATMRadio. That includes being on the Let’s Talk About The Music, A Humorous Controversial Talk Show. Music Submission We are one of the most recognized music media outlets that showcases and promotes up and coming rappers, and producers on a massive level. com and/or please call 219-933-4455 Send us your music on SubmitHub. Or Alternatively you can point us to anywhere on the internet that you have your music uploaded to and we can review it there, and if we consider it ok for the show we will e-mail you requesting a copy of the track. Submitting Music. Whatever you do, if it’s your goal to get your music on the radio — and it should be — don’t just spam a huge email list of radio programmers to play your music. Radio Submit gives record labels and artists the ability to present hi bitrate broadcast quality music and promotion material to radio stations around the world for  Apr 23, 2019 Before submitting your music to the radio stations below make sure you are happy that the songs you are sending out reflect your best work. We play dance music - bass, beats and breakbeats. It is impossible for us to play all music we receive. Listeners call in and vote for the song they feel should win. If so click below for more options. Preferred Music Genres: Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Pop, Country, Alternative,  Submit Music - Radio 2CBD radio2cbd. How to Submit Music to I Am Radio. How To Submit To KYS Verses & Rules. You can now submit your song to Praiseworld Radio. If you do not have a Dropbox account, create one for free at www. Your information is NOT used for web advertising purposes. If you have a strategy around radio releasing your music at a specific time, keep this in mind, but don’t bank on the radio playlisting your song as the main hype. Once you've Submission to fall within radio sound(genre/sound etc). Must include contact information and social media handles. If you want LTATM Radio to air your music, please follow the submission  Here at BeachFront Radio, we are proud to play a small part in raising the bar for Trop Rock Music and help get it more recognition as an official genre. To submit your professionally produced, radio-ready music for review and airplay on Texas Country  Thank you for your interest in submitting music for airplay on CHRW 94. Here’s what you can expect from the Online Radio Submission Challenge: Submit your music to at least 10 online radio stations. To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations, promotes your song to them using a combination of press releases/one-sheets, phone calls and faxes, and then the stations that When you submit music to PreachPastor. We want to hear from you! Thank you for your interest in submitting music to Summer Wind Radio. fm includes granting us broadcasting and podcasting rights of your submitted song(s) for free, waiving present and future rights to collection of both broadcast and mechanical royalties. The reason is not what you think. Don't waste your time buying fancy packaging and shipping them, just fill out this nifty form with a link to your streaming music on any music hosting site. Email submissions are usually the last ones we listen to when we have time to review new music. * Please do not attempt to submit more than one song per submission period, doing so will cause your submission to be disqualified and your name/group added to the spam/reject list. Are you an artist/band? Submit your music and be heard on Bellarmine Radio. Is your music free of 3rd party rights? We act as the exclusive music publisher for the compositions in our library, promoting and representing them to our clients worldwide. Edge Radio maintains a large catalogue of carefully managed and rotated music that is designed to allow our presenters to have the freedom to choose all the music in their shows without overriding policies. Submit your online radio station free. Look Up Radio plays various genres in the Christian market so we welcome and encourage you to submit your music. This provides a vehicle for unsigned or undiscovered bands and artists to get your music heard and build new and more fans. Submitting a song DOES NOT guarantee it a spot in regular rotation throughout the broadcast. php?page_id=81 We have made it easier for you to find and submit to indie radio stations and other related sites by contacting each program manager and doing the research. Everything You Need To Know About Submitting Music For Music Day. NOTE: Please be sure to have your account number, radio ID or ESN when you call. and If your music is of radio quality,we will play it on the radio station that better fits  Live605 is an online station and media company and is the only Sioux Falls radio station that plays local Sioux Falls music. Submit your Music Radio Airplay - We play the hottest Indie Artist Music and give you Worldwide Exposure. That's right! We are taking submissions of music that YOU sang, either in Karaoke, or you and your band, Or anything you were just sitting around the house messing around with. If you are looking for a chance to be broadcasted on TRACE music channels you are at the right place! Our music schedulers are always looking for fresh artists, songs and music videos. Remember, if you want to submit your music digitally without signing up for Sonicbids, you can email your music and information directly to brandon@tinderboxmusic. Submit your “music with depth” for consideration today. Music Opps staff will be pitching weekly for the following genres: Be sure to download our app to your phone (iOS and Android) and experience the new way of discovering amazing music. You may change the date of your interview, however, if artist doesn’t check-in or call at least 30 MINUTES before the start of the show, the interview will have to be rescheduled. * Browse through the hundreds of stations (categorized by genre) in your iTunes player’s radio section and make note of the ones that’d fit your How to submit your music! Not Accepting Music Right Now. Send us your hard copies. Do your research, put in the effort, and all your hard work will pay off immediately once you step foot in a Starbucks and hear your tune playing on the café speakers. com and Your’ll Soul Music, your music will be reviewed for inclusion in our Internet Radio Broadcasts and Podcasts. do what ever but make it yours. and over 2. Your MP3 file (128K OR 320K) labeled as; ARTISTE – TITLE (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit are just a few places you can share your music. Just visit Fiverr and do a search for “submit music” and you’ll see a few options. PLEASE TAG YOUR MP3s !! Your Submissions must be tagged with Artist, Album or CD name and  We want your music! One of our goals at Radio Phoenix is to provide a media platform for the promotion of innovative music from local, national and in KKDO / ALT 94. It comprises a 12-digit alphanumeric code and functions as a universal identification number for each sound recording. When you’re starting out, one of your biggest challenges as a musician is getting heard. If the digital platform scares you, then post your tracks Submission Form. Radio Airplay is also helping a radio stations to get fresh music releases every month. They have been a key provider with all LTATMRadio, providing music all over the world; including blogs, radio stations and more. Your Music is Submitted to real radio DJs, music bloggers, and FM program directors Get Real Results! Guaranteed Feedback: Airplay, Blog Posts, & Reviews from all sites that listen & APPROVE your music. MusicSUBMIT. com AND/OR jon@tinderboxmusic. FINALLY: Submitting content for our site does not guarantee that it will be used or receive airplay. It takes a lot of time, manpower and needless to say funds to keep this operation running. Use the form below to submit your song for airplay on ECHE Music TV! This form will only accept an mp3 file. To submit your music to Pandora, get your own station. DJs pay a record pool monthly fee If you would like to submit your music for consideration for airplay, do the following things: Do not call or email asking if it's okay to send something. We would appreciate proper meta data with your audio files, and this will certainly impress our radio friends when you submit your music to the broadcasting  Nov 21, 2013 To attach or not to attach: a primer for submitting your music to radio, music radio show, record label, music distributor or promotional service  I created the WoodSongs broadcast to celebrate the music we all love. HoodHype is dedicated to sharing the hottest independent music we get with the world, so here's how it works. By Clicking OK you agree that we are not creeps and that you are totally cool with our website policies OK- I'm cool, just let me see the stupid website already! Many artists and labels all over the world use ArtistPR as a vehicle to submit their music to radio and press. The good news is all you need is a digital distributor. Our music staff tries to review each release and adds the good stuff into  Nov 9, 2015 Most musicians who submit music to radio fail. Click on music shows; Find the genre your music fits into {Jazz, gospel, Hip Hop, Etc} Click on the show you want to submit to. I am submitting this song as the*. Music is an integral part of Radio Phoenix's programming. Want to submit music to us? Want your music to be heard on the radio. Submission doesn't  Jun 9, 2015 Submit Your Music to RTÉ 2XM The Irish music scene is vibrant and varied and this show aims to shine a spotlight on RTÉ Radio Centre Please fill in the details below for your music to be aired by our radio team. Submit your music via Dropbox. Record a few liners for the detour network! Your recorded liner(s) will be added to the network to be rotated 24/7 and played at random times. 5 KSFM! To submit your music for consideration for airplay, please submit a link of a clean edit of your song (ie: Youtube, Soundcloud, etc) and contact info below. ISRC Number * ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the globally recognized standard numbering system for audio and music video recordings. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. mp3) 2. com and/or KOER-LP 101. Now you do have to make sure your music falls within the category when submitting, of course! 1) Submit your music in time for your desired week’s deadline. Bands or musicians who want to submit their music to College Underground Radio for consideration to be added to our playlists should submit 1 mp3 recording (so pick your best) and sign a release for us to play your music. For that, you have our gracious thanks for your music. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to your music. 9 and will not be to share with friends and family, and a project that radio stations want to play. com will actually listen to your song(s). Get in touch with us to give us your comments and suggestions. com Please submit only final mix/mastered radio-ready MP3s. To make a donation to BluesMusicFan Radio, just click on this Paypal button. BUT. When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that EAE Radio Networks will actually listen to your song(s). We are a bunch of adults, with kids, and jobs, and jobs, and kids, and dogs, and hobbies, and better things to do besides beg you to be awesome. One of the best ways to distribute your music is to submit music to a radio station. We do not have a digital library at this point, and we do not have the volunteer capacity to download & burn CDs of digital submissions. Prepare your music for distribution. Each music submission becomes the property of WGTS 91. Industry contacts respond quickly, provide feedback, and actually listen to your music! Even if they don't sign or share your track, sending a Premium Submission means you'll gain valuable insight why. If you are waiting to find out whether your submission has arrived, we ask that you be patient, as campus mail can sometimes be slow, especially during school breaks. We work with more than 3000 FM radio stations from all around the world. 9 FM and take a look at our playlist. Yes; No. Joint Radio OR Joint Radio Blues OR Joint Radio Beat. co stations, however if your URL is not accepted then follow this guide. Make sure your audio files are encoded in either 320k or 256k mpbs MP3. It's all up to you! Use this form to submit your music to our station. We'd love to hear your music! Send music links to submityourmusic@indie88. * Check out this Wikipedia list of popular internet radio stations worldwide. Use your email address you signed up with to login to this site. amazingtunes. com 24/7 Online Gospel Radio Submissions. Submit Music Name*. com, and tell us about your music. In a given week, we air an average of 100 hours of music, much of it by independent and unsigned artists from various genres. Life doesn’t work that way, especially in the radio industry. If accepted, your music will only be available in Pandora’s Radio service and all royalties flow through SoundExchange. Submit your Station to Internet Radio Directories. We're looking forward to introducing you and your song to the world and get you Submit Your Music. As a freeform radio station we play all genres. Thank you for considering Radio Maynila UK to get your music to the masses. This year, Jacobs Media hosted a day full of sessions geared towards radio broadcasters: “Broadcasters Meet Podcasters. za / Drop off at 5FM, SABC Radio Park Reception, Henley Road – Metro FM: Send to their offices in Auckland Submit your music to NSB Radio. 2 million viewers! Have something to say to the masses or want to promote your new album or book? Request an interview! All guests and songs played will be linked and highlighted on When wanting to submit your songs to a radio station, study the station's website to see if they have submission guidelines. With any of our full campaigns, you are guaranteed to show up on Hype Machine’s network. If you’re looking to take your music career to the next level and sell your music, we've partnered with industry leader TuneCore for a trustworthy and transparent service. TMOTTGoGo Radio is always open to helping introduce listeners to material. Email your mp3 to the show directly . * Listen to Live365 or SiriusXM show ( Sirius does both satellite and internet radio). Hip Hop Artists and Beatmakers: Post Your Music (5-1-19) If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post Hip Hop Artists and Beatmakers: Post Your Music (4-24-19) If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post Send us your music on SubmitHub. – 5FM: Submit digitally to playlist@5fm. If your station isn’t active 24 hours a day, add in the comments section at the end the days and times it will be live, e. Some of the services offer you the chance to submit your music to radio stations, club DJ’s, record labels and more. You hear so many blogs, journalists and other industry big names complaining about unsolicited PR emails from bands, so it’s difficult to know where to tread. You will also get an MP3 copy of the actual show after the song has been introduced to the world. Submit Here. Email your submission request as outlined below. Today, in a digital, on demand world, teens listen to whatever music they choose, whenever, wherever, and however they want without the limitations of FM reception and time schedules. We’re a member of the WBGR Entertainment Network with a combined 1. Listen in the morning, afternoon and evenings. * Submit your music to Pandora. Submit your music (MP3 Format) to: tina@countryblastradio. By submitting your MP3, you give our radio station permission to place your song in rotation. Please select genres to service music. dropbox. Submit your music to Dragon Radio Asia. 101 Music Blogs to Submit Your Music To. The WFTP Radio Network is allowing the public to submit music to us. It is vital  Music Submission Agreement. Box 650-086 Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-9994. com) recently introduced MALCOLM, an online music submission system that assists independent artists in submitting their work to the Los Angeles-based public radio station. (Please do not attach mp3s to emails). We are  Philly Rock Radio is here to promote great hard rock and metal music. com/page. Other countries might have different processes! I hope you enjoy it! Please like and share When you are just starting out as a Christian musician, you may struggle trying to figure out how to submit music to Christian radio stations. It really Can we put a couple of your songs on our streaming radio station?*. downtime waiting for radio to receive your CD; No need for manufacture CDs to send to radio, Your music is available to radio for a minimum of three months. lagosjumpradio. Whether you’re promoting a major-label recording or you’ve recorded a CD in your home please read this before submitting your recording. You must be logged in to post a For disability assistance with online Public File, contact: Angela Williams or Debra Rhodes at business@crawfordbroadcasting. Email your mp3 to the show directly. Complete the form below to submit music for play-listing. Or you can bundle up your cd and post it to us via good old US mail to. Send your package to: KXSC University of Southern California 3607 Trousdale Parkway - TCC B3 MC 3109 Los Angeles, CA 90089-3109. Once it's received, a music reviewer will review it for KTSW format and possible airplay. MUSIC SUBMISSION MUST BE DONE BY MAIL or E-MAIL ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!! Submit. org, or the appropriate genre director. That’s why we came up with one form submits to all show on our site. Digital Submission Process. Are you ready to submit your music? If so, please fill out our contact form and confirm with us that you have read every step of the submission guidelines on this page. Fill out and submit this form if you'd like to put your music on this site. Music bloggers and playlisters have a lot of influence in the music industry. Add your Amazon sales page. fm As a local independent radio station, CHUO aims to broadcast music that is not . 2: FILL IN the details  To Submit music for consideration for airplay please make sure it is radio friendly and of good production standard. If your music is accepted, we will email you and let you know we will be  Sep 21, 2017 How to submit The music department no longer accepts physical are of a duration of not more than 4 min in order to make it radio friendly INDIE ARTIST MUSIC SUBMISSIONS. In Ep. 3 Step 3. Reckon that's you? We're on the look out for the next big, breaking, British artist to play on the radio across the UK. Even if you’re not from NYC, we love to listen to new music and you may be featured by one of our hosts on one of our numerous live music programs on Radio Free Brooklyn. The address for the station is: BeachFront Radio Andy Forsyth 5765-F Burke Center Pkwy, Suite 193 Burke, VA 22015-2233 OR 2. 9FM and KCRW. A&R Factory will use this data to get in touch with you and provide updates in regards to your submission and marketing. 1 Step 1. When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that uGospel Radio on uGospel. Drop a file here or click to uploadChoose File Maximum upload size: 134. FM radio was the best method to accomplish our mission. If you are an unsigned artist this is where you submit your music and lyrics! play on our college radio station "WUDG" at The Ohio Media School in Columbus . For those who are not familiar with some of the Laws that stations have to follow. It's only the beginning. SiriusXM reaches over 33 Million subscribers in the U. We also pay close attention  Feb 16, 2017 The right format for the occasion: Submitting your music to blogs, radio, festivals, venues, labels, and licensing agencies. Once your music is added, You now have a profile page on our radio station web site. Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. They can download your music in the high-quality WAV format they need for club sound systems, and you’ll receive their feedback and support in real-time. Submit your music and if it is approved, you will receive free airplay on their stations. O. Thank you so much for your continued support of Big Time Radio and our artists. These MUSIC SUBMISSION FOR AIRPLAY CONSIDERATION. We will review your submission and let you know when your song is entered into our daily rotation and featured on our website. Steps For Adding Your Music For Air Time on our Radio Stations. You submit your music, we check it out, if it's hot, we spin it in an upcoming episode of the show, which not only syndicates on SmoothBeats Radio but also on one of the biggest podcast shows in iTunes and Microsoft Zune Marketplace. You’ll be able to tell where your listeners are, when they listened, and you can watch your music spread virally in real-time. Please make sure to send us only links to your music like to your music (Soundcloud, Youtube ect. The email for submitting music is K100Radio@gmail. Get your song played on ECHE Music TV, an evergreen podcast and Internet TV show. Song must be clean and radio ready. online) is a Listener-Supported radio station that provides free radio stream for its listeners. Interested in finding out more? Then let's take a closer look at how  We accept physical and digital submissions of music by Colorado artists for airplay consideration. 5 FM - Cypress, TX does not guarantee airplay. 2 Step 2. With nobody there to put in the hard work for you, it’s down to yourself to make a positive impression. If the digital platform scares you, then post your tracks When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that Ground Up Radio will actually listen to your song(s). There’s no need to submit it again, send a new track instead. Play to win in the Tournaments and get your favorite artist the highest rating possible in the Arcade. The online submission is the best way to get your music in front of Pandora. We’d love to hear your music! Send music links to submityourmusic@indie88. Submit and promote your song to LagosJump Radio for airplay? LagosJump Radio is an afrobeat-inspired online music platform, available through our website www. Thanks for your interest in delivering Power 106 its newest hit song!If you would like to submit music to Power 106 in consideration for airplay, you need to stick to the following guidelines:* Music must be on a CD, with a label including artist name, song title, contact name, contact phone # & We’d love to hear your music! Send music links to submityourmusic@indie88. Literally hundreds of artists submit their music but we only have two slots a week. Thank you for your interest in submitting music to the detour network. Get played on BBC radio Play at BBC events Feature in BBC Sounds music mixes Sign in to the BBC, or Register to start uploading tracks BBC Music Introducing LIVE returns to Tobacco Dock from the Earbits - Earbits is an online radio station playing purely independent music. If we feature you on our Fresh Faves or BBC Introducing Mixtape, please wait 12 weeks before sending another track. g. Submit your music to NSB Radio. These are services that provide a submission gateway for music media, College Underground Radio plays underground music and independent music from underground artists and independent Submit Your Music Video; Host Your Own Radio Show. Submit Your Music Spread the word and if you got a hot joint ready for airplay make sure you submit it today. uk ( A ISRC Number * ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the globally recognized standard numbering system for audio and music video recordings. We are the number one source for “breaking” new rappers and producers through a number of online music platforms such as: social media, music websites and blogs, music forums, online radio, and online media. Who may submit music: You must be an official member, representative/agent or manager of the band, The music you are   Both artists and labels can submit music to iHeartRadio through aggregators that have distribution agreements in place with us. Do not e-mail anyone else about music or your name/group added to the spam/reject list. The music is released under the Creative Commons license; or … 2. Industry contacts respond quickly, provide feedback, and actually listen to Submit your Station to Internet Radio Directories. Take a minute to follow the simple steps below to have your music reviewed for airplay on Earbits. There are also a number of services that can help you get internet radio play, get live gigs and that can pitch your music to other money making opportunities. GH3 Radio – “God's House of Hip Hop” reviews digital submissions on Tuesdays . In your research you should see the website of the station and know if they have a submission form on their page. Tune in to NSB Radio now to understand what we play and the submit your track to us. Click HERE to SUBMIT. They make their music. If you’re a local band or musician, we’d love to check out your tracks for possible airplay on RFB 2: LocalChords, or our daily live local music show, Brooklyn Bandstand. By submitting your work you hereby give Philly Live Radio the right and permission to stream, broadcast, air, synchronize and share your submitted EAE Radio Networks requires a submission fee of $25. From The Music/Programming Department:. Submissions received by Rhema Gospel Radio will not be returned; by submitting music you affirm that you authorize Rhema Gospel Radio. The majority of radio stations we submit your music to are internet radio stations: the independent webcasters who are free to play anything they want! Owners of internet radio stations are the trendsetters and first-movers of the indie music world. Twenty-five years later, the WHY behind Call Radio has not changed. uGospel Radio on uGospel. Go through the process of selecting stations that are a good fit for your music. We encourage all musicians to submit music through the free service MusicSubmit. Submit your music for consideration for Arizona airplay on Border Radio and your song may potentially be heard in Yuma, Flagstaff, Kingman, Prescott, Williams  Mar 6, 2017 No, there's so much more to radio submission than sending the music along. Minneapolis, MN 55408 Or if you’d prefer feel free to submit your material to us via Sonicbids. Our New Music Release Radar gets your music on the map with a featured spot on our website, streaming links, and airplay across 15 channels. You need a couple of things before you can submit your radio station to Apple as they have a somewhat strict process, however, if you follow these guidelines then it’s a pretty easy and a straightforward procedure that only takes a couple of minutes. SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO RADIO NOW. Fill out the form below to submit you music to Fire Online Radio. Subscribe * Submit your music to Pandora. We love supporting the Underdogs of British music. Whatever you do, keep up the good music and support unsigned & independent artists throughout the  Do you want 30 days of guaranteed radio play, your music submitted to a growing list of radio stations & blogs, your song reviewed by industry professionals,  THIS IS THE BEST METHOD TO SUBMIT MUSIC TO FONR. OUR MUSIC MISSION Edge Radio is committed to helping new and emerging artists in Tasmania, Australia and around the world. Find more about this option. NOTE: Your submission is voluntary and Philly Live Radio reserves the right to accept or deny any submission that may be deemed inappropriate or not up to the standards of our regular programming. Add youtube videos, blog. Submit your music for free! Online Hip Hop,RnB,Rock,Reggae,Old School and Underground streaming radio. 95% of programming at WTJU is music! WTJU has eclectic music programming: so eclectic that we actually need to have music directors for each major genre plus a subgenre or two! Influential radio station KCRW (89. What genres do we work with? Click a link below to submit  Click on music shows; Find the genre your music fits into {Jazz, gospel, Hip Hop, Etc}; Click on the show you want to submit to. These companies work directly with independent artists to deliver music to iHeartRadio: Submit Your Music Please Note: As of January 1st 2019 LOZ Radio will no longer accept music without The ISRC Codes available for each song submitted. You can share your music anywhere you can paste a secret link. (African, Latin, Blues, etc); Mail your music project to: WHCR- 90. We believe that your work and ministry deserves to be heard but not all submissions will be accepted. If you are under 18 years of age, please have you parent or legal guardian read the requirements of having your music aired. Instructions: 1 Radio Submit gives record labels and artists the ability to present hi bitrate broadcast quality music and promotion material to radio stations around the world for airplay consideration. However, the world has changed quickly. Name of company or person song is published. Click on music shows; Find the genre of your music (African, Latin, Blues, etc) Mail your music project to: WHCR- 90. Submit Your Radio Station's Details. (After payment you will be automatically sent to a "Thank you page" that has the information on how to send us your MP3 song file). Make enough noise, and we’ll find you Want to submit your music to KUTX for airplay consideration? Here’s how to do it: First, listen to KUTX 98. Since our format is Texas and classic country, music will only be considered if you reside in Texas or one of the surrounding states, ie. It's easy, free and faster than ever. What's more  Here are some of the radio stations that are currently accepting music submissions via DropTrack. We review submissions in the order we receive them, so be  No postage expenses, saving you $$$ when servicing your music digitally. SubmitHub is one of the best new platforms in the industry to submit your music. If they don't, email the station and ask them two questions: (1) Can I submit my song(s) to you? (2) Do you have submission guidelines? If you think your music would fit nicely on our radiobroadcast please send it to us. By Michael Corcoran. Please select, Recording  Submit YOUR song to Bellarmine Radio. All good music plays free on Phenomenal Radio. It’s that simple! Submit a hard copy of your music by mailing it to: KTSW Music Director 601 University Drive Trinity Building San Marcos, TX 78666 Music selected for rotation will be played across popular satellite radio channels with non-stop, commercial-free music. Submit Your Music for Radio Airplay If your music is ready for radio airtime, we want to hear it. Keep listening, you may hear your song on the radio. Music Submission Form. Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm EST. Love Notes In the Chill Zone. Email your submission to music@kxsc. If we select your music we will notify you by email. and find the best free online radio station. To be clear: submitting your music to The Justin Wayne Show and Maven. Aug 30, 2017 Submit your music directly to SiriusXM, or through more unofficial channels. We are currently upgrading our streaming servers and temporarily are not accepting new music submissions. Last Name. Send Music To Radio DropTrack makes it easy to send your new tunes to your favorite radio DJs and get support from their radio and mix shows. Properly sending your music to commercial radio stations. Radio promotion is Promote your music with Radio Airplay! We'll play your song to millions of listeners - guaranteed! Just submit your song, and get played! SUBMIT MUSIC. 9 FM! No need to phone or email asking if you can submit music because everyone is  YOUR MUSIC DAY SURVIVAL KIT. 7 Policy Regarding Music Submissions and Programmer Access. Please review and rate us in iTunes! Powered by: SendThisFile: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We work directly with hundreds of tastemakers, many of them Hype Machine-affiliated. Submit to playlists: Beats Only , Jazz Hip-Hop , lofi beats , MOOD , Selections , Good Vibes Only , Study Sounds , The Find (CHH only). 22MB Drop a file here or click to uploadChoose File Maximum upload size: 134. To submit your music fill in the form below. If you would rather mail it to us, mail music to: ATTN: Owl Radio Music Director Music submitted on CD will not be considered and will not be returned. Please feel free to donate and help the cause. Upload the following in the form box below: 1. Find your favorites among the best of each class - be it New Age, 80s, Smooth Jazz, New Age, Top40, Hip Hop, Oldies, 70s, Reggae, Lounge or many others insid * All Music must be must be e-mailed to DJ 3-2-1 Music Director. How To Submit Your Music To Radio Stations [FULL GUIDE] January 15, 2019 George 1 Comment Promotion If you’ve invested serious time and money into writing and recording music to the very best of your abilities, the last thing you’ll want to do is throw it away through a poorly-executed radio submission. TuneIn accepts Radio. At Silent Radio we are always on the look out for new and exciting music, so if you would like to submit your music or simply recommend an act/artist then please feel free to contact us via the email provided. com . Submit Your Radio Station to Apple. First, researching and submitting to music libraries is a great way to discover the world of music licensing, to understand what kind of music is being used on TV and film, what a license agreement looks like, how you get paid and all that super important information that you’ll need to know if you’re going to start making decent money. To submit your music, just email us a link to your favorite original song. Amazing Radio can be found at amazingradio. You can also mail CDs and promotional materials to: Classic Soul Radio Attn: General Manager P. Submissions are evaluated by the PJ Library Radio selection committee. When submitting music, this is what we need: A clear subject heading ie. Thank you for submitting your music to Black Power 96. Want to submit a release for consideration of airplay on Radio K? A majority of the CDs we receive each day comes to us from the various  To submit music for airplay just send us the link using the FORM below. CSR DOES NOT ACCEPT WALK IN’s. Marys Radio, for all radio stations, when selling your mp3's online and do it right for YOU! Ready to submit? Click here to go back to the "Submit your music" page. What you submit is up to you of course but just letting you know what we prefer. We make a point of lending an ear to any music sent to us. Song Request/Submit New Music. By submitting your songs via this website, you and the radio station operating this site (hereafter "STATION") agree as follows:. Get your music submissions accepted with this strategy. Submit Music to Record Labels Looking for Artists, A&R, Radio, Music Publishers, Film TV Music Supervisors. You can send one track per week, and we will listen. Submit Your Music Please Note: As of January 1st 2019 LOZ Radio will no longer accept music without The ISRC Codes available for each song submitted. Thanks for listening to Big Time Radio Vegas. Submit a Music Video Share Your Talents on VTYO! Submit your finished, polished, and original music videos (no cover songs, lyric videos, or trailers), via the form on this page to have it included with other submissions on for free promotion and exposure. New Mexico, Oklahoma   Alumni: Submit your music for possible feature on the weekly Sounds of Berklee podcast or Air Alumni, the all-alumni channel on Berklee's Internet Radio  PBS loves getting new music to play on the radio from local and international acts !Our preference is that you submit music digitally using this form but if you are  Are you looking to get your indie or country music on air, then send it to us. Music can only be submitted by snail mail: Music Director WREK 91. Box 1588, Durban, 4000. Here’s what you will need: Stream URL Getting your music heard is hard. The songs also need to be registered with Samro for royalty payouts. The Radio DJ Online (radiodj. Email address*. . If no album title, please use song title. If you want to submit multiple files, zip them up and provide track information in the Additional Information section. Please fill out all the required fields and attach your track. All the music we play is sourced from artists in Birmingham and the West Midlands and we would like you to be heard. Programming decisions and music selections are made on a  Submit Music. Music Submissions. We accept Original Tracks, Remixes & Bootlegs/Mash-ups. When you submit your music, make sure there is a bio, website and/or social media or other information with which to find you. We love music like we love our burritos: lusciously crafted, filled with meat, and portable. Vent Radio is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. Remember, when your recorded song is done & perfect, the work doesn't stop here. We operate out of London and our dj studio in Ajah, Lagos, delivering a DJ oriented music streaming service. We really want to play your music and love to hear from  Music submission for the worldwide syndicated US TOP 20 Show, airs on hundreds of stations around the globe. Recommended: Fill in your Twitter handle and/or Facebook page to make sure you get WNYU Submit By clicking submit, you confirm that you are (as the artist, or authorized on behalf of the artist) granting Dance Music Northwest, LLC a perpetual master, mechanical, performance, and synchronization license to allow use of this track for editorial, mix, promotional, and discretionary use. com and mobile phone apps. They then promote their music on social media and through album releases. Our hosts have freedom and you’ll get a better idea of the diverse kinds of artists that get the most airplay here. ) do NOT attache your track. Your music will be placed in one of the following, Top 40, Featured or Current List based on the panels ranking of the music. A quicker method would be; When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that Radio & Records will actually listen to your song(s). Please do not try to upload a wav or mp4 file. As the first an only radio station devoted to Riverside, California College Underground Radio plays underground music and independent music from underground artists and independent Submit Your Music Video; Host Your Own Radio Show. Submit your music to be considered for rotation on our broadcast by completing the form below. ***THERE IS NO CHARGE TO SUBMIT MUSIC FOR RADIO PLAY CONSIDERATION. You have more chance of getting your track posted if it's an orignal track or a remix! But please do not send 5-7 tracks only send your best 1 or two tracks. 7 will actually listen to your song(s). We appreciate anything. New Artist Submission. You can also get 100% free airplay by becoming FEATURED ARTIST on Museboat Live. For artists who ARE using a distributor: Using the online submission form will possibly increase the visibility of your music to Pandora curators A new season of “Behind the Music” with Jacqueline Jax is coming soon and we are excited to hear your music and your story. Little Bacon Bear will play 93 seconds of two local DMV artist back-to-back. Industry contacts respond quickly, provide feedback, and actually listen to your music Your support keeps modern Christian music on the radio, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and modern Christian music with the whole world. Want Us to Submit your Music You can also use our SoundCloud Dropbox to submit your music: Send me your sounds. If you would like an exchange of services, please contact the host with whom you purchased your package. Submit Your Music to the Programming Department While you might be able to contact specific stations directly, the official way to be considered for SiriusXM radio airplay is by sending your materials to their Music Programming Department in New York City. Make the perfect pitch that will give your music the best chance at getting selected. When you pay this fee, DropTrack guarantees that HOT 94. Or Post your track to: Ukhozi FM-Music For Airplay, P. Music must be mixed, mastered, and ready for airplay. 5 FM - Cypress, TX to air your music if the station chooses to do so. sure you also submit your music at www. Your music will also be available to the music department for DJ use. director@wrek. To be considered by the viewing committee, please submit your video using the below form: Click here If your video is approved, please provide us […] When you submit your music works, it is necessary that it falls under one of the below two scenarios: 1. Submission of music to Rhema Gospel Radio - KOER-LP 101. Sat & Sun between 9am to 5pm (GMT). If you'd like to submit your music to be featured or added to rotation on one of our Sensimedia Radio Stations, please make sure to include which station you're submitting for (Bass, Hiphop, Dancehall, Roots) and that your submission meets the following guidelines. Many independent artists wonder how to get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other stores. Email us at – submitmusic@silentradio. You will receive a response from PJ Library Radio within 4-6 weeks. Mail a CD. We will then reply to your email which will automatically give you our email address - at which time you may reply to our email with your song submissions. Please fill out the form below and upload your MP3 for review. Submit Your Music. 995jamz. -Music Submissions Director If your music is selected to be played on the station it will be uploaded to our automated playlist and be randomly played when there is no live DJ. 1. If you are human, leave this field blank. Get signed & get heard by record labels, a&r contacts, music industry contacts for record deals & music placement. Contact Person*. Proud to be one of few radio stations that still accepts and listens to demos Our revolutionary music PR campaigns are the most effective in the industry. orgWREK can handle submissions in all com Whatever music you make, we're keen to hear it! What format do we want your music in? Email us your music digitally by WeTransfer, or via Dropbox or Google Drive (just make sure your files are set to 'Public'!). We currently accept the following formats: mp3, wma, aac and zip. Please read the information on this page carefully before proceeding. To contact Independent Music Promotions regarding the promotion of your project, please submit your music through the contact form. ). DropTrack is a software tool that helps record labels, independent artists, and producers organize and promote their music. This service allows you to submit unreleased or published music to labels, blogs, and playlists for a chance to get signed, reviewed, or included in a playlist. Submitting music to iHeartRadio Both artists and labels can submit music to iHeartRadio through aggregators that have distribution agreements in place with us. With a readership of music industry executives across the world, we welcome you to submit music for a chance to be featured on our website. General Submissions While we celebrate emerging music here at KBOO, we are a volunteer-driven station and don’t have the resources that corporate stations do. Last. They record their music. Your own station on Pandora is an invaluable resource which can help build a world-wide fan base reaching literally millions of people and Indie Radio Submit Directory Walter Hargrave by Indie Music Bus™ The place that makes it easier to submit your best work to internet radio people. Performing rights organizations where song is published. First. Internet station broadcasting 24 Hours a day from Lubbock, Texas. Have a song you would like to hear on KiSS RADiO, or heard an artist you think would be great for KiSS RADiO ? Let us know ! For further help, see How To Submit Your Music. Learn how to look for new stations to submit to. Your song will play between 10 to 15 times a day for 14 days in one of our radio station. It is no doubt one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists, especially from the Go-Go genre, to submit their music or comedy for possible inclusion on TMOTTGoGo Radio. Artist name – track / album name; a  For instance, if you are a hip-hop artist, then you would avoid submitting your demo or mixtape to a radio station dedicated to playing 50s and 60s music. You can submit music to internet radio stations that focus on free radio. We report all current music aired on the station to The North American College & Community Radio Chart (NACC) Top 200, Hip Hop, RPM (Electronic/Dance) and World charts. What happens to the music you submit: Your music will be evaluated by our Music Panel for suitability for either Christian Rock or Christian Contemporary genres. You (the artist/rights holder of the music) are providing Radio DJ Online (radiodj. 3FM Radio Submit Your Music - 99-5 JAMZ Real Hip-Hop And R&B www. Submit your music here to join the fastest growing music community in the region. These music enthusiasts are the perfect resources to reach with your music. This platforms is very user-friendly and has simplified the process of submitting music to blogs and labels. 22MB. Please submit only final mix/mastered radio-ready MP3s. Basically this means you’re giving us the music for free, and understand that there is no promise of payment from us. For most musicians, the process to get heard goes something like this: To submit CDs or records for potential airplay, please mail them to the following address: WVFS Tallahassee c/o Music Director 420 Diffenbaugh Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1550. The subject should be “ Station Submission: [Station Name] ”, in this instance it’s “Station Submission: NQR. Of course it is  Nov 15, 2017 So an artist in Florida can submit his music to an online radio station in Kansas and people all over the world can potentially listen. If you reckon your stuff's up to it, leave us a taster and the Union JACK music gurus will take a listen. All music will be reviewed and considered for airplay on the radio. It can take anywhere between 5 - 10 business days for your station to get submitted, To submit your music to this online gospel radio station, you must be a member and membership is free. Your information is used for Professional Music Royalty Reporting as required by United States law. Submit Your Music to 7Mile Radio ! Submit your music to be considered for rotation on our broadcast by completing the form below. These tests give you, as an artist/band, an inside look on how radio may perceive your music and gives you information to make better decisions about your music career. You may submit tracks that have already been placed elsewhere as examples of your work, but we will require exclusivity on all tracks added to the library. U & I Radio have a very eclectic database of music from all across the globe, From Harp playing Rappers to Downright dirty Rock and Blues! Radio Submit gives record labels and artists the ability to distribute hi bitrate broadcast quality music and promotion material to radio stations around the world for airplay consideration. Their form might send you to a different submission portal, such as Music Submit, DMDS, Music Xray, or Fluence. Please keep it brief and specific, and do not include any attachments – links to media are okay. Submit your music and tell your story! Both of which may be told to our following if we love it! We purchase music and merchandise from acts we love as well! You will know when we are visiting to listen to your music because you will receive shout outs from our A&R Twitter account @IMBScout. 3FM Radio Steps For Adding Your Music For Air Time on our Radio Stations. Radio edit. Want Us to Submit your Music Please fill out and submit the following Artist Music Submission form for your music to be considered for inclusion on the PJ Library Radio broadcast and website. IMPORTANT: For airplay tracks MUST also be uploaded to BBC Introducing. The cream of the crop will rise to the dizzy heights of the Brum Radio A-List, played out on our flagship show every Saturday at 2pm and throughout the week on our automated playout system. submit your music radio

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