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1 /. net or any of its services. This data is accessed via publicly available API as part of the WG DPP program. com, wot-numbers. 5. Mods for World of Tanks 1. – WN8 – EFF – Damage Mod calculator of tank armor for WOT 0. If it's too much left, then increase the x value, in order to put it more to the right. 6. NoobMeter is a World of Tanks game statistics site that calculates efficiency, performance, WN8 ratings and tracks player WoT stats. WoT Stats boosting calculator. WoT - go on the official website, watch realistic videos of the best MMO game. net is the 63350:th largest website within the world. 1. Sooner or later, most players come to the moment when most of the research branches of interest have been pumped, a dozen or two favorite tanks are in the hangar and in the game you want to find another motivation, another goal to achieve. live is an online store that gives the players the variety of accounts. Buy Sell Trade World of Tanks WoT Accounts. 1 #00 adaptation to WOT 1. 0. 1. In order to be able to use all the functionalities of our platforms, you must agree to access the API. : minor bug fixes – smaller fixes – added macro MAINGUN  Dec 12, 2017 WN8 Calculator - posted in Game Basics: I spent a couple of hours making a old players alike might find this useful or not http://tankstats. Follow your performance in daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly form. Here you can track any World of Tanks players statistics and WN8 progression in a nice looking way. Installation: 1Copy folder system at WOT / res_mods / 0. 04 for WoT 1. Stats boosting 60+ calculator Calculation of the cost of boosting statistics is carried out taking into account the existing discounts for large orders. exe from inside the folder). World of Tanks is a game that gives the players a variety of genres. Download mod (135. Today we offer a famous modpack from OldSkools. 3. Statistics includes also medals and detailed tanks stats with changes over time. 0 #01 From now you cannot install XVM Great mod for fans of powerful and well-armored tanks and tank destroyers in World of tanks 0. WN8: Standard overall WN8 with v27 expected values plus missing tanks. Winrate 52,52% WN8 1. Mar 25, 2016 InBattle WN8 Calculator - posted in Mods: New mod from RaJCeL. For example my wn8 is 1721 but my calculations shows only 1605. net LEVELING World of Warships and WOT accounts! Buy FAST AND SAFE XP and Credits grind for new captain perks, researching tech tree, new ships and modules. World of Tanks (WOT) - Friss hírek, útmutatók és tank elemzések, akciók, nyereményjátékok és versenyek, valamint MOD-ok magyarul! [1. Idependent Hitlog & InBattle WN8 Calculator- [Roughneck] clock and calculator 1. probably the best and most stable Tundra for WoT out there Wn8 Calculator - posted in General Discussion: I have been trying to find a site to calculate my Wn8, but all of them are for PC profiles. Offline Single-Tank WN8 Calculator - posted in World of Tanks Mods & Addons: Just something I made in my free time. Different conditions are applied for different types of boosting: - the minimum number of battles; - current discounts; See details on  WN8 (displayed with the macro {{wn8}} ) is calculated using the following formula : Efficiency Rating (WoT-News version)(displayed with the macro {{eff}} ) is  New tanks are in! Check target damage for all of them: Swedish medium tanks: Lansen C / UDES 14 5 / UDES 16 / UDES 15/16. 18. Here you can check any World of Tanks players stats and WN8 progression. 132. is a fan website for players of World of Tanks. The owners of the bad computers are finally able to have at least 40 fps. It will show you useful information like: current WN8, EFF, DMG etc. This calculator is just so completely wrong btw. 17. Choose to play online multiplayer after the registration or download it for free on your PC. As usual every time this is mentioned people completely misread the formula and just to their usual conclusions. 17 by _ForgeUser18458737. 03. In-game WN8 / EFF calculator from Multi HitLog HD Icons for: Shells, Consumables & Modules you can find it on the WoT forums. This forum is a direct reflection of the quality of the product - WoT. In Battle WN8 tracker - posted in World of Tanks Mods & Addons: I was watching a stream on Twitch and noticed one of the players had a mod that stated how much damage he needed for an average WN8. See your progression charts based on WN7, WN8, Efficiency, win rate, kills and many more statistics. How to edit 3 WN8 Mark *. Copy the scripts folder in the WOT / res_mods / 0. Hetumoger's Girl Mod WOT 9. I don’t recognise the bug where WoT-Life is a free, player created web service for World of Tanks. You can download it here. Cheap, fast, safe and 24/7. You can check WoT player ratings in the World of Tanks Hall of Fame. WOT-Life je bezplatný, hráči vytvořená webová služba pro World of Tanks . American tank destroyer T-103   You can contact BlitzStars in the following ways: On the official WoT: Blitz forums (EU NA Asia); On twitter @BlitzStars_; By email - SockRobber at BlitzStars. You will find an efficiency calculator for players and whole clans, hit zones, camo values etc. 4. com összes szolgáltatását, ha előbb engedélyezed a JavaScriptet a böngésződben. 22. Download the online World of Tanks game (WoT) from the official website worldoftanks. You will find an efficiency calculator for players and whole clans, hit zones, camo values etc Our platforms (wows-numbers. A Nándorfehérvári diadal a magyar-török háborúk egyik jelentős eseménye, amelynek során 1456. Following ratings are supported: WN7, WN8 and efficiency rating. There are 9 options to choose from. WoTLabs is a statistics tracker for World of Tanks. These are the expected values that should be used on computing the WN8. World of Tanks je ochranná známka Wargaming. World of Tanks calculator – the new topic added recently to Fan Zone community web-site section – will help players estimate the funds necessary for progressing easily. wotinfo. adaptation to 1. 1 gathered in one file several dozen mods, which are optimized to run perfectly on your client. worldoftanks. dufam že sa ti video bude páčiť a navštív aj http://vrg. Just like any stat WN8 will not tell the full story but it's the most reasonable way to judge 99% of the tankers out there in a single number. Generate your personal banner with a picture of your favorite tank and own statistics and use it in your forums. This is an early testing version of the WN8 Rating being developed by Praetor77, bjshnog, and many others (this is not an exhaustive list). Apart from that, there is one kind of update that is considered to be one of the best mods for Wot. World of Tanks friss MOD-ok egy helyen. 319 Hallo World of Tanks Community, wir freuen uns, dass wir euch eine Statistikseite ausschließlich für World of Tanks Console präsentieren können. It optimizes the game performance. Are you looking for a top-tier World of Tanks Account with lots of premium tanks and decent WR & WN8 stats? How about a cheap beginner WoT account for a fresh start? Get one now from our veteran players!Check out the current offers below and find the best deals before anyone else gets it! wotinfo. You will find an efficiency calculator for players and whole clans, hit zones, camo values etc - updated InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [Protanki] - updated sights script - updated Final Shot - updated Hangar Armor Inspector - updated minimap by ShuraBB - updated Battle Hits Viewer - updated Real time in-Battle achivements - updated WoT Config Tuner - updated the anti-mirror mod for non-xvm contour icons - updated Ping Spam Blocker by champi TankGator team is made of professional World Of Tanks players. 75-100k XP daily boost! TOP TIERS IN A WEEK! Check the best World of Tanks, World of Warships power leveling service offers online. Information. net. Best quality on market,support 24/7. Now the game will become much more comfortable thanks to a lot of informative modifications. 3 Simple Efficiency and WN8 Calculator By Ekspoint, Armor & WoTSpeak. Only official statistics! WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7, wn8, efficiency, tracking. Minus number (for example — 1550) shows the average damage to the server on your tank. 956 Battles 11. I did these calculation with PC WN8 formula, no modification. The new and improved Tank Rewards is here! Your chance to win great prizes! Are you ready for a challenge? Play now for free Detailed player statistics and efficiency rating calculator. Check out this week's additions to the Premium Tech Tree and save 50% on two awesome Premium vehicles! Buy World of Tanks silver, credits, experience for your WoT account with 4000+ WN8 guarantee starting from $3. Buy new tanks, explore existing ones, train your crew and take victory in battles! For successfully play World of Tanks - there is our site with a lot of useful articles about mods, sights, modpacks, hangars, icons and zones of penetration. No clan worth a damn is going to base recruiting on just a players WN8. Depending on the information you need. I was wondering if anybody has found a Wn8 calculator for xbox 360. There are 10 configurations to choose … BlitzStars presents live player statistics as well as historical player data for World of Tanks: Blitz. Selling Europe Many Tier X WoT EU, WN8 2910+, WR 61,59%+, 56 X, 42 Premiums. WN8 preliminary calculation - posted in General Discussion: My numbers where run and I found out WR by percentage means Donk. Changelogs. We don't count winrate % before and after. It has player and clan graphs and comparison. Picit csúsztam a megemlékezéssel, bocsánat. World of Tanks — free-to-play award-winning online game. The website is created in 17/04/2013 , currently located in Netherlands and is running on IP 136. com) present data from Wargaming's  However, with the “MultiHitLog: Efficiency calculator in battle [WN8, EFF] World of Tanks 1. 8. We have fully automated the calculation of the expected values for WN8, retaining the original methodology of the authors of the rating. com Since the developers of the WN8 formula stopped the correct recalculation of the expected values, we decided to fix the problem on our own, and today we are ready to present you with an experimental solution. You will find an efficiency calculator for players and whole clans, hit zones, camo values etc Official World of Tanks mod portal. How to install Hawg Xvm youtube. Like if x = 300 change that to 350 or 400 and see if that was enough (with a replay). You will find an efficiency calculator for players and whole clans, hit zones, camo values etc WoTLabs is a statistics tracker for World of Tanks. Expected damage values as of 13 April 2018. We uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our I am trying to make 3rd wn8 calculator (mobile app in java) but I cant quite calculate the same overall wn8 as on wotlabs. Official Community Forum. com) present data from Wargaming's products. (Unzip the file and run the . Xbox One WN8 calculator? Wot Info works better if you check your page on console. Formula is simple! We just are playing with WN8 3000+ guaranteed and will make winrate as high as possible! *When ordering 200+ battles Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker guaranteed. Elkano WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7, wn8, efficiency, tracking Wotinfo. Thanks! Our platforms (wows-numbers. WN8 preliminary calculation - posted in General Discussion: So since lots of people are obsessed with WN8, so here is what you are looking for. GoHa. One of the most important advantages of the game is the complete freedom to choose your actions in battle. Что за рейтинг wn8 и как его считать? HeavyMetal. This mod InBattle WN8 Calculator for WoT 1. 1 1. 17 Download. 3 Simple Efficiency and WN8 Calculator By Ekspoint, Armor & WoTSpeak By PKmods on July 24, 2019. PlanetWOT down temporarily, no updates to stats and registering closed for now, read more WG's personal rating, read directly from the API. – update 27. com is not an official Wargaming or World of Tanks website. We sell the best WoT accounts for Europe and USA servers. Im a Unicom in 2 tanks that if you add the WR together Im at 51%. 9. For those members wishing for extra security for their purchased accounts, PlayerAuctions offers insurance packages which are protect against the rare event of your purchased game account ever being irrecoverably reclaimed or suspended due to the previous owner. Ru | Forum. Finally, you can download WoT mods free using the direct link without registration. dollars and are approximate conversions to U. WN8 values provided by XVM: XVM. július 4-21. WoT-Life is not an official website of Wargaming. 9 MB) Modpacks. I’d just like to inform you of a new, experimental function on wot-news, programmed by Edrard in cooperation with the WN8 rating guys. com  Improving WoT Stats - WN8 EFF Ratings - Professional grinding. 936. com Aug 20, 2015 <?php // Include API and WN8 class require_once 'api. Some of you will have noticed that player pages now include a "WN8 Rating (alpha-test)" in place of "WN6 Rating". 3] RaidenSLO MODPACK v1 for WOT Posted on March 10, 2018 by WoT Assembling mods from RaidenSLO for World of Tanks 0. sk/patreon kde ťa čaká množstvo odmien💲, súťaží🤑 exkluzívneho kontentu🎥 a zábavy Mod calculator effectiveness in combat for the version of World of tanks can be installed without XVM. Gamestore. 2019-07-27. 988. The calculator shows the shows the armor thickness of your booking relative to the position for which your camera is aimed. 9200 is approximately equal to WN8 unicum. Best of all, we have the lowest prices you can find online for a WOT Account! Buy a WOT . WoT Accounts for Sale - World of Tanks Marketplace. 1 shows you in-battle current WN8, EFF, Damage. Plan your battles and prepare your team more effectively with StratSketch, the most advanced real-time map tactic planning website for World of Tanks. WN8, EFF, XWN8 calculators and rating positions" Justino says: 31st July 2016 at 9:12 pm Wn8 in game calculator WoT Gaming HacksEU 5 Tips to become a better player & improve your winrate / wn8 - Duration: 7:49 World of Tanks jak podnieść FPS w WOT o 150 % oraz jak WN8 expected values ver. Examine and track your WoT progress over last time. A WoT-Life. Order credits, XP, any tank, wn8 boost! 4k+ WN8 GTD! Get WoT Boost Today! 4. com segít a World of Tanks játékosainak és klánjainak fejlődésének nyomon követésében. All tested and updated daily. toys: виртуальные танки, отлитые в металле Об Игре World of Tanks Accounts - Buy Sell Trade. Source: XVM. 2. World of Tanks on Console — KNOW YOUR WAR! World of Tanks on Console is a free-to-play, team-based MMO dedicated to strategic armored warfare in the mid-20th century. World of Tanks (WOT) accounts from reputable WOT sellers via G2G. WN8 is an improvement upon WN7 in as much the same way as the inevitable WN9 will be an improvement on the algorithms and calculations of WN8. között… Well, I don't know where your wn8 hitlog is located. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle. Credits and Experience (XP) Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U. com is not an official website of Wargaming. Among the huge numbers of mods for the World of tanks, there is one of the most popular mod, XVM mod. 585,69 Tier 8,13 Active Players 25. The battle count effect tails off pretty fast e. 15. Progressing to the desired vehicle from the current one may take ages and how long these ages will last becomes obvious thanks to WoT calculator. ChroTal's stats progress calculator. g on some avg stats 100 battle to 1000 ups your rating by 84%, but 1000 to 5000 only increase it by 20% and 5000 to 10000 is just 4% (assuming I typed it right). U can order World of tanks wn8 boosting,credits,XP WN8 is just a snapshot of a player and a basic measuring stick. Moving the mod is simple, hold the left Ctrl and drag it where you want. 4K Downloads Updated Dec 19, 2016 Created Jul 18, 2015. With Wot-Life. Wn8lab. Akkor tudod kihasználni a WoT-Life. 587,92 Tier 8,12 Active Players 24. Please note that following estimates are based on a steady WN8, no less than your 60day WN8 and winrate. WoTLabs also offers excellent resources for players looking to improve their You can see the exact table WoTLabs uses to calculate your WN8 rating by  1. Wot Numbers wotnumbers. All rights belong to the owner of the site. Find Player | World of Tanks InBattle WN8 Calculator, EFF, Damage available for download from biggest repository of mods for World of Tanks. php'; // API Instance (here you define on which server player  WOT Stats & Numbers - players and clans statistics, rankings, transfers. There are 10 configurations to choose … limit my search to r/WorldofTanksConsole. In 99% of cases it's a pretty damn good estimate of a player. net ani žádných jiných služeb. net/calculator. Install. eu for free and install it to your computer. Skins. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. I have the exact same wn8 per tank as on wotlabs but the overall I get does not match. There are 8 options to choose from, depending what do you need. If you look at the way WN8 is computed, playing tanks with high damage outputs will greatly accelerate the rate at which your WN8 increases, especially if you have a fair number of low tier games under your belt. 197 registered by Key-Systems GmbH network. Created by: Aslain. WOT-Life není oficiální webstránka od Wargaming. MMO-action about World War II tanks. WN8 Explained While your stats are tracked in-game, WN8 uses a different set of variables to determine your skill based on what it deems to be important qualities. and you have a 700 WN8 player waiting for the program to aim and  Hawg's WOT Discord Mod Tech & Questions. WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7, wn8, efficiency, tracking. php. World of Tanks (WOT) Account - Buy & Sell Securely At G2G. . Made by env1ro. Buy World of Tanks boosting from overtank. Download Aslain's WoT Modpack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7, wn8, efficiency, tracking is a fan website for players of World of Tanks. WoT Stats boosting calculator Our WOT accounts leveling and boosting Service WOT Assist will help you to boost WN8 / personal rating / winrate ! One thought on “ [1. Want to donate? Buy me a coffee. TargetDamage. This page allows you to Clan, Ø WN8  World of Tanks Statistics tracker with instant update and WN8 progress. If you, amomg all your battles, keep your average values per battle the same as the ones on this table, for each tank tank that you play, your WN8 will be 1,565. But nothing on WN7. net: WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7, wn8, efficiency, tracking is a fan website for players of World of Tanks. 4 Tank Distance *. 956 Hallo World of Tanks Community, wir freuen uns, dass wir euch eine Statistikseite ausschließlich für World of Tanks Console präsentieren können. Our platforms (wows-numbers. This is the one from russian forum. This mod will help you to monitor your effectiveness during the battle. 1] The calculator of effectiveness in battle: WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE ” George g 13/09/2018 at 12:27. hi m8, after installing this mod ive noticed that the first battle is ok when the battle ends and go back in the garaze there is gear turning saying updating garaze and stays like this forever. com is a player created web service for World of Tanks. 1] The calculator of effectiveness in battle: WN8, EFF, XWN8, XEFF, COEF, DIFF, DAMAGE Here is a mod which will be able to control your efficiency during the battle for the team. WN8 Calculator - posted in Game Basics: I spent a couple of hours making a WN8 calculator that allows you to pick a single tank and play with numbers to see how WN8 is affected by doing damage, spots, kills, defence points along with winning or losing. You can update your stats whenever you want, just close your wot client and click "take snapshot" in the player's profile page. 3; Description. By installing this modification, you will have the opportunity to monitor their effectiveness directly during the battle. php'; require_once 'wn8. It will reduce the freezes to the minimum. 144. Only the most necessary and useful mods you will find here. Does someone have a link explaining how WN8 is worked out and can anyone tell me what WN7 means? I've searched through the forums for an answer and have found an explanation of for WN8 as "determines a player's skill by measuring their contributions to matches". com and copy the Improve WN8 ratings, Winrate, EFF rating! World of Tanks account stats boost service. XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod – is a battle interface modification for the popular MMO, World of Tanks. This is one of the basic parameters of your calculation efficiency in the battle. 5 Target Base Reload Time *. Menu World of Tanks Wargaming. Use this link or download the attachment below. 184 Battles 11. Best prices, 24/7 live support, lifetime warranty. S. toys: виртуальные танки, отлитые в металле Об Игре Alt+click first and target tanks to calculate research cost. English Hetumoger's Girl Mod WOT 9. com secure marketplace. World of tanks - comparing tanks side by side Our webstore is the place where anyone can find the right account. Welcome to WoT‑Life. There are over 3 700 000 players using the mod worldwide, with new installations every minute. WoT Clans tracks the status and evolution of the clans in the game World of Tanks for XBOX. com you can determine the development of World of Tanks players and clans. probably the best and most stable Tundra for WoT out there MultiHitLog: Efficiency calculator in battle [WN8, EFF] World of Tanks 1. Main page News My followed mods Modmaker section. World of Tanks is a game that has aroused the interest of a huge audience and is developing to a large extent due to the large number of enthusiasts that were found among its fans. If you are into rating and all that, you probably know that one of the wot-news functions is to check your WN8 rating on this page: All game accounts purchased by Verified members and above through PlayerAuctions are guaranteed after sale support. Calculator efficiency of the assembly ProTanki. world of tanks, wot, efficiency rating, wn7, wn8, wot statistics, wotinfo, noob's corner, January 28, 2014 [1. wot wn8 calculator

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